Fun Sorting Games and Activities for Children

Sorting Activities For Preschoolers

If you are lucky enough, you might have caught your child sort her building blocks according to color. The importance of sorting in child development is undeniable.

Sorting is the step before complex math problems arrive. Through this activity, your child will grasp the ‘same’ and ‘different’ concept better. Sorting activities boost logical thinking and the ability to grasp mathematical concepts. These are some of the many reasons why sorting is important for children. If you want your child to ace her math paper later, start planning sorting games now!

Sorting Activities for Kids

1. Sorting Coloured Rings

Sorting out coloured rings can be a fun activity for your pre-schooler. You can spread out brightly coloured plastic rings on a mat in her room. Allow your child to examine the coloured rings before she chooses to play with them. After a while, prompt your preschooler to begin the sorting activities. Encourage her to start identifying rings by color and then stack them in the corner. This activity will improve her observation and hand-eye coordination, allowing her to differentiate between colours. This is among the most fun sorting games for children.

2. The Number Game

Your child can learn about the order of numbers through a simple activity. All you need for the game is string, numbers (1-10) written on paper, and clothespins. Put the rope between two objects. Put the number cards on the floor, face down. Ask your preschooler to turn and sort the numbers into order. When your little one feels the order is correct, ask her to attach the number cards to the string with the clips. You can also include the same numbers in different colours to facilitate colour sorting, too. This activity can also be done with alphabets. However, ensure you have a longer rope for it. Here’s your creative answer to how to start sorting in preschoolers!

3. Stone Sorting

Mix some soft, play-stones together. Ask your child to sort them according to color or shape. Encourage your preschooler to use the stones to count or form various patterns. They can also be flipped over to play a memory game. This activity will help your child with counting and pattern recognition skills.

4. The Clothespin Activity

This activity will help your child with counting and colour identification. Place coloured bins on the floor and put coloured clothespins in them. You can use containers, coffee cans, or even mugs for the activity. Wrap the coloured paper to make each one distinct. You can also paint clothespins for better effect. Mix the clothespins and ask your child to sort them into matching containers. Count them once the activity is over to see how many she got right. Isn’t this one of the best ideas for sorting activities?

Don’t apply pressure on your child to perform. Allow her to take time when sorting blocks, beads or even her soft toys. You can reward her with a treat for a job well done.

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