Coloured Water Cups DIY

Coloured Water Cups DIY

Colours are so magical, aren’t they? See what you can create with colours with this fun activity!

Identifying colour is a big part of any child’s life. It is one of the first things mothers begin to teach their babies through placards and crib mobiles. Colour sorting follows soon after and then finally mixing of primary colours to get secondary colours. In this activity we will see how something so simple as pouring coloured water can create new colours. It was exciting to us as adults, can you image how much your child will enjoy it?

You will need

  • 6 Plastic Cups
  • Food colouring in yellow red and blue
  • Water

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Arrange your 6 cups neatly.

Arrange your 6 cups neatly

2. Pour 6 drops of food colouring in three cups and mix in a little water.

6 drops of food colouring in three cups

3. Next mix 2 of the colours into an empty cup. Continue this with the remaining colours.

4. You’ll find that yellow and blue makes green, red and yellow makes orange and blue and red makes purple.

find that yellow and blue makes green

5. You won’t need to throw out the colours, you can use these for a neat tie-dye experiment!

Messiness Score


Level of Difficulty


Parental Involvement


Skills Enhanced

Colour sorting, pouring, colour identification

You will observe your child doing…

Your child will ask questions on how this happens

It will be fun because…

You can use the colours in baking or for a tie-dye experiment too!

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