Days of The Week Activities and Games for Toddlers

Teaching Days of the Week to Children

You might wonder how to teach the days of the week to toddlers. Learning them is through memorization, but coming up with creative activities can help greatly. You can start by repeating the names of days frequently and following up with playing a few fun games.

Teaching the days of the week to children can be quite tricky, especially if they haven’t yet started to read. To learn the days of the week, a child needs to memorize them. Once he does, he’ll find it much easier to understand the concept of time too. The age of 3 to 4 years, when children began to understand and comprehend things, is a good time to start teaching them about days and weeks.

Tips for Teaching Days of the Week to Children

  • Explain in Simple Terms

    Explain to your child that there are seven days in a week. When one week gets over, another one starts. You can explain that each week has five school days and two play days too. You should also explain the difference between night and day, and that after every night comes a new day.

  • Tell Him the Day and His Schedule

    Start your day by telling your child what day of the week it is, and what’s on his schedule for the day. For example, you can say “It’s Monday, today, and you have play group” or “It’s Sunday today and grandpa is coming over”.

  • Break down Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Teaching yesterday, today, and tomorrow to a 2-year is important to make him learn about the days of the week. Explain to your child that yesterday is the day before today. Name the day and connect it with an activity that he did yesterday. Do the same to explain the concept of today and tomorrow.

  • Introduce the Calendar

    Show your child a calendar and point out how the days and weeks are marked on it. Show him which days his favourite festivals fall on. Show him when his birthday is and when yours and daddy’s fall on as well.

  • Play Games

    Plan interesting ‘days of the week’ games for your child. Write the days on different pieces of paper and mix them up. You can even make a ‘ days of the week’ chart for your toddler, and schedule his activities on it using crayons and coloured pencils. Stick a few of his favourite cartoon or storybook characters to make it an even more attractive activity.

  • Make a Week Caterpillar

    An engaging ‘days of the week’ activity for children is to get them to create a week caterpillar. Cut one large circle for the face and seven smaller colorful circles for the body. Write the days of the week on the smaller circle, and paste them one behind the other to form the body of the caterpillar.

To learn the names of the days of the week, your toddler will have to memorize them by rote, but understanding the concept of day and night will make it easier. Repetition is the key while fun activities that teach the days of the week to your toddler help him understand the concept better.

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