Short Story of Aladdin & The Magical Lamp for Kids

The Famous Story of Aladdin and The Magical Lamp for Kids

Children look forward to bedtime stories. If you are new parents, you probably have a huge collection of storybooks in your home. Every night, you must be reading a story or two to your child before putting them to bed. Reading stories to your child is a great way to spend some quality time with him, plus it will also enhance imagination and auditory skills of your child. Now you may have read a lot of stories to your kiddo, but have you read him the famous story of Aladdin and his magic lamp? If not, then read it to him today. The tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp is one of the most popular stories, and your little one must hear it, We all remember Aladdin and the wonderful lamp! Aladdin’s stories are full of adventure, courage, love and happiness. Here’s a retelling of the famous fable that you can read to your kids!

The Story of Aladdin and The Magic Lamp

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Aladdin who lived with his mother. They lived far, far away in the east! Aladdin supported his mother by selling fruits in the market near their house. One day a wealthy merchant came looking for Aladdin and said to his mother, “I am a rich merchant; I have come from Arabia and want to take Aladdin along with me for some work. After the work gets done, I will pay him enough that he won’t have to work.”

Aladdin’s mother was overwhelmed and instantly agreed as they were in dire need of money. However, neither Aladdin nor his mother knew that the merchant was a magician at a palace. The following day, Aladdin packed his belongings and left with the magician. They kept travelling for hours together, and finally, the magician stopped in an isolated place. Aladdin was surprised that not a single soul was there.

The magician pulled out a magic powder from his pocket and threw it on the ground, and suddenly everything turned smoky. As the smoke subsided, Aladdin saw a huge cave open in the ground where the magician had sprinkled the powder. Looking at it the magician said to Aladdin, “Go inside the cave. You will find lots of gold and ornaments in there, take as much as you want. You will also see an old lamp, which you have to get it for me.” Aladdin grew suspicious on hearing this, but he went inside the cave.

Aladdin and the magician

Aladdin couldn’t believe what he saw in the cave! Wherever his eyes could see, it could see only gold. He had never seen so much gold before. He started filling his pocket with gold coins and when he thought he had stored enough and there was no more place to keep the gold, he started looking for the lamp. He found the lamp lying at one corner of the cave. The lamp was old and dirty. He took the lamp and called out to the magician for helping him get out of the cave. But the magician replied ‘First, give me the lamp.’ On hearing this Aladdin got scared thinking that if he gave the lamp first, then the magician might leave him there. So, he started pleading, “Please help me out first.”

On hearing this, the magician got angry and again sprinkled the powder on the ground, and this time the cave got closed with a huge rock. Aladdin was frightened as the darkness grew! He started shouting for help and waited with a hope that someone would come for help. After many hours when no one came, he gave up. He sat inside the cave dejected, and started cleaning the lamp. As he was cleaning the lamp, suddenly there was smoke in the cave, and he heard a voice which said, “Oh! my Master, I’m the genie of this lamp. Three wishes are yours to command! What is your first wish?” The genie was a strange-looking ghost, and Aladdin was scared. For a moment he was so surprised that he didn’t know what to say, but when the genie repeated himself, Aladdin immediately said, “Please take me back to my home.”

Immediately Aladdin was home with his mother. On seeing Aladdin back, his mother became very happy, and they both hugged each other. Aladdin told his mother everything about the merchant and how he left him alone in that forbidden cave. He also told her about the magic lamp and the genie who helped him get back home from the cave. After narrating the entire story to his mother once again, Aladdin rubbed the lamp, and the genie reappeared before him. For his second wish, Aladdin asked the genie to build him a palace with all the riches. Instantly his old hut transformed into a beautiful palace with all the riches and luxuries.

Aladdin and genie

In a very short period, Aladdin became quite famous all over his country! He was known for his kindness and good deeds. Soon, Aladdin got married to the princess, the daughter of the Sultan and they were very happy together. On hearing about all this, the magician came to Aladdin’s palace pretending to be an old man who deals with old lamps. Aladdin’s wife, unaware that Aladdin’s lamp was magical, gave it away to the magician while Aladdin was not around. On getting the lamp, the magician started rubbing it, and immediately the genie appeared, he asked the genie to move Aladdin’s palace from the current place to a faraway desert.

When Aladdin came, he was shocked to find that his palace, princess, and mother were missing. He started looking for them frantically. Suddenly it struck him that the evil-minded magician would have done something to take the revenge on him. He remembered the ring which the magician had given him which could still help him. He rubbed the ring, and another genie appeared. He asked the genie to take him to his princess. And in the next instant, Aladdin was transported to the desert where his palace and family was.

Aladdin and his Princess

Aladdin was glad to see that his wife and his mother were safe. He also saw that the magician was also present there and next to his table was his magic lamp. The magician was surprised to see Aladdin, and before he could guess his next move, Aladdin quickly jumped and grabbed the magic lamp from the table. He rubbed the lamp, and the genie reappeared, this time Aladdin commanded, “I want you to send this magician to a faraway place from where he could never come back nor harm anyone.”

The genie happily complied to Aladdin’s command, and the magician vanished without ever returning.

Next, the genie helped transport the palace and Aladdin back to its place. Aladdin and his princess lived together happily ever after. The genie and the lamp also stayed along with Aladdin and his family.

Did you like the retold version of Aladdin’s original story? If yes, then do narrate it to your kids. Aladdin’s story has too many versions, but each one is heartwarming and has a happy ending. Read the classic story of Aladdin to your kids and do let us know in the comments how your kids like it.

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