30 Best & Cutest Rabbit Breeds To Keep As Pets

Best and Cutest Rabbit Breeds to Keep as Pets

Rabbits are small mammals that belong to the Leporidae family. Bucks are the male rabbits, and female rabbits are called Does. Rabbits are the prettiest pets one can have. With their paradigmatic ears, hoppy legs, and short fluffy tail, it’s quite predictable that people would love to keep them as their pets. There are many different breeds of rabbits based on their color, shape, coat types, and size. Get to know some of the breeds best suitable as pets!

Top 30 Rabbit Breeds

The most common rabbit breeds that can be wonderful pets are listed below:

1. Holland Lops

Holland Lops is a breed of rabbit characterized by a compact, short and stocky body, a broad head, and fur cartilage at the back of its head. Their weight is usually between 2-4 pounds. They are often considered the best breed to keep as pets because of their sweet and friendly temperament. A Holland Lop Bunny can have an average life span of 14 years.

2. American Rabbit

It is a large size rabbit with a semi-arched body shape. This rare breed is particularly and originally famous for its fur and meat production. American Rabbits have gentle nature and are known for their excellent mothering skills. It’s very easy to take care of them. They weigh around 9-12 pounds and have a life span of 5-7 years.

3. Giant Flemish

Giant Flemish is the largest breed of rabbits. It is the most passive and calm breed and is highly admired among rabbit enthusiasts. These rabbits are friendly and have an easygoing temperament, making them wonderful pets. They weigh around 13-14 pounds and have a life span of 5-7 years. Found in various colors, the Giant Flemish is brilliant and can be easily trained, for which they can easily get along with other pets.

4. Californian Rabbit

Californian Rabbit is one of the best domestic breeds, with a muscular body and full shoulders. They are white in color with Himalayan-like markings on them. Californian rabbits are a little shy and quiet, but with lots of interactions and socialization, they soon get comfortable. You will love to cuddle them. They tend to form a long-lasting bond with human families, can weigh from 8-12 pounds, and have an average lifespan of 5-7 years.

5. Checkered Giant Rabbit

These impressively sized rabbits are one of the largest breeds in the world and have a muscular build. Checkered Giant rabbits are very gentle and friendly and enjoy living with their owners. Their owners need to be really active because this is quite an energetic breed. They live up to 5-8 years and weigh around 13 pounds. Checkered Giant rabbit is the most independent breed and ideal for senior citizens or couples seeking companions.

6. Dutch Rabbit

These rabbits have an identifiable unique pattern and are found in white along with another base color. They are short in size, have a compact body with short ears, are easy-going and calm, and love socializing. You can easily cheer up by cuddling this cute little rabbit. Children above the age of ten can easily take care of them. They weigh around 4-5.5 pounds, with an average life expectancy of 5-8 years.

7. English Lops

This friendly, laid-back rabbit is also known as “the dog of the rabbit world.” English Lops can be easily recognized by their long ears. They use them not only to listen but also to regulate their body temperature. They make wonderful pets for children as they have an amiable temperament. They need a large room to move around. They weigh around nine and a half pounds and can live up to 5-7 years.

8. English Spot

The English Spot is the oldest medium-sized rabbit and is known for its coat with distinctive body markings. These rabbits with full-arch-shaped bodies weigh around 5-8 pounds and live up to 6-8 years. They are considered wonderful family pets since they are easy to care for and are extremely playful with children.

9. Angora Rabbit

The intelligent and affectionate Angora Rabbit can have a nice bond with its human family. It is an ideal pet for couples who want to expand their family. They weigh around 2-5.5 pounds and have an average life expectancy of 7-12 years.

10. Harlequin Rabbit

These rabbits are also called “the clown of the rabbit world.” They like exploring their environment. Harlequin rabbits are obedient, playful, and intelligent, and they can even respond to their name. They are exotic and gentle but high maintenance. Harlequin rabbits weigh around 6.5-9.5 pounds, and their minimum life span is five years or more.

11. Lionhead Rabbit

Because of their charming wooly manes, these rabbits are called Lionhead rabbits. These rabbits have classic fur around their heads, ears, and chin and weigh only 2-4 pounds. Lionhead bunny is a good-natured and playful breed and is a good choice for owners who have experience petting rabbits. Their average life expectancy is 7-9 years.

12. Continental Giants

These are the longest living rabbits, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. They are brilliant, calm, and can be easily trained. Continental Giant rabbits are very friendly but hard to maintain as they are too big. They weigh between 12 and 30 pounds and have an average life expectancy of 4-5 years.

13. Crème D’Argent

They are short and have rollback fur with unique coat color – an orange silver, or orange fawn. They don’t require much grooming. They are extremely easy to handle as they are very laid back. They don’t mind if they are being picked or petted by their family members. Crème D’Argent has an average life span of 7-9 years and weighs 8-12 pounds.

