Effective Ways to Prevent Body Odour in Women

5 Tips to Make Body Odour a Thing of the Past

Sweating is a natural mechanism of the body that can’t be avoided. But if sweating brings with it bad odour, it’s definitely a matter of concern. There are various causes of bad body odour in women and men. Keep a check on them and learn how to eliminate the problem.

Have you noticed people distancing themselves away from you for no particular reason at all? Could you possibly have a body odour problem? If you do, there’s no need to fret over it. There are some easy ways to tackle body odour and prevent it.

How to Reduce Body Odour Without Much Fuss

1. Make Changes in Your Diet

Did you know that what you eat affects how you smell? Yes, you heard it right. Since sweating is your body’s way to flush out toxins, altering your diet can actually help in getting rid of body odour. The curries and spicy food that you devour can be a cause of body odour. Reducing your intake of onion and garlic may also decrease your body odour.

2. Say Yes to Loose-Fitting Clothes and Natural Fibres

If you suffer from body odour, it’s a good idea to ditch clothes made of synthetic fibres and opt for clothes made of cotton, linen and silk instead. You’ll be amazed by how less you sweat in them. You could also want to go for loose-fitting clothes as they allow air to pass and keep your body ventilated.

3. Pat Yourself Dry

If you don’t towel yourself properly, the remaining moisture can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This is another cause of bad body odour in women and men. Use an absorbent towel and wipe off all the moisture from your body, especially under your arms and private parts.

How to Reduce Body Odour Without Much Fuss

4. Go The Antiperspirant Way

Don’t confuse deodorants with antiperspirants. Deodorants are fragrant but don’t reduce sweating. On the other hand, most antiperspirants are fragrant and contain aluminium chloride that helps in preventing excessive sweating. Spray or rub on twice a day to help you reduce female odour problems.

5. Shave Your Armpits

If you thought that you need to get rid of underarm hair only because you want to wear sleeveless clothes, think again. Sweat can get trapped in hair and can increase bacterial growth, resulting in body odour in both women and men. Regular waxing or shaving can help reduce the risk of developing body odour.

Natural Remedies for Body Odour

Apply vinegar on your armpits whenever you sweat too much or sniff the beginnings of body odour. Jump into the shower twice a day. Rubbing natural aromatic oils and the juice of citrus fruits like lemon is another way to prevent body odour. Simply rub a slice of lemon in your armpits; you could eventually lighten your skin too!

Knowledge is power and the same holds true when it comes to body odour. Once you’re armed with body odour facts, you’re a step closer to dealing with this problem. Share the tips you’ve learnt with your friends and loved ones who might be facing the same problem. Bid goodbye to body odour and say hello to a fresher, more confident you!

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