Moms, This Amazing Potty Training Trick Will FREE Your Baby of Diapers!

Moms, This Amazing Potty Training Trick Will FREE Your Baby of Diapers!

Moms, try this amazing potty training trick that will free your baby of diapers – a hassle free potty training guide to lessen one of your million worries as a new mom!

The first two years of your newborn’s life will leave you with long sleepless nights, a lot of time spent running around, and a load of smelly diapers. The ideal time for potty training is considered to be between the age of two to three years, or when they show the signs of readiness for potty training which includes, taking off underclothes, getting irritated with dirty diapers, etc. Thus, until then, you’re left with no choice but to spend a fortune on diapers and keep up with the daily struggles till your little one learns to potty in the pot!

But what if there was a way to skip the worst of mommy struggles and say bye-bye to diapers? What if you could free your little one of diapers completely and let his skin breathe naturally?

The answer lies in one simple trick! Read on to find out…

The ‘Elimination Communication’ – Potty Training Trick

Diapers are a modern invention that took over the baby care world in the 50’s. Despite being expensive and harmful to the planet’s environment, diapers have seen an increasing rise in popularity with new parents. They provide us convenience and ease, especially when travelling or during the night. They also cut down on some of the laundry that mothers have to do. However, it has also been seen that potty training is becoming harder for us than it was for our parents! Kids now take longer to learn how to use the potty, and one of the reasons being cited for this is – diapers! With modern, super-absorbent diapers, kids feel dry and comfortable even after peeing in their diapers and start to prefer diapers over the pot! This and other factors actually have made potty training harder for your child!

So, while diapers may seem to have become indispensable today, there is an expert trick that can free your baby of diapers forever. Yes, cloth diapers are an option too but they still are messy to clean up and wash! This trick does away with the need to use any kind of diapers and nappies. And guess what, many parents of older generations have used this before us, much before diapers were invented!

It is called ‘Elimination Communication’ or ‘Early Potty Training’, and mothers have tried it successfully as soon as they got their babies home from the hospital!

Here are the steps you need to follow, in exactly this order, and you can be free from the burden of diapers.

1. Keep a potty seat ready

First, get a potty seat for your baby. Make sure that it’s a potty seat that can be adjusted to multiple sizes. You need to support your baby till he can hold himself up and the smaller the seat the easier this will be.

2. Understand your baby’s body

Figure out the average time after every feed your baby takes to poop. It can range between 15 mins to an hour and will gradually increase as your baby grows older.

3. Watch out for the cues

A baby can also understand when his bladder is full. He is just unable to control it and his discomfort will indicate his need to go poop or pee. Watch out for this discomfort in your baby with the following signs:

  • grunts or other noises
  • writhing and other uncomfortable movements
  • A specific facial expression that expresses discomfort
  • bearing down

Elimination communication potty training trick

4. When they’re ready, support them over the potty seat

Just as you see the cues that your baby needs to poop or pee, gently set your baby on the potty seat, hold his legs, and support him from the waist. Put a slight pressure on your stomach to help! Remember to constantly supervise them even when they are old enough to hold themselves up.

5. Create an association with a sound

A soft hum or whistle every time your baby poops/pees will automatically build an association in his mind between the sound and peeing/pooping. This will help him understand that it’s okay to let go when he is on the potty.

6. Wait and watch in amazement

It might take some time, but it will happen!Don’t fret and remember to let someone else understand how to help your little one pee/poop when you’re away.

So, does this trick actually work with little babies? As unbelievable as it sounds, yes it does! It is actually true and a pretty amazing trick too! Recently, a Los Angeles doctor couple proved it to be true by using a potty with their third child, right from birth. The mom and pathologist Rosemary read about the elimination communication trick when she was expecting her third child, but was skeptical if it would work. Regardless, she gave it a try – and she’s amazed at the results!

Rosemary, who relied on the elimination communication trick from early days, said, “(Parents need to understand) the infant’s natural timing and cues to recognise when they need to defecate or urinate.”


Benefits of the ‘Elimination Communication’ Potty Training Trick

You’d be surprised at just how many amazing benefits you’ll reap from the elimination communication trick! Some of these include:

  • Money saved on diapers
  • No harm caused to the environment
  • No more painful diaper rashes or skin infections (Say bye-bye to diaper rash creams!)
  • No more messes
  • A lowered likelihood of urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Speedy toilet training for your little one!
  • Confidence-booster for moms to know they understand their baby

Disadvantages of ‘Elimination Communication’ Potty Training Trick

Well, the benefits certainly have us hooked to this trick! But what about the drawbacks?

  • Well for one, working mothers can’t always rely on this trick. However, advocates of the EC trick state that it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”. You can just try the trick over weekends and holidays and rely on diapers during weekdays.
  • A baby’s digestive tract is delicate and at times becomes unpredictable! This can make the trick difficult to implement. As a workaround, you can rely on cloth diapers on the off chance that you miss the cues and miss out on when your baby does have to go potty!

At the end of the day however, elimination communication is completely safe as long as you are providing constant supervision. There is absolutely no harm to your little ones health!

Remember, this potty training trick might not be for everyone as all babies are different. But it’s still an option for you to try; you’ll be teaching your baby to understand his body better and you too will get practice at reading his bodily cues – always helpful!

However, it’s okay if it doesn’t work out for you. You can always rely on the three-day potty training trick or use other potty training tips to make the process easier for you.

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