4 Visible Signs In Your Baby's Skin That Guarantee He's Getting The Right Care

4 Visible Signs In Your Baby’s Skin That Guarantee He’s Getting The Right Care

Everything about your little baby is delicate, right from his tiny head down to his cute little toes. But the most delicate of all is something that doesn’t strike us immediately: your baby’s skin! Science has proved that babies have skin that is so delicate it loses moisture up to five times faster than adult skin. This means it is very easy for their skin to develop problems that can lead to discomfort, irritation and crying spells. And this can happen despite the best precautions from our end.

So, how can you find out for sure if your baby’s skin is healthy or not? As per doctors, there are four visible signs that you can spot in your baby’s skin to ascertain that it’s healthy. All you have to do is keep track of these signs and take corrective action when needed.

We have consolidated the signs for you below. In case any of these signs is missing in your baby, just follow the solutions to set things right again:

1. His Skin Feels Hydrated and Soft to Touch, Even After a Bath

The clearest sign of good skin health in babies is soft and supple skin. When your baby’s skin feels soft to touch, it indicates that there is sufficient moisture and no risk of dehydration. You should ensure to check for moisturisation a number of times during the day, especially after your baby has a bath. Many babies whose skin otherwise feels soft, tend to rapidly lose moisture after bath-time, mainly due to the soap and hot water. This dryness can lead to skin irritation and make your baby cranky, or even averse to taking a bath.
What to do: The simple solution is to moisturise your baby’s skin more often, especially during and after a bath, and before bed-time.

When giving your baby a bath, use a nourishing soap like the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar. This bathing bar has 1/4th moisturising cream and doesn’t strip the skin of its moisture content. It is also pH neutral which helps maintain the natural pH balance of your baby’s skin and prevents dryness and irritation. By replenishing essential nutrients lost during cleansing, baby skin stays soft, nourished, and delicately scented. After the bath, ensure to re-hydrate your baby’s skin by applying a gentle and hydrating body lotion. The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion is very soft on the skin and has a mild fragrance that babies love. It gently moisturises baby’s skin for 24 hours and soothes dry skin from the very first use. You will notice that it provides superior moisturisation and keeps your baby’s skin extra soft.

2. He Is Free of Rashes and Skin Breakouts

It is common for babies to develop some acne in early childhood, mainly due to the pregnancy hormones that got passed onto them from you. This is nothing to worry about and clears with time. But apart from this, healthy baby skin is free of rashes and breakouts and looks soft, clean and fresh. There’s a reason, after all, we as adults keep aspiring to have baby-soft skin!
What to do: If your baby’s skin frequently breaks out into rashes, spots or bumps, you should consult a paediatrician and get appropriate treatment. It could be due to a skin problem such as eczema, dermatitis or an allergy.

3. The Bum-Area Is Soft and Free of Redness

While your baby’s facial skin is the most tell-tale when it comes to overall skin health, the bum area is also a good indicator. This is because this region is very prone to irritation and infection from a wet diaper, a food allergy, or increased humidity. Check that the diaper area doesn’t look redder than other parts of the skin. Healthy baby skin will be fresh, soft and without rashes even in the diaper/nappy region.
What to do: Make sure you change your baby’s diapers frequently, even when they have not been soiled. In case your baby is suffering from a diaper rash, apply a generous coating of Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream. This cream provides instant comfort and immediate protection from the very first use by neutralising pH in seconds. It also creates a protective barrier on the skin so your baby will be protected from the causes of irritation. You will also notice that the Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream is easier to spread and clean compared to other creams.

4. His Skin Can Deal With the Changing Season

Finally, the litmus test for skin health in babies is when the seasons change. During winter, we take special care to keep our little ones cozy, warm and moisturised. But when winter slowly gives way to summer, the fluctuations in temperature and the irritants in the air can pose a number of skin problems. Many babies experience dryness in the skin, allergies and rashes at this time. This is also when skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis flare up, so you need to be especially on your guard if your baby suffers from any of these conditions.
What to do: Do not cut back on moisturising because the air is now more humid than it was in the winter. Babies, with their thin and delicate skin, still tend to lose moisture and require the extra moisturisation to stay hydrated. Also make sure you do not overdress your child to protect him from seasonal illness. His skin needs to breathe as well, now that the temperature and humidity are both rising.

So mommy, does your little one’s skin show these signs of good health? We are sure that your care and attention will keep him glowing and healthy, come wind or rain! After all, you are the best caregiver your baby can have and there’s no one else who knows him better.

Just keep extending your gentle and moisturising care to your baby and his delicate skin will remain happy. If you face a persistent skin concern with your baby, please don’t hesitate in consulting the paediatrician.

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