14. Belgian Hare

The Belgian hare is a fancy breed of domestic rabbit that resembles the wild hare and has a rich or red chestnut coat. Belgian hare is an intelligent breed that can respond to its names and call for food. They are considered a great pet breed, weigh between 6 and 9 pounds, and can live up to 7 years.

15. Rex Rabbit

A Rex Rabbit is a medium-sized well-proportioned breed. It has thick fur that makes it a plush breed. It is well suited for couples and first-time owners because these rabbits don’t require high maintenance and are even-tempered. They weigh between 7.5 and 10.5 pounds and live up to 5-6 years.

16. Argente Brun

These rabbits are brown in color, have plum-shaped bodies, and are one of the oldest French rabbits. These rabbits are comfortable in captivity. They are very friendly and calm and love being sociable. These are excellent pets, as they allow them to be easily carried by their owners. Argente Brun weighs around 8-11 pounds and lives up to 7-10 years.

17. Cinnamon Rabbit

Cinnamon rabbits are mid-sized and are ideally rust or cinnamon in color. They are very adaptive to pet use, are laid-back, extremely calm, and enjoy the attention. They are great bunnies for first-time owners and families with children. They weigh around 9-11 pounds and live up to 5-10 years.

18. Britannia Petite

Britannia Petite is a breed of short rabbit with a soft coat and is not high maintenance. They don’t require large cages as they are tiny in size. They are energetic and can be great pets. They weigh around 2-2.5 pounds and live up to 6-10 years.

19. Havana Rabbits

Havana rabbits are medium in size, making them a good pet for children. They are stunning, soft, and have shiny coats. They are the calmest breeds amongst other rabbits. They are relaxed and very friendly. They weigh around 4.5-6.5 pounds and with a life expectancy of 7-12 years.

20. Jersey Wooly

These bold head adorable fluffy rabbits weigh around 3 pounds and have wool fur on their body. They are tiny in size. They are laid-back lap rabbits and have an inquisitive nature. They are not aggressive at all and do not kick or bite their owners. They are considered to be good pets for families and children of any age. They live up to 7-10 years.

21. Lilac Rabbits

These rabbits are dove-blue colored, are mid-sized, and have short fur, which is very soft. They are really appealing, and their color can appear purple or grey, depending on the light. Lilac rabbits are very obedient and friendly and like to have company around. They are good for the elderly or new pet owners. They weigh around 6-8 pounds and live up to 9-12 years.

22. Mini Satin

These rabbits have silky rollback fur with a special satin sheen. They are really friendly, calm, and socially active. They are supposed to be taken out of their enclosures daily for few hours. They weigh around 8.5-11 pounds and have a lifespan of 7-9 years.

23. Dwarf Hotot

These rabbits weigh around 3 pounds, which is too small for commercial use. They are considered the fanciest breed of rabbits. They are exceptionally affectionate, and as a pet owner, you have to be really active because Dwarf Hotot likes to play and run around.

24. Himalayan Rabbits

These rabbits have a cylindrical body and vary from small to medium sizes. They are calm and good-natured, which makes them great pets to people of all ages. They weigh between 15-35 pounds and live up to 12-5 years.

25. Beveren Rabbit

These rabbits are medium to large. They are very energetic and curious and make nice pets for older children. Beveren rabbits are brilliant and are good mothers. They weigh around 9-12 pounds and live up to 5-10 years.

26. Polish Rabbits

These are compact breeds of pet rabbits. They are tiny in size, so they should not be handed over to small children who may unknowingly hurt them. Polish Rabbits are very laid-back and kind. You can cuddle them but handle them with care. They weigh around 3-5 pounds and live up to 6-10 years.

27. Florida White

These rabbits are white with bright red eyes, making them very attractive. They are considered amazing pets for practically any stage of a person’s life. Your children would love this furry company and will adore it. They weigh around 4-6 pounds and live up to 5-8 years.

28. Palomino Rabbit

Palomino is a very kind and highly sociable breed. It loves being surrounded by people, likes exploring, and enjoys playing around with its owner. They weigh around 8-12 pounds and live up to 5-8 years.

29. Rhinelander Rabbit

They make excellent family pets, all thanks to their calm and friendly nature. Children love playing with them. They also make a fantastic option for first-time pet parents. They weigh around 7-9 pounds and live up to 5-8 years.

30. Silver Rabbit

A silver rabbit will not disappoint you if you are planning to keep them as a pet. They are very friendly, docile, and will love to cuddle with you. They weigh around 4-7 pounds and live up to 7-10 years.

Rabbit can be a perfect pet for the right pet owner. All they need is appropriate homes, the right diet, ample exercise, friendly owners, and a little bit of grooming. They are a perfect fit for a family having children. Kids will be happy to call one of the bunnies their own. Rabbits offer you lots of love and affection; however, ensure your little ones handle them with some supervision, at least initially.

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