8 Tips To Help Your Baby Remember Things

8 Tips To Help Your Baby Remember Things

Your baby’s brain contains billions of neurons at birth and in the first few years this number grows to a trillion. Brain cells start connecting to each other – right from when baby is born and till the third year. This is important because brain cells aren’t of any use until they are “wired” to each other. This brain wiring is the key to helping your baby remember!

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Brain cells that are not connected during birth need to be stimulated in order to establish a connection. In simple words, when the brain is used, brain cells connect. And the result is improved memory.

Try Out These Tips to Stimulate Your Baby’s Brain and Improve His Memory

1. Talk to Your Baby

Having a meaningful conversation with your baby makes them feel happy. Respond to your infant’s coos with delighted vocalizations or parentese. When parents speak slowly in a high-pitched voice and an exaggerated tone, it is known as parentese. For example, say ‘hellloooo baaaabyyyy’ instead of ‘hello baby’.

2. Play Games

Playing games that involve hands makes baby look at your facial expressions and hands and notice your words. This motivates their brain to form connections internally. One of the most effective ways to do this is via flash cards. These will not only stimulate your baby, they will also help him learn to read. You can get a variety of flash cards on animals, birds, colors, flowers, shapes, etc.

3. Choose Healthy Food

Even before your baby is born, give them a physically healthy start with good nourishment. Be aware of which foods are good brain foods and which ones will hamper baby’s brain cells.

4. Stroking

Stroking your baby’s tummy and hair is very important for the growth of your baby’s brain. Studies show that babies who are not touched often have brains that are smaller than normal for their age.

5. Choose Toys Which Stimulate the Baby’s Brain

Developmentally appropriate toys allow babies to explore and interact. Some toys help them build the “if then” reasoning. This means that if baby is able to stack one block over another one, baby understand the connection or reason between them. If he is unable to stack them, even then the baby starts connecting the dots as to why the blocks are falling. Click here to check out toys like building blocks, baby laptop, etc. that are sure to stimulate baby’s brain development while keeping her entertained.

6. Positively Responding to Baby Cries

When your baby cries, it is important that you immediately cuddle, nurture and reassure your child. This helps build positive brain circuitry in the limbic area of the brain, which relates to emotions. This act of love and your day to day intimate engagement with your baby signals emotional security to the baby’s brain, which helps him develop efficiently.

7. Sing Songs

While singing songs to your baby, your body and hand movements help your baby integrate the sounds with small and large actions. Songs enhance your child’s learning patterns.

8. Provide Complete Emotional Support

All children are different and unique. Some children adjust easily to new situations, some are bold and impulsive, and some are shy. It is very important for parents to match and adjust with the baby’s temperament and accept the child with love and warmth. Providing comfort will help your child to learn freely and will enhance memory.

Each child needs complete attention, love and care throughout childhood, especially during the first three years of birth. This is when the key milestones in all development areas including memory are formed. Love – that’s all your baby really needs to develop a sharp memory!

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