Developing Stairs Climbing Skills in 20 Month Old Toddlers

Toddlers Going Up The Stairs!

The thought of your 20-month old toddler climbing stairs along can be difficult to digest. Helping your little one find her feet is necessary. Not only does it help her gain confidence, it also strengthens her leg muscles. Allow your toddler to stumble, only then will she learn.

When toddlers get to that age when they start taking their first steps, parents need to be on their guard. There are various milestones that your little one will cross on her journey. Also, there are ways you can help her find her feet. Here are a few useful insights

Developmental Milestones of a 20 Month Old Toddler

1. The 12-month milestone

This is the age when your little one starts to find her feet. Allow her to become the master of the staircase by allotting a place for practice. The bottom three steps should be your toddler’s ‘safe zone’ for practice. Teach her how to hold onto the railing when climbing up and down the stairs. She might not find it much of a challenge to walk up. However, walking down the stairs could be a tougher proposition as it requires better balance. Encourage her to take baby steps. Don’t pressurise in the hope to make your child.

2. The 15-month milestone

When your toddler crosses the 15-month deadline and is fast approaching 18months, expect a rush of activity. She’ll be climbing the stairs on her hands and knees. You can teach her how to balance with the help of the banister. Coming down the stairs can be a challenge. Allow her to come down on her rear or the belly at this age. Baby-proofing the area is also a good idea. You can never be too safe when you have a toddler walking up and down the stairs so stay close.

3. The 18-month milestone

Your little one will require little assistance to climb the stairs. Give her the space to practice without being overprotective. Stick around to ensure there isn’t an unfortunate incident. Give her a prop when it comes to climbing all the way up the stairs. When she knows you have her back, you can be assured her little feet will work on overdrive. Toddlers and stairs will be your priority during your little one’s formative years.

4. The 20-month milestone

This is the age when your toddler is at her active best. She’ll be able to climb all the way up the stairs with very little assistance. Encourage her to climb down, too. It’s always a safer option to keep a childproof gate at the top of the staircase. You can never be too sure if your little one loses her balance and falls. No matter how confident she may be while climbing up and down the stairs, keep an eye on her movements.

With your little one’s motor skills working in overdrive, make sure you supervise. It’s essential that you baby-proof the house to ensure her safety. Set aside a special area in the house for her walk-arounds.

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