Is Using Headphones Safe for Your Kids?

Are Headphones Really Safe for Kids?

It is a part of keeping up with the trend these days for the kids. Gadgets have become a lifestyle statement. The more the exposure, the better the chances of adopting them and going with the flow. Headphones do look cool on your ears and if that is of a definite brand, then it is a style statement. At the same time, exposure to different media is triggering the need to have headphones for your kid. Be it music or movies, for your kids, grooving along the beats are fast becoming an integral part of life. But is it really safe? You have heard plenty regarding radiations and its adverse effects on hearing ability and brain. And as a result, you are hovering between to buy it or not to buy it for your kids.

Can Children Use Headphones?

As a parent, many prefer to keep their child engaged during a long flight or drive. What they don’t consider is the built of it. An adult headphone is not the ideal one for a kid. The ear canal of a kid is much narrower and loud music can trigger problems with hearing.

However, the negatives are not unavoidable. There are headphones specially designed for a kid. You can encourage them to listen to it by keeping the volume level within the prescribed range, that is mostly within the 60% of it. In addition, keep an eye on them just to make sure that they don’t listen to it for more than an hour at a stretch.

What are the Drawbacks of Using Headphones for Kids?

There are certain drawbacks of kids using headphones and as a parent, you should be aware of that before handing them over a cool pair.

  • Loud noise can adversely affect hearing.
  • Headphones can make your kid less cautious about his or her surrounding, which can cause harm.
  • It can trigger vertigo.
  • Sharing headphone may invite germs.

Do Kids Really Need Headphones?

There are some good sides of a headphone and they can really help your kid with his or her physical status.

  • Noise cancellation ability of headphones can really help your kids ears. Sometimes when you are on the street, continuous honking can affect your ears. Headphones can protect your kid from such noises.
  • Any day better than the in-ear audio pieces. In-ear audio pieces can directly affect the eardrum.
  • Headphones designed for kids has a volume control technology inbuilt, unlike earphones. Hence, a single tweak in that would help them manage the sound level.

How to Choose Safe Headphones for Your Child?

While choosing a headphone for your kid keep these points in mind.

1. Headphone Size

It should be perfect. Not too tight or loose and should sit comfortably on your kid’s head covering the ears.

2. Better be Durable

Kids tend to break things accidentally often. Hence, choose one that would last longer.

3. Look for Your Kid’s Needs

Dyslexic children or kids taking ototoxic medicines are prone to hearing impairment. You should look for headphones that can cancel out noises.

4. Noise Limiter

It is always safe to buy a headphone after going through its sound specifics. Look for the maximum noise limit and try to make sure that your kid does not get exposed to high level of sound.

5. Design

Kids look for something fancy. The headphone should be cool in design and colour-wise alluring. And if it helps, one-of-a-kind. Otherwise, your kid may soon lose his or her interest in it.

Precautions to Consider While Letting Kids Use Headphones

After all these, you should take certain precautions before letting your kid groove to the headphone’s beats.

  • If you can listen to the music from a meter away then its too loud. Check the volume level.
  • If you can preset the sound limit, opt for that and maintain the permissible level.
  • Ensure that your kid takes a listening break every hour.
  • Try to make them aware of the adverse effects it can have on their ears.


Apart from these issues, there are certain things that you should remember while giving your kids a brand new headphone. These are questions we often tend to miss.

1. Headphones Vs Earphones Which are Good for My Child?

Headphones have this noise cancellation facility which is any day better than earphones. Earphones directly send the sound to eardrum which you should avoid at any cost. In addition, they tend to carry germs. These reasons give headphones advantage over earphones. Forget earbuds, headphones for kids are ideal.

2. Wireless or Wired Headphones Which Should I Buy for My Kid?

Wireless headphones are definitely preferable. You have to keep in mind that your kid is quite active and a wireless one can get tangled around his or her body. But wireless ones do possess quality issue if you place it far from the device. To go by recent trends, you can always opt for Bluetooth headphones that are quite effective.

3. Can Babies Wear Headphones?

Yes, they can wear headphones, provided you are taking all the precautions. There are specifically designed headphones for babies which you can use to give them the best-quality music while taking care of him or her.

As long as there are rules set on the use of headphones, the right kind of headphones can be safe for your kids. Just make sure that they aren’t blaring music away all day long to avoid damage to their ears. With babies, you’ll need to be more careful with the kind of earphones you use. Ensure that you don’t compromise on safety while giving your kids access to earphones.

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