12 Best Christian Movies for Kids

12 Interesting Christian Movies For Kids

Christian movies are a good way to teach kids about Christianity. Children’s Christian movies are interesting and teach kids about the Bible in an easy manner without being too preachy.  Kids can be taught anything if the information is given in an interesting way. So, teaching them about the Lord and lessons of the Bible through a movie is the best way. Parents and schools can show religious Christmas movies and movies about Christianity to the little ones to make them learn stories and values from the Bible.

Kid-Friendly Christian Movies That Your Little One Should Definitely Watch

Christian films for kids are a good way for kids to learn about the stories from the Bible and the values of the Lord. They are enjoyable and are based on stories which teach about love, compassion, friendship, forgiveness, etc. good virtues. The Christian bible movies are not only for kids but can be enjoyed by adults too. Families can see Christian kid movies from the 90s together to become stronger and cultivate good virtues in the kids. Seeing these movies is a good way to introduce good values from Christianity in kids. Younger kids can be shown Christian cartoon movies or kids Christian animated movies as they enjoy carton and animated characters more.

These movies are best enjoyed by the families around Christmas time when the whole family bonds over the festival and learn true lessons from the Bible. Some of the movies are based on holidays, so they make an interesting watch.

Some of the popular kid-friendly Christian movies that your little ones should definitely watch are:

1. A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures

Turtle's Tale

Genre – Inspirational, Animated 

What It’s About 

The movie is about the adventures and fun stories of Sammy, the sea turtle. Sammy swims in the oceans of the world in search of the love of his life. Sammy and his best friend Ray together experience some extraordinary things and face some daunting challenges in their journey. The movie is based on an actual life course of a sea turtle; the story showcases the breath-taking journey of the creature as he takes the thrilling voyage.

2. Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim's Progress

Genre – Classics, Inspirational, Animated, Faith, Evangelism & Redemption 

What It’s About 

This Christian movie is the animated version of the classic movie with the same name “Pilgrim’s Progress”. The beautiful movie in spectacular colours is a good way to introduce the Christian life to both adults and kids. The movie tells the story of John Bunyan and his adventures. Kids will love the animation and the message of faith and redemption.

3. Different Drummers

Different Drummers

Genre – Drama, Apologetics & Faith 

What It’s About 

This drama movie tells the story of David who is in a wheelchair suffering from muscular dystrophy. He foretells the death of his fourth-grade teacher. So Lyle, who is doubtful of this prediction, attempts to get David running again to test if God exists.

4. The Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah

Genre – Inspirational, Animated, Faith, Bible Stories 

What It’s About 

Enjoy the adventures of a lamb and his friends in this animation movie. The bold lamb and his friends from a stable will be sacrificed at the altar during the week preceding the crucifixion of Christ. The heart-warming movie is an Easter story as experienced by a lovable pig, a pedantic rat, a talkative rooster, a downtrodden donkey, a motherly cow, and a faint-hearted horse. The magnificent movie with its beautiful sets is a rollercoaster ride of emotions with a good dose of humour.

5. Ben Hur

Ben Hur

Genre – Classics, Animated, Faith, Apologetics & Faith 

What It’s About 

Ben Hur is a movie about Hebrew prince Judah Ben-Hur who is enslaved by Romans following a tragic accident. This animated movie tells the tales of his attempts to get back home and the story of his love. He falls in love with a slave girl and his love is tested through the travel by sea and the land. Kid’s love this epic story of faith and redemption.

6. The Prince of Egypt

Prince of Egypt

Genre –Animation, Faith 

What It’s About 

This beautiful animation movie from the ’90s is a classic tale of Moses. The movie has a star-studded voice cast of some A-listers such as Helen Mirren, Steve Martin, and Sandra Bullock. Kids enjoy this movie and beautiful animation.

7. Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy

Adventures of Bailey

 Genre – Inspirational, Pets 

 What It’s About 

It’s a sweet movie about Bailey, a golden retriever. This adorable puppy is accidentally left behind when his family is moving to their new home. Then Bailey goes on a road trip to find his family and has some adventures on the way. The movie is a non-stop fun story of adventures of Bailey and kids learn the lessons about family and friendship.

8. Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty

Genre – Faith, Comedy, Family 

 What It’s About 

Evan Almighty is a family film which is a spin-off on the famous movie Bruce Almighty. The film is a comedy movie directed by Tom Shadyac. The movie starring Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman is the story about Noah and the disaster caused by floods set in modern times.

9. Letters to God

Letters to God

 Genre – Drama, Inspirational 

 What It’s About 

This is a sweet movie about an eight-year-old boy named Tyler. The young boy is fighting a dreadful battle with the support of his loving family. Tyler makes God his pen pal and writes his prayers as letters to him. His letters reach a postman who gets inspired by them.

10. The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift

 Genre – Drama, Inspirational, Independent Films 

 What It’s About 

This inspirational movie is about a trust-fund baby Jason Stevens. He thinks his huge inheritance is enough to give him happiness and luxuries in life. But he doesn’t receive money in his inheritance but twelve gifts which teach him what is actually important in life. He learns that real joy in life comes from the heart, not money.

11. JK’s House

JK's House

 Genre – Drama

What It’s About 

Kj’s House is a drama movie about blending life lessons with family values. The movie teaches life lessons with music and dance. The movie entertains kids and at the same time teaches them important life lessons or virtues such as patience, gratitude, manners, sharing, caring, etc.

12. The Wild Stallion

The Wild Stallion

 Genre – Classic, Drama

 What It’s About 

This movie tells the story of Hanna and her father. They have come to Matty’s Bear Mountain ranch at the border of Utah and Nevada. Hanna has come there to photograph the rumoured mysterious wild stallions. But she and her new friend CJ find out that it is a plan by the evil Mr Novak. The movie tells the story about how they save the wild stallions.

Kids will love seeing these lovely Christian movies. These movies will teach them about good virtues and about Christianity to make them better human beings. The movies are well made and teach lessons from the Bible in an entertaining way. The kids and the whole family will enjoy seeing them.

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