1 Month Old Baby Developmental Milestones

1 Month Old Baby Milestones

Isn’t it exciting that your baby is finally out in the world? After 9 long months, the wait is finally over, and you can welcome your baby to the outside world. As he adjusts to the new world around him, you will begin to see a transition in his body. The body which was used to the environment of the uterus will now get used to your home.

During the first few weeks, your little one is only feeding, crying, sleeping and soiling his diaper. But as he nears his first month, you will notice him being able to reach his hands to his mouth and other signs of progress. Here are all the one-month-old baby developmental milestones you must be aware of at this phase.

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Physical Development Milestones

Here are the physical, 1-month-old infant milestones to watch out for-

  • Able to bring his hands close to the eyes and mouth
  • Able to turn his head from side to side while lying down on his tummy
  • Head tilts backwards when not given support
  • Clenches hands to form a tight fist
  • “Rooted” reflex movements

Baby clenches fist

Touch and Smell Milestones

The following are the touch and smell milestones for 1-month old babies-

  • Able to identify the scent of the mother’s breast milk
  • Likes soft and coarse sensations
  • Prefers soft and gentle handling
  • Dislikes acidic and bitter-smelling odours
  • Likes sweet smells

One month old baby

Hearing and Visual Milestones

You’ll notice the following developments in your baby’s hearing and sight nearing the first month of his birth-

  • Turns his heads in the direction of sounds
  • Recognizes parents’ voices and tones
  • Blinks when you clap your hands
  • Reacts differently to songs and various nursery rhymes
  • Prefers black and white or sharp-contrasted colours (including stripes)
  • Can focus his vision up to a distance of 12 meters
  • Crossing and wandering eyes

1 month old baby parents

When to Be Concerned

You should be concerned if your baby experiences the following developmental delays between the second and fourth weeks-

  • Cannot suck properly
  • Constant trembling of the lower jaw
  • Unresponsive to different sounds
  • Unresponsive to bright lights
  • Loose limbs or extreme floppiness
  • Cannot see close objects

Your Role in Helping Your Child Achieve One-Month Milestones

As a parent, it’s a wonderful feeling to see your little one achieving his milestones. Here’s what you can do to help him along the way-

  • Take him out to walks and excursions to parks, museums and other colourful places. New objects and surroundings work like visual playgrounds for your baby and develop all his senses by introducing him to new experiences.
  • Games like peekaboo and mimicking sounds make for fun activities with your little one when he’s bustling with energy and alert.
  • Learn to recognize when your baby feels tired and needs a little bit of downtime to relax and recuperate at the end of the day.
  • Talk, sing, dance and read out to your baby. Make eye contact with him during any interaction.
  • Be mindful of his reflexes when he’s hungry, sleepy or moody. Get to know your little one through cuddling, talking, and by paying attention to his reactions and responses.

It’s not rocket science where achieving milestones are concerned. Give your little one a break and help him achieve his milestones without any judgment or expectations. Keep note of the signs of developmental delays and make sure to remember that it takes time to progress and achieve his expected goals. Every baby has a unique body type and it would safe to say that they progress at a different pace. So if your little one is moving as fast as you’d expect, give him some time, and we’re sure things will work out in the end.

If you feel something is wrong or if things are going off-track, consult a doctor or a certified paediatrician for medical diagnosis and assistance.

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