40 Best Happy Birthday Poems for Mother

40 Best Happy Birthday Poems for Mom

Mothers are the most lovable and beautiful people in the whole world. Their love for their children is unconditional. Mothers are the first person a child knows as well as the first well-wisher, teacher, and counselor of a child. On her birthday, few sweet words from her kids are enough to make her feel on top of the world. So the best way to show your love and appreciation to your mother on her birthday is to write a beautiful poem on her birthday card or just recite it at her birthday party and make her super happy.

Sweet and Cute Birthday Poems for Mom

Sweet and cute birthday poems for mother are the best way to show your love and care for the most loving person in your life. The mother forever treasures birthday poems for mom from daughter or son as her most memorable memories. Some sweet and cute birthday poems for mom are:

1. Spring Is in the Air

“Spring is in the air
The sun is breaking through
The rays are shining down
For a wonderful day for you.

This birthday wish is special.
With all that will come true
It’s sent with love and wishes
For a birthday just for you.”

Happy Birthday Mum

—Sandra Carlse

2. Flowers for Mum

“The plants are glad to see the sun.
They turn their faces
to enjoy the fun!
When clouds bring down
a refreshing shower,
their leaves turn green
to embellish the flowers.
Sun or showers,
Whatever may come,
those gorgeous flowers
sing ‘Happy Birthday, Mum’!”

—Shelagh E Osborn Wright

3. Special Mom

“My mother, I love,
She came from above.
Gentle and kind,
A beautiful mind.

Today is her day,
With a birthday bouquet.
Her smile so warm,
Our hearts will transform.

I wish her the most,
With this little toast.
Happiness and health,
Internal wealth.”

—Martin Dejnicki

4. Happy Birthday Mother

“Mother, you have always been there for me,
A shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with,
Someone to ask advice from,
Help to become a Mother like you are
Always ready to assist
No one deserves to have a nicer Birthday than you.
Happy Birthday Mother”

—Diane Vermeer

5. I Celebrate Your Life

“Mom, your birthday means so much to me;
To have you in my life another year,
The time I spent enfolded in your love,
Each day, each moment with you is so dear.

I cherish the very special bond we have.
You lift my spirit in so many ways.
I celebrate your life; I honor you,
And send to you my love and care and praise.”

—Joanna Fuchs

6. Wishing You

“Wishing you much happiness, dear
On this special day
And for the coming year
May blessings come your way.

Be thankful for each day you have
Thank God in heaven above
Fill your life with happy not sad.
Remember you are loved.”

—Kate Summers

7. This Bouquet Is for You

“Mum I know that you like flowers
and you like your gardening to
so I bought this bouquet special
so I can give to you
as this is your special day
to celebrate your birthday

Have a wonderful day

—Nick Bowley

8. I Must Be Lucky

“How lucky am I
To have you by my side
Your love shines through
In all that you do
So much you have said
So much I have heard
So much you have taught
So much I have learned
I know that we have had ups and downs
And sometimes even a little frown
You have always been there, so I will say
I love you, and have a wonderful special day”

—Valerie Radcliffe

9. Thank You Mum

“I may not often say it,
But believe me when I do,
I could not be without you Mum,
I thank you for being you,
Without your help and guiding hand showing me the way,
I would not be the person that I am today.
I Love you so much and just want to say

Thanks for being my mum, today and every day xxx”

Happy Birthday Mum

—Roseanna Miles

10. A Heartfelt Wish

“This heartfelt wish is just for you
Today is your special day
May all the dreams you do pursue
Be realized in every way.

A special person you are to me
You deserve the best of everything
So may this birthday and the coming year be
One that offers you the best that life may bring.”

—Kate Summers

11. Happy Birthday Mom

“Happy birthday, Mom!
May every second, minute
hour, day, and year of your life
be filled with the kind of
comfort, security, and happiness
you give unfailingly to me.
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Without you, there would be
a gaping hole in my life, an emptiness
that only your love can fill.
Thank you, Mom, for all that you do,
for the extraordinary person, you are.
Happy Birthday, Mom!”

—Joanna Fuchs

12. Another Year

“Another birthday, another year
May you have problems that disappear
May you have health
And a bit of wealth
May you share
With those who care
May the coming year
Be one of good cheer.”

