Popular Preschool Graduation Songs to Make the Day More Special!

Popular Preschool Graduation Songs to Make the Day More Special

What we associate most with images of graduation is the beautiful line up of impeccably dressed students with their mortarboard hats and cape with their degrees rolled up in their hands. Similarly, a graduation ceremony is equally exciting for those little pre-schoolers who are itching to make it to the next level of their academic journey! A graduation ceremony for pre-schoolers will fill their hearts up with confidence and make their parents swell with pride to see them taking those leaps towards a successful academic trajectory.

30 Best Graduation Songs for Preschoolers

Songs are a great way to reinforce what children have learnt- practising to follow directions, swing to rhythm and express themselves. Here is our collection of 30 graduation songs for pre-school graduation that will help set the atmosphere for an exciting day.

1. I Will Remember You by Amy Gran

The song is all about remembering people who have held a significant role in our lives. It symbolises relationships and is perfect for a graduation ceremony where both students and teachers will reminisce their years together.

2. May There Always Be Sunshine by Dr. Jean

Soulful lyrics and a lilting melody, the song is all about positivity and maintaining an optimistic attitude.

3. Don’t Forget to Remember by The Bee Gees

The song is a country ballet and a soothing tune for children and parents. The lyrics and harmony are all about celebrating and equally about the achievement.

4. Thank You by Patty Shukla

A perfect song to sing along the end of year songs for kindergarten and it is all about thanking staff, teachers and parents. The song is the perfect way to end the ceremony on a happy note!

5. One Small Voice by Jack Hartmann

One of the best end of the year songs for preschoolers to sing it also has a video with sign language for kids to follow too. Tiny voices will relate this song which has gestures that will melt the heart of the audience.

6. What I Am – Sesame Street with Will.i.am

Which kid does not like Sesame Street? Will.i.am sings this song with some of the Sesame Street characters with an underlying message about being the best person that one can be.

7. (I Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley

The song just summarises the whole experience- relationships, learning and friendships of children during their years at pre-school. One of the best friendship songs for preschool graduation.

8. We’re moving up to Kindergarten by The Orchard Enterprises

Lasting under two minutes, an upbeat preschool graduation song it celebrates the achievements of children and is a great way to start the ceremony. It is also perfect for kids to get that feeling of achievement as they march their way forward to kindergarten or primary school.

9. Boom Chicka Boom by The Learning Station

A peppy number this is a fun call-and-response song which is great for little ones. If you are getting the kids to sing it themselves then it is easy to memorize too!

10. With a Little Help from My Friends by The Beatles

A fun and upbeat version of the classic by The Beatles, this song will be loved by kids and parents alike. The song is a strong message about friendship and will cement a strong feeling about building and maintaining relationships.

11. My Generation by The Who

A rock and roll song, the tune became a cult classic. The song is supposed to have encapsulated the angst of teenagers. Well, it could suit the mood for a graduation ceremony with tiny tots cheering at their achievement and also anxious to move forward.

12. Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

A very relaxing, bittersweet melody- the song gets parents to stop and reflect. It is a great song to celebrate education and also reminds one of what really matters in life.

13. Can’t Stop The Feeling a Graduation Parody

A very familiar song from the Trolls, it has been adapted for a graduation ceremony. All you need to do is replace the word “Mila” with your school name.

14. The Bare Necessities by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman

The song made famous by Baloo the Bear in Jungle Book is a tune that will get one on their toes instantly. But this Disney song could be a perfect background song for the little tots to line up for their ceremony. It also has an important message about finding joy in the little things in life.

15. The Times They are A-Changin’ by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan reminded us of how times change and all that remain are pleasant memories with this song. This song is perfect for tiny tots taking their next steps forwards while cherishing that big bag of memories from the past.

16. Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce

The song is a dreamy tune that reminds us about cherishing and treasuring moments in life. It is great to make a lasting impression on parents and also emphasises the importance of this milestone.

17. Easy Goodbye Song by Dream English Kids

If you want a simple ceremony which is performed to perfection by kids then this is the best choice. With simple sign language included in the song, it can be easily learnt by kids.

18. Remember Me by Bo Bice

Bo Bice has given us lyrics to make sure that no one forgets us and we remain indelible in the hearts of our loved ones. As tiny tots make their way to kindergarten, they will fill hearts up with this song.

19. You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman

This song from Toy Story is something that children love and will love to sing along. This could be played as a tribute to their enthusiastic spirit and the friendships they have made in school.

20. I’m B-I-G by Wayne Potash

Parents and teachers will bring those tissues out with this one. It takes one through the many phases of a child’s life. “Look at me, I’ve grown some more! B-I-G, I’m big!!”.

21. It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men

Who likes goodbyes? This song just reminds us of that as your tiny tots wave their goodbyes and thank one and all for helping them take their tiny steps in their academic sojourn.

22. Preschool Graduation Song by Young Music Company

A peppy tune by the music company. All you need to do is change the name of your pre-school and your little ones will be singing thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

23. Each of Us Is a Flower by Charlotte Diamond

Charlotte has encapsulated how each one is special in this song. The little ones will be made to feel special with this song as it recognizes their individual traits and talents.

24. Good Luck, Goodbye by Bubble Education

This song is universal with its lyrics just aiming at “moving on” in a generic sense. Suitable for all ages and occasions, it could be ideal for your function.

25. Whenever You Remember by Carrie Underwood

This song is a reminder of how one will be remembered. The song is perfect with kids being remembered for their specific traits and achievements.

26. Graduation Day by Freddie Shoehorn

This song talks about all things learnt during the year and bowing down to the gracious past. It is a tribute by kids to teacher, parents and all other support staff.

27. Circle of Life by Elton John

Another Disney classic, the song reminds us of life as something that comes as a full circle. Kids will love it as they would relate it to “The Lion King” and the song is pictured on the father-son duo in the movie.

28. High Hopes by Frank Sinatra

A ballad composed to acknowledge hopes, dreams and aspirations, this song is a perfect pick for rising stars who have lots to accomplish going forward.

29. These Are Special Times by Christina Aguilera

This note is an ode to the times’ kids spend in pre-school. It is a revisit of the times they have spent and how it is special not just to them but to everyone connected to them.

30. Make It Happen by Mariah Carey

An inspirational song, it is a pep song for kids to go ahead and make things happen for them in future. It is a reminder of what they can achieve and what they can be in future.

Children learn a lot in a school year and every school has a unique way of celebrating this. These songs are not just suited for graduation but also for programs which are a closing celebration for teachers, parents and loved ones.

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