Facts & Information about Seven Wonders of the World for Kids

Seven Wonders of World Facts for Kids

From time immemorial humans have built spectacular structures, buildings, monuments and other wonderful structures that have amazed the historians and common people for generations. Some of these structures have been listed in the wonders of the world. If your child has an interest in history and wants to know about all these amazing structures, we recommend reading this post.

Seven Wonders of World – Ancient and New

There are too many magnificent structures in the world, but all those cannot be listed here. However, here we shall be sharing information of some ancient and new seven wonders of the world.

Ancient 7 Wonders of World

Here is the list of 7 ancient wonders:

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza

This spectacular structure is the only ancient structure that still stands today, and it was constructed without automatic pulleys or cranes. Here are some more trivia:

  • The mortar is so unique that it could not be imitated to date.
  • The approx weight of the pyramid is estimated to be 5, 955, 00 tons.
  • The initial plan was to make pyramids like big mirrors so that they can reflect light that would have been visible from the moon.

2. Colossus of Rhodes

This statue was built in second century BC. The original height of the statue was approximately 98 feet, but it was destroyed because of an earthquake in 226 BC.

  • The bronze statue was built by Charles of Lindos stood erect for almost 54 years.
  • When the earthquake shattered the statue, it kept lying unattended on the ground for almost 800 years.

3. Temple of Artemis

The temple was built in Ephesus, one of the ancient cities of Greece. This temple was also called The Temple of Diana.

  • The temple stood erect until seventh century BC before it got washed in the floods.
  • In the present day, only a few pillars of the temple remain, which were excavated in 18th century AD.

4. Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The historians until today have not been able to establish the exact location of these beautiful gardens.

  • These gardens are not exactly hanging, but they are made in the shape of a terrace that is one over another.
  • Babylon didn’t receive a very good rainfall, and the irrigation was done with the help of pulleys.
  • The garden was made by King Nebuchadnezzar II for his loving wife so that she could enjoy the greenery of the mountains.

5. Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Built in the third century BC by an Egyptian ruler named Ptolemy, this magnificent structure helped to guide the ships sailing in the Mediterranean sea in entering the city.

  • At the time when this lighthouse was built, it was the tallest building in the world.
  • It took almost 20 years to complete the lighthouse, and the lighthouse was built with multiple levels.
  • No one is too sure what destroyed the structure, but it was believed that it was probably an earthquake.

6. Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Built in the fourth century BC, this 42 feet tall statute is situated in the ancient city of Olympia.

  • The statute was made of wood, and it contained embellishments of gold and ivory.
  • Olympia was a damn city, and to prevent the statue from getting infected with fungus, it was regularly polished with olive oil.

7. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

The tomb of the Turkish King Mausolus was designed and built by a famous Greek architect in the city of Halicarnassus. After looking at the tomb, Antipater of Sidon decided that it should be included in one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  • The exterior structure of the mausoleum depicted the cravings of kings and queens in their chariots.
  • The marble tomb stood almost 43 feet tall.
  • The Greek, Egyptian and Lycian architecture influence can be seen in the structure of the tomb.

New Seven Wonders of World

Now, let us acquaint you with the new Seven Wonders of the World:

1. The Great Wall of China

The wall was built to save the country from foreign invasions.

  • The wall was built under many emperors, but most parts of the wall were built during Ming dynasty.
  • The wall is 13, 171 miles long and it took almost 2000 years to build and rebuild the wall.

2. Petra

Petra, situated in the ancient city of Jordan was unveiled in the early nineteenth century. More than half of the city is carved from one rock.

  • Apart from the mausoleum of a pharaoh, the city has almost 600 structures.
  • The city is nicknamed Rose city because it is carved from pink coloured rock.

3. Christ The Redeemer

This is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio De Janeiro is situated on the Corcovado Mountain.

  • If the 22 feet pedestal is excluded, the statue stands 125 feet tall. The arms of the statute are 92 feet wide.
  • A French sculptor Paul Landowski designed the structure.

4. Machu Picchu

Built if 1450 AD, this beautiful city was abandoned hundred years later.

  • It was declared a heritage site in the year 1983 by UNESCO.
  • The city is almost 8000 feet above sea level.

5. Chechen Itza

Mexico is world famous because of this beautiful city which was built by Mayan civilisation.

  • The English translation of the world Chechen Itza means “at the mouth of the well of the Itza”.
  • The pyramid-shaped structure called Castillo is the most famous structure.

6. Colosseum

Colosseum is an ancient amphitheatre that was built in 80 AD by the great emperor Titus Vespasian.

  • It took almost years and 60, 000 slaves to complete the structure.
  • In 207 AD a massive fire destroyed the top level of the structure.

7. Taj Mahal

Built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jehan in the memory of his loving wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

  • The entire structure is made up of marble and it 20, 000 salves 20 years to complete it.
  • The original tomb was embellished with precious gemstones, which was looted during the rebellion of 1857.

Other New Incredible Wonders in World

The list of new seven wonders also includes some more categories. We shall be sharing a few of them with you:

1. 7 Nature’s Wonders

Nature is the ultimate creator that a human can never match with. Here are some of nature’s wonders:

  • Amazon Forest and River
  • Table Mountain, Kenya
  • Komodo Island
  • Underground River at Puerto Princesa
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Halong Bay
  • Jeju Island

2. 7 Underwater World Wonders

The underwater world amazes all of us, but few of the things that are just considered surreal or wonders are as follows:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Northern Red Sea
  • Belize Barrier Reef
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Lake Baikal, Siberia
  • Palau
  • Deep-Sea Vents

3. Seven Beautiful Cities in World

Here is the list of 7 most beautiful cities in the world that you must plan to visit with your kids:

  • Durban (South Africa)
  • Havana (Cuba)
  • La Paz (Bolivia)
  • Vigan (The Philippines)
  • Kaula Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Doha (Qatar)
  • Beirut (Lebanon)

4. 7 Wonders of the Industrial World

Following are seven industrial wonders of the world:

  • SS Great Eastern (iron sailing ship)
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Hoover Dam
  • Panama Canal
  • London Sewerage System
  • Bell Rock Lighthouse (Scotland)
  • First Transcontinental Railroad

5. Seven Solar System Wonders

Our solar system is something that amazes most children and here is the list of seven wonders of the solar system that you should share with your child

  • Enceladus (a moon of Saturn)
  • The Asteroid Belt
  • The Sun’s Surface
  • Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
  • Saturn’s Rings
  • Oceans of the Earth
  • Olympus Mons on Mars

Help your child learn about some of the wonderful structures of the world and we hope this article helped in achieving the same!

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