5 Great Ways to Engage With Your New Born

5 great ways to engage with your new born

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You love watching your beautiful baby all the time; he is just so cute! But as a new mom you are also anxious to see your baby move, whimper, gurgle, cry or just open his eyes, right? Let’s look at a few tried and tested ways of getting your baby to respond to you now!

You’re done with the joyfully tumultuous 9 months of growing a bundle of joy inside you. Finally, the fruit of your labour is here (quite literally)! As exhausted as you may be, you still want to spend every second with your new baby, so you might as well make it fun for both.

Here are some brilliant newborn activities to engage with your baby

1. Playing

This is a great way to engage and communicate with infants. Through play your baby learns how to move, communicate, socialize and understand their surroundings. The first thing your baby will learn is to associate the feel of your touch, the sound of your voice and the sight of your face. He will learn to feel comfortable and secure in your arms.

2. Mimicking Facial Expressions

Get mimicking what your baby does! This is a wonderful way to engage with him. Cooing at your baby’s little sounds and gazing into your baby’s eyes is a great way to connect with your child. By doing so you will realize the pleasure that your baby gets when you are mimicking the expressions and sounds. Psychologists say that when your baby is changing facial expressions and making those cooing sounds they are sending signals to parents to communicate with them. The constant engagement between a baby and the parent is the foundation for your baby’s brain development.

3. Singing a Song or a Lullaby

This is another excellent way to connect with the baby. Music creates a soothing environment for the baby to learn in a pleasant way. It is even better if you sing a song with hand movements. The hand movements naturally take your baby through gestures that encourage developmental skills such as bringing hands together at midline, moving them away from each other, crossing over hands, etc. If you incorporate this into your daily routine, you may notice that the baby begins to smile and laugh anytime you start to sing those songs.

4. Face Time

This is a crucial part of engaging with your baby and establishing a bond. This refers to the amount of time your baby sees your face throughout the day. It is the most simple, engaging and pleasurable form of play and engagement for your baby. As per research, babies prefer to see faces over any other kind of interaction – even toys! So keep smiling and talking to your baby as often as you can.

5. Reading Out Aloud

It is never too early for your baby. You can start reading to them as early as when they are one month old. You can start with colorful books which have very short stories in them. It may seem a little different from usual to read out to such a young infant. However, it is extremely beneficial for the language development of your baby.

Just one warning note: Sometimes, new parents are so excited to engage with their babies that they end up over-engaging. We need to know where to draw the line and stop engaging with the baby after that point of time. A few signs that imply you are over – engaging with the baby are:

  • Baby turning head away from you.
  • Baby closing eyes.
  • Baby avoiding looking into your eyes.
  • Baby suddenly becomes fussy.
  • Baby starts crying.

If you see any of the above signs, it is an indicator to stop engaging with the baby for some time and then continue at a later time.

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