Here's Why You Should Hug Your Kids and Spouse More Often!

Here’s Why You Should Hug Your Kids and Spouse More Often!

Hugs are healthy. Believe it or not, but the “jadoo ki jhappi” really works magic on the person receiving the embrace! By making us feel good about ourselves and our lives, hugs hold the power to improve our health and relationships. They create a positive impact on both our mind and body.

9 Proven Health Benefits of Hugs for Hug-Receivers

Hugging is good for everybody – science proves it! While it gives the person initiating the hug an opportunity to show their affection, the loved one receiving it feels healthy and happy again, in a matter of minutes. How and why does this happen? What’s working behind the scenes… we mean… behind the hug?

1. Helps Solidify Relationships

Hugging is an intimate way of touch that helps communicate, “I’m here for you”. When your skin touches that of your loved one, warmth and positive energy radiate and help reinforce your relationship. Just the way an expecting mother hugs her belly to build a strong relationship with her baby right from the womb.

Helps Solidify Relationships

2. Reduces Severity of Common Colds and Builds Immunity

A study divided participants into two groups and exposed them to a cold virus. While one group was allowed to receive hugs from their loved ones, the other was not. Those who received hugs frequently were less at risk of catching a common cold and even if they did fall ill, frequent hugging made them recover faster. This proves that physical touch not helps the body fight disease but also gives an immunity boost.

Reduces Common Cold and Builds Immunity

3. Reduces Stress

When somebody is under stress, the hormone cortisol is at an all-time high But, one of the surprising benefits of hugging is that it helps lower cortisol levels in the blood. So, the next time your loved one comes home from work with a long face, just give them a tight hug. It will surely make them feel, “Why am I worrying so much? My partner is there for me.”

Reduces Stress

4. Helps Keep the Heart Healthy

In a study, scientists split about 200 adults into two groups. The first group was allowed to hold hands with their partner for 10 minutes followed by a 20-second hug. The second group, however, was told to sit in silence for the entire duration and to not touch their partner. People in the first group showed a greater reduction in blood pressure levels and heart rate as compared to the second one. Frequent hug-receivers don’t have to worry too much about high blood pressure and the condition of their heart. So if your in-laws or other loved ones are battling a weak heart, make sure you hug them more!

Keeps the Heart Healthy

5. Reduces Fear and Nervousness

In life, you may have to face many unpredictable situations. In such situations, fear and nervousness may take control. Physical contact in the form of hugs tends to reduce anxiety and boost self-confidence. So, when your spouse has a job interview lined up or it’s your toddler’s first day at school, just give her a hug before they leave home.

Reduces Fear and Nervousness

6. Acts As a Pain Reliever

When someone is tense, their muscles tighten up and they may feel a sudden, jabbing pain in the stomach. The simple act of putting your arms around your loved one can relax their muscles and improve blood circulation. in turn, reducing pain. The next time your child is in pain, why not try giving her a bear hug?

Acts as a Pain Reliever

7. Helps Depressed People

A feeling of helplessness, demotivation and repeatedly thinking negatively are the reasons why some people fall into depression. Hugging a depressed loved one communicates without saying, “Life’s good and good things are right around the corner. Don’t lose hope!” This form of showing love also increases the level of the oxytocin hormone in the body, inducing happiness.

Helps Depressed People

8. Promotes Calmness and Forgiveness

Hugs are also one of the best ways to apologise when you’ve hurt your partner with your actions or behaviour. Arguments increase physical distance; when you go close and put your arms around them, it indirectly means, “I’m sorry and it won’t happen again.”

Promotes Calmness and Forgiveness

9. Boosts Self-esteem

Sometimes, you may take your loved ones for granted and not shower them with words of appreciation they deserve. But actions speak louder than words, and hugs can definitely boost your partner’s self-esteem and morale.

Boosts Self-esteem

Even if you’re not a hugger, it’s never too late to let go of your inhibitions and just give your loved one a tight bear hug. You have the power to make them feel better, it’s in your “hands” after all!

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