Tips for Preparing the Republic Day Speech for Kids

Tips for Preparing the Republic Day Speech for Kids

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Celebrated on the 26th of January, Republic Day is a day of pride for every Indian citizen. It was on this day that our Constitution came into existence in the year 1950. As a part of the various activities that take place during the celebration, the Republic Day speech holds utmost importance because it kickstarts the event and also helps share essential information about the rich and diverse heritage of our country. In schools, the task of writing and giving this motivational speech is often handed over to children. Participating in this extra-curricular activity is extremely beneficial for them as it helps them manage stage fright, and improve their researching, writing and elocution skills.

On the 26th of January, 1950, our Indian Constitution came into force. Since then, this day is celebrated as Republic Day. All the Indians celebrate this day with great pride and enthusiasm. Not only do all government offices commemorate this day, but also schools, educational institutions and residential societies. This speech thus needs to be carefully rendered, inspirational and should motivate the audiences too. Here are some tips for you to prepare the Republic Day Speech for your kid.

Tips to Help Your Child Prepare a Perfect Republic Day Speech

1. Polish Your Research and Explore

Even though you might be well aware of the significance and importance of Republic Day, ensure that you thoroughly research on the topic before beginning to write the speech. You might be surprised to find many facts that may be new to you, as you scour the internet. If your child is old enough to understand how to operate a computer, you may let him/her do the research and supervise or guide while writing the speech.

2. Time – A Crucial Factor

The length of the speech can be decided only after knowing the duration given to the speaker. Ensure you stick to the allotted time, and plan the speech accordingly.

3. Format of the Speech

Depending on the place and the audience, you need to plan the format of the speech. Below are some pointers that may help you in deciding the format:

  • If the event is being held in school, begin the speech with a few lines to welcome the guest of honour, the principal, teachers, parents and fellow students.
  • If the event is being held in your society, welcome the Chairman, the Secretary, the Chief Guest and then the audience.
  • Express your gratitude and pride for being given the opportunity to speak.
  • Explain the meaning of the constitution and how it came into existence.

Tips to Help Your Child Prepare a Perfect Republic Day Speech

  • Describe how this day is celebrated all over the country.
  • Pay tribute to the freedom fighters and soldiers of the Indian Army for their courage and bravery.
  • Finally, conclude with a vote of thanks.
  • Pledge Jai Hind! Or Vande Mataram! before leaving the floor.

4. Let Your Kid Write the Speech

Let your kid write the speech, mark useful and important instructions, etc. in his/her own handwriting. The child will know what to look for when practising or delivering the speech and will be more comfortable.

5. Help Your Kid Memorise the Speech

Because the speech will have some facts, your kid may forget them or get confused with the sequence when he/she is on the stage. Therefore, help your child memorise the facts and the names of the people in the speech. Explaining the entire historical event in exact details as though telling a story can make the speech interesting for your child and easy to remember too.

6. Demonstrate

If your child is unable to render the speech in the required manner, help him/her out by demonstrating how to give a speech, yourself. Explain where he has to pause, where to be spontaneous, where to bring voice and tone variations, etc.

7. Practice

Your child needs to practice the speech several times before he/she presents it in front of the audience. You may ask the family to be there when your kid rehearses the speech. Delivering a speech can help your child manage or get rid of stage fright and boost his/her confidence.

Now that you know how you can prepare your kid to give a Republic Day Speech, here is a sample that can come in handy for you to help you write the Republic Day Speech.

Sample Republic Day Speech for Kids

Good morning/ Good Evening, everyone!

I feel elated to welcome the Honourable Chief Guest, the Principal, our Beloved Teachers and my fellow students on this auspicious occasion, and thank the teachers for granting me this opportunity to speak. Today, we are gathered here to commemorate one of the most important days in the history of our great nation – The Republic Day.

India first celebrated the Republic Day on 26th of January, 1950, when the constitution written by Dr B. R. Ambedkar came into official use. The first president of our country, Dr Rajendra Prasad, unfurled the tricolour amidst thousands of jubilant spectators, at the Rajpath in New Delhi.

Since then, India has been celebrating Republic Day with much aplomb on the Rajpath, and the acting President of the country unfurls the flag. After the flag hoisting ceremony and the national anthem, the Grand Republic Day Parade adorns Rajpath with colourful floats belonging to the rich cultural heritage of all the Indian states.

However, the main attraction is the courageous and competent display of Indian Military, which truly makes my heart swell with pride!

One event that always heavies my heart, while also filling it with admiration and inspiration, is the medal ceremony. Bravery medals such as the Param Vir Chakra, Vir Chakra and the Maha Vir Chakra are awarded to valiant soldiers who risk their lives for our safety.

The bravery of children is also noted and encouraged, with National Bravery Awards for the highest degree of courage and selfless sacrifice.

On this day, let us also take a moment to acknowledge the sacrifices and suffering of our freedom fighters, due to whom, we are here today. I salute those brave-hearts!

Finally, I would once again like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about my beloved country and also the audience for patiently listening to me.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

We hope these tips help you prepare a perfect speech for your little one and also help him deliver it confidently. A well-written speech, when delivered appropriately, can instil a sense of patriotism and inspire the listeners too. And, when you have put your heart in helping your kid prepare for the speech, your child is bound to shine, and you are bound to brim with pride as the audience appreciate the speech with loud applause.

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