—Theodore W. Higginsworth

13. A Birthday Prayer for Mom

“Mom, I’m talking to the Lord today,
Asking Him to bless you in every way.
Your birthday is a heartfelt day for me,
Because you’ll own my heart eternally.
Lord, please care for my sweet, loving mother,
Who gives so much; she’s unlike any other.
Give her peace and happiness and more;
Love her, Lord; my mom, whom I adore.”

—Joanna Fuchs

14. A Birthday Wish for Mother

“You are a mother who is very dear
With a heart full of love and so sincere
With special wishes on the way
Just for you on your special day
You are so thoughtful kind and sharing
Always warm and oh so caring
Happy Birthday Mother”

—Diane Hannah

15. Happy Birthday to You

“Happy Birthday to you
there is so much to do,
lots of surprises to come
lots of hours of fun.
May this day bring you treats,
may your day be so sweet
happy birthday to you
there is so much to do.”

—Wenona Elie

16. Great Mom

Happy birthday, Mom!
I hope everyone can see,
What a great mom you’ve always been,
And how much you mean to me.

I always think about you,
In times both good and bad,
For the things you taught are with me,
In happy times and sad.

On your birthday, I wish you joy,
Just like you pass around.
May all your good times multiply,
And happiness abound.

—Karl Fuchs

17. Greatest Mom

Thoughtful lady, that works so hard,
Always been there, my dear lifeguard.
Places others before herself,
Proud of pictures on her shelf.

When in pain, maintains her smile,
Multi-tasking, she’s versatile.
With all of this; time she finds,
Her love for us, constantly reminds.

On her birthday, just want to say,
I don’t know how, I will repay?
Eternally grateful, I hope she will see,
The greatest mother, she will always be.

—Martin Dejnicki

18. I Love You Mom

You brighten up my life
With tender love and care.
When I reach out,
You’re always there.
You’re someone I can count on
When I need a helping hand.
You’re warm and loving;
You always understand.

I’m so thankful to have
A mom like you.
There is no other
Who could fill your shoes.
I always took for granted
That you were there for me
And all the things you did,
But now I see.

You’re such a good example
Of what a mom should be.
We always get along so well,
Even when we disagree.

You’re so patient
And understanding.
You don’t ask for anything.
You’re outstanding.

You’re so quick to give
And such a joy to be around.
You’re such a good person.
You deserve a special crown.

You have a good heart.
You’re honest and true.
You’re the best mother,
And I really love you.


19. Happy Birthday Mom

I really love my mother,
And it surely makes me proud,
To know I’m one of her kids,
And to sing her praises loud.

My mother has a birthday,
once every year.
And on that day she’ll ponder life,
And even shed a tear.

See, Mom doesn’t like her birthdays;
She says they make her old,
But she’s as sharp as she ever was,
If the truth be told.

My mother showed me lots of things,
About the world, you see,
So then I could teach my kids,
The things my mom taught me.

My Mother has a Pure heart
That’s made of gold
I love my mother very much
In my book, she will never be old.

My mom is a sweetie
She is beautiful, which is true
I thank God for you, mom
Where would I be without you?

Happy Birthday Mom!

—Kristen M Saccardi

20. A Mother Is So Many Things

First, she lets you grow within
when the miracle takes place –
That is where all life begins
In a warm and loving space.

Then she is your nurturer
your life is in her hands –
24 hours a day, she gives
that’s what this job demands.

Then she is your nurse
cleaner and your cook –
She takes care of everything
without a guidebook.

A Mother means so much more
than words could ever say –
She is everything we love
and means the world each day.

Thank You, Mom
Happy Birthday

—Toni Norton Kane

Funny Birthday Poems for Mom

Funny Birthday Poems for Mom

The birthday of a mother is a special occasion for everyone in the family. Wishing your mother a cute and funny birthday poem will show your love for her and also make her laugh. Some funny poems for your mom’s birthday:

1) “When you’re old and need a kick start,
Make sure to make a shout out,
To me alone,
Who knows your entire zone,
I’ll be right there with you,
For you have been right here with me.
Happy birthday to you!”

