How To Make A Water Wall For Children

How to Make a Water Wall for Kids

If you have free space in your backyard, making a water wall for the kids is something you should take the time to make. Water Walls can be made using recyclables and is the perfect afternoon activity for you and the kids, especially when the summer sun is high and the atmosphere is warm. 

Making a water wall is also a good STEM activity as it can help your child learn more about gravity, water flow, and angles. Kids find water walls such amazing fun, and it is the perfect way to keep them cool and entertained on those long summer days.

If you are unsure what a water wall is or how to make one, we have all the information you need to get started. 

What Is a Water Wall? 

A water wall uses tubes, containers, and funnels that allow kids to pour water to see how water flows and drips through the containers. They can follow the water path and watch how it empties into another container that is placed on the ground. 

Water Walls are great for your home and great if you have students to entertain and teach or are part of a daycare! They are great fun for children of all ages.

Benefits of Making a Water Wall? 

Water Walls are a lot of fun for young children, but they also benefit your little ones. Here are some of the benefits of a water wall for kids:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Improves the motor skills of a child
  • Children learn about gravity
  • It aids in language development
  • Children are cool and entertained when playing with a water wall.
  • There is improved social development when kids play with a water wall during school time.
  • Building a water wall will help children with their problem-solving skills as they may need to make adjustments to help the water flow better.

Homemade Water Wall for Kids – Step by Step Instructions

Though you may first think so, building a DIY water wall is not complicated. Once you figure out what materials you want to use to make the wall, it is a very easy and fun project that you can get into with the children. 

Making a water wall is not something where you will need to follow instructions accurately. Instead, it is a great way to work your creative bone and design something that will be perfectly suited to you. Most of the materials used to make a water wall are recyclable items, so for the most part, you will have everything you need right at home and may only need to purchase a thing or two to help put everything together.

Materials Needed 

Here are some of the materials you need to make a water wall for kids:

  • A base to build the water wall on. This could be anything from an old child’s gate, a fence, pallets, lattice, wood palings, the gate, etc
  • Cable ties
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Knife or box cutters
  • Old bottles
  • Containers
  • Pool hose or large pipes etc
  • Large plastic container or tub to place at the bottom to catch all the water, so none is wasted


Designing a water wall will require creativity, so you can work with what you have and make yourself a beautiful garden wall waterfall or go out and buy the materials needed to make a water wall design that you may have already had your eye on. 

Follow these simple instructions and enjoy making your backyard water wall with the children:

  1. Place all your materials on the floor and assemble them in the design you would like them to be in when placed on the wall.
  2. Take a picture of your desired design to remove the materials and attach them better, using the photo as a reference for placement.
  3. Using the box cutter or knife, cut holes into the plastic containers to match the size of the pipes that you will be using to connect the containers. 
  4. If the holes are too big, don’t worry. Just cover the gaps with electrical tape so the water does not leak through. 
  5. Using cable ties and electrical tape, attach all your materials to form the water wall.
  6. Once it is complete, give it a try and make any adjustments that you feel you need to make.
  7. You and the children may need to take some parts out and add a few other parts to ensure that the water wall works well and to the kids’ satisfaction. 
  8. Keep in mind your children’s height so that the water wall will not be too high for them to pour the water in from the top. If so, you may need to place a stool or keep the water wall near the stairs so that the kids can easily reach it.

There are so many ready-made toys and activities out there that children can use and enjoy, but building something like a water wall from home is a great way to ensure that the kids get the opportunity to bond with you as well. 

Get the children involved in building the water wall right from the planning stage. You never know when they may come up with a fantastic idea, and you may find that your kids have some hidden skills that weren’t easily noticeable until you start on a project like this. 

Whether you choose to build a simple, fun water wall or try for something fancier like a DIY outdoor fountain wall, it will allow you to bond with your children in a way that is difficult to do otherwise. So, go through your recyclables with the kids and see what fun water wall designs you can all come up with together. 

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