National Sons Day 2023 - History, Importance, and Celebration

National Sons Day 2023 – History, Importance, and Celebration

It’s said that the kind of man a little boy grows up to be, depends on what his parents teach him during their time spent together. It’s those little pearls of wisdom doled out by the parents that make a lifelong impression on the child. The time spent bonding instills honest values and virtues, teaches positive principles, and imparts countless life lessons along the way.

National Sons Day encourages all parents to spend quality time with their sons, and be good role models to them as they grow up. On this day, the parents and their sons should openly express their ideas with each other, thus bridging the gap between them. This makes it a whole lot easier to understand each other’s needs, rights, and responsibilities.

What Is National Sons Day?

National Sons Day is a unique day to observe and recognize the significance of being a son, and raising sons. This day is specially celebrated in the United States with great enthusiasm. Every parent makes an effort to spend valuable time with their sons. They visit special places or engage in their son’s favorite sport to enjoy the day to the fullest.

When Is National Sons Day Celebrated?

National Sons Day is celebrated on 28th September every year.

What Is the History of National Sons Day?

The first effort to create a National Sons Day took place in the 1990s, when people wanted a day for sons that was similar to National Take Your Daughter to Work Day. A group known as the National Sons Day group eventually did come up with a National Take Your Sons to Work Day in 1998. But then, in 2003, it was decided to club the two days into one.

The idea of a day to celebrate sons was brought up once again in 2018 by Jill Nico, who wanted one particular day to honor sons and the ones who raised them.

Importance of National Sons Day

Celebrating this day helps parents in the following two ways:

1. Friendly Environment

The day helps in fostering a healthy and friendly environment between boys and their parents. Under normal circumstances, there can be a huge communication gap between the parents and their son, such that no one wants to share their ideas with each other. National Sons Day will encourage both the parties, especially the sons, to open up to their parents and tell what they require for a better future.

2. Love and Affection

National Sons Day

National Sons Day helps create a sense of love and affection for the parents. Such special days remind them that they have someone who takes care of them and loves them. These thoughts not only secure the child’s future, but when his parents grow old, he will take care of them as they did for him in his earlier years.

How Is National Sons Day Celebrated?

The best and most popular way for parents to spend National Sons Day is to spend quality time with their sons. It could be playing a game the son likes, going to the movies, or eating at his favorite place. One can even use the hashtag #NationalSonsDay to share their wishes, quotes, messages, and photos on this day.

National Sons Day Activities

If you do not have any plans to celebrate the day in a fancy manner, here are some casual ideas to make the most of this day.

1. Play Football or Some Indoor Games

Father son playing football

You can play any game or sport that you and your son like to play together. It may be a fun game of football. Or if you do not want to go out, then you can go for indoor activities like chess or other board games.

These activities will also help you teach your son the rules of life, like how to behave in challenging situations and how to control one’s emotions when at the top.

2. Cook Something Special for Your Son

Cook Something Special for Your Son

This is a great idea if you’re planning to celebrate the day at home. You can ask your son what he would like to eat. You can also involve him in the kitchen, and ask him for his help in cooking his favorite meal! This is also the perfect place to ask him about his studies and future plans. But, make sure this entire activity is done in a light mood.

3. Play With Your Pet Together

Play With Your Pet Together

You and your son can enjoy while playing with your pet. This experience will help you all relax and will also provide you with an opportunity to teach your son to be kind to animals, to treat them right, and to look after them well.

4. Get Some Gifts for Your Son

National Sons Day is a perfect occasion to gift your son something he may have always wanted. No matter the value of the gift, it will always cherish it!

5. Go Camping

Is there anyone who doesn’t love camping? Start preparing a day in advance. After reaching your destination, begin working on setting up everything and make sure to involve your son in it. It will prepare him for both how to work in a team, and how to work outside his comfort zone. Organize some fun activities like bird watching, and mini treasure hunts to up the fun quotient. You can divide tasks as per your child’s capability.

6. Take Your Son to Your Workplace

This is the perfect opportunity to help your son understand more about the work you do. Show him around the office and introduce him to your co-workers and explain their roles. This will encourage your son to be responsible and give him an opportunity to think about his future from a different perspective.

7. Volunteer at a Community Center

Through volunteering and community service, you can show your son how to give back to society and serve others. From volunteering at orphanages and old-age homes to soup kitchens, he will come in contact will different people from all walks of life. This will help him take a look into the real world, and understand how doing the right thing builds a sense of accomplishment.

Gifts Ideas for National Sons Day

Here are some amazing gift ideas for sons that your child is going to appreciate on this special day.

1. Leather Journal

Leather Journal

A leather journal is an apt gift if you’re looking for unique and memorable ways to give your son some advice. A laminated leather journal can be a good option. Encourage him to fill the journal by writing about his life experiences.

2. Ticket Stub Diary

This is the perfect sentimental gift you could ever give your son. He can save tickets from movies or concerts you both may have been attended together. Further, he can also gather travel pamphlets, wristbands, and coupons for any sports.

3. Proud Son Mug

This is a timeless gift that your son will appreciate. Although you may not express enough how much you love your son and how proud you are of him, this mug will do the talking!

4. Personalized Wallet

You can gift your son a personalized leather wallet complete with his name engraved on it. Your son will think of you each time he uses the wallet.

5. Keyring

An elegant keyring will make a lovely gift on National Sons Day. You can have a short beautiful prayer inscribed on it or something that represents a memory shared by the both of you.

6. A Book

Books open up a whole new world to the person who enjoys reading them. Nothing can beat the sentiments and memories attached with a book, and when the book is gifted by you, that feeling will last forever whenever your son opens the book.

7. Personalized Photo Frame Collage

Photos bring instant joy and a flashback of memories. Gift your son a lovely picture collage photo frame, and bring a smile to his face by making him cherish those joyous times.

8. Musical Gift

Gifting musical instrument like a guitar

If he loves music, think about giving him a musical instrument like a guitar, keyboard, or ukulele.Whether he’s already skilled or just starting to dabble in music, this thoughtful gift could inspire hours of joy and creativity.

9. Sports Gear

If he’s passionate about sports and loves staying active, consider surprising him with brand new sports gear that aligns with his favorite activities. Whether it’s a new basketball, soccer ball, tennis racket, or a set of golf clubs, this thoughtful gift will not only enhance his enjoyment of the game but also show that you support his interests wholeheartedly.

10. Personalized Sports Jersey

If he’s passionate about sports and loves cheering for his favorite team, a fantastic idea is to surprise him with a personalized jersey. This jersey will bear his name and a lucky number, making him feel like part of the team

Each day as a son, and the parent of one, is valuable. National Sons Day provides a great opportunity to spend time with your son and learn about his goals and dreams. And don’t forget to have fun while doing so, as it’s these little moments that count!

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