2) “Happy birthday mom,
I’ll go to the end of the world,
Don’t take that serious though,
The world seems to have no end.
So is your love in my heart,
Without an end.
Happy birthday.”

3)  “Your birthday again,
For the past year’s remembrance.
An anniversary of love.
The start of a new year I say,
Since the whole year belongs to you,
So I’ll say,
Happy ‘birth-anniversary’ to you!”

4) “I’ll be your waiter this day,
Just don’t order what’s not in stock,
Or else you’ll have to wait till another day.
Happy birthday mom,
You know I’ll go any length,
To get them for you anyway.”

5) “Never heard the word ‘father nature’
Always heard ‘mother nature’
So this is a testimony,
It is not acrimony,
That even the earth,
Celebrates mothers to all extent.
Happy birthday, mother!”

6) “It’s hard to know you’ve grown older,
‘Cause you look younger.
Even friends think you’re my sister,
Until they had a tip of your whip,
Your words are so strong and deep.
Happy birthday, mom.”

7) “Thank God you are beautiful,
At least now I know,
That when I’m old,
I’ll remain beautiful.
Happy birthday, mom.
Stay beautiful always!”

8) “There’s absolutely no way now,
To remove your effect on me.
You have rubbed off so well,
I feel,
And talk,
And walk,
And move like a mother already,
At such a tender age!
It’s a good feeling though,
Happy birthday, mother!”

9) “It seems there are many worlds,
Because I wonder why,
All women can’t be like you.
Are you from a special kind of world?
And others from another?
You’re a good example though,
That’s enough to change the world.
Happy birthday.”

10) “Going over the hill so fast?
Kindly slow down mother.
But ageing happens fast,
So I’ll not bother.
But wish that you enjoy every year,
Every bit of it to the rear.
Happy birthday mom!”

Birthday Poems for a Deceased Mother

Losing a mother is one of the most painful feelings in the world, irrespective of what age one loses their mother. Her birthday is a special day when she is remembered the most. The best way to wish her is by reciting a poem dedicated to her among the family. Some beautiful birthday poems for mom in heaven:

1) “As the world hears,
I know you bear witness,
Even up there.
I’ll harness,
All my strength to address,
Every sphere,
Of honor worthy to share,
Your person of influence,
In remembrance,
Of your love,
Happy birthday, oh mom!”

2) “Happy birthday, mom.
The course you fought,
The wrongs you made right,
As the judge of all, I did,
To do and show,
Good to all near and far.
Happy birthday, my judge!”

3) “People ask why?
I’ll still not shy,
Away from my chant,
As I give account,
Of all that you’ve done.
Rest on this day,
Happy birthday!
It baffles me that you’re gone,
Your words live on!”

4) “As I look at the skies,
It’ll be a lie,
To say I’ve not missed your ways,
Forgive my walk through the maze,
Which I blindly journeyed through,
Without guidance from you.
Happy birthday dear mom!”

5) “Your ever warm heart,
Could not go cold with the act,
Done by death.
It’s ever open to love,
Ever closed to discord.
Happy birthday to a good heart!”

6) “You came with a purpose,
Fulfilled it with all your strength as chosen,
Why then would I celebrate your death?
Much more than your birth?
I’ll never stop celebrating you,
Happy birthday to you!”

7) “I know you are at rest,
From all tears and stress,
You went through in your experience,
As a mother to me.
My heart blesses you.
Happy Birthday, mom!”

8) “Life’s not fair,
For letting go of the rare.
I miss you though,
So every year I’ll show,
With words so dear,
Making sure not to spare.
The details of your love and care.
Happy birthday, mother!”

9) “You live on,
Even though the world sees you as gone,
Your memories are ever bright as the day,
I don’t care what the world says.
It’s your anniversary again mom,
I love you every day the more.”

10) “All gone were one day born,
All nights had daylight once.
It’s not wrong to celebrate ‘the gone’,
As we all can reminisce the day,
When the night comes.
Happy birthday, mom.”

Mother’s birthday is a special occasion for the kids. So on her special day, show your love to your mother in a meaningful way with a sweet and cute birthday poem, to make her day memorable.

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