20 Best Welcome Back-To-School Bulletin Boards Ideas

20 Creative Back-to-school Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards influence the children’s mindset, which inspires them to become enthusiastic if they are reluctant about the new school year. An attractive and creative ‘welcome back to school’ board can help the students feel welcome in the new year and let their creative juices flow. So here is the list of 20 creative back-to-school board ideas.

Welcome Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Jigsaw Bulletin Board

Jigsaw bulletin board gives a creative and effective classroom display in which the students can decorate, make puzzle templates, and add photos in a jigsaw format. This bulletin board gives an idea to the students that they are all different, but they fit together as a team.

2. Flamingo Bulletin Board

Flamingo bulletin board gives a colorful flamingo bird display which includes sweet pineapples, bright flowers, leafy greens. It makes the students feel fresh. Looking at each letter of the word Flamingo (Focused, Listening, Active, Mindful, Intelligent, Nice, Goal Setting, Observing) can give rise to a sense of motivation.

3. Popsicle Bulletin Board

The popsicle bulletin board has various bright-colored popsicle sticks that will give the student a feeling of being back to school. The summer Popsicle party comes into mind after looking at this theme with a vibrant watercolor style. The Popsicle will add happiness to the board with “Hello Summer,” “Summer Vibes,” and “Sweet Summer Time.”

4. Be Your True Self Bulletin Board

This is one of the easiest and quickest back-to-school bulletin boards that students can prepare themselves. This board is put up with different colored cutting papers that describe the strength of the students and describe their personalities. The words in different fonts inspire the students to be themselves and be an individual.

5. Step Into the Next Grade Bulletin Board

Step into 2nd Grade is another back-to-the-school bulletin board created using the names of all the students. The letters of the words are printed, and varying color paper cuts are added to the printed letters. The students can guess their names by playing around them like a game.

6. The Emoji Bulletin Board

The emoji bulletin board idea for back to school is the favorite one for the students who love emojis. The various emoji faces convey different meanings and emotions which the students love. The students would want their emojis to be the funniest that they can be.

7. Kicking-off a Great Year Bulletin Board

The sports enthusiast will love the sports-themed bulletin board idea for back to school. This football- or rugby-themed bulletin board will kick-off the whole school year with excitement and fun. The bulletin board is created with balls, helmets, characters, and megaphones.

8. What a Great Catch Bulletin Board

This is one of the unique first day of school bulletin board ideas, depicted by a fisherman fishing for a great class. The fisherman welcomes all the kids to the first day of school to their new classroom with fun. This colorful bulletin board with spring/summer vibrant hues shows the exciting future ahead.

9. Hanging T-Shirt Bulletin Board

The first day of the school bulletin board is uniquely depicted by Hanging T-Shirts with the students’ names printed in vibrant colors. This bulletin board makes the students feel excited and bring their full energy to the first day of school.

10. Crayon Bulletin Board

The crayon-themed first day of the school bulletin board is the most colorful and attractive one. The colorful crayon paper cuttings are named with each student’s names which are being put up on the bulletin indicating the brightest crayons in the box.

11. A Rainbow of Possibilities Bulletin Board

Such welcoming school bulletin board ideas can excite students and fill them with a new ray of hope. The students instantly feel they are welcome once they find their names on the rainbow bulletin on the first day of their school.

12. Welcome Back! The Books Missed You Bulletin Board

The welcome to the school bulletin board with the phrase that the books missed you make the students feel happy who love reading books. This welcome back bulletin board is filled with students’ favorite books characters. The books are the perfect resources that make the students start the year with the learning process.

13. Sunny Days Ahead Bulletin Board

The fun on sunny days can only happen once we are back to school. The touch of sunshine can make the students feel welcome and radiate happiness all around with new choices.

14. Smart Cookies Bulletin Board

The ‘smart cookies welcome back to school’ comes under the Yummy bulletin board. Every student is intelligent in their way, and the teacher can bring it out.

15. Let Your Dreams Take Flight Bulletin Board

On the first day of school, if the student watches Let Your Dreams Take Flight, they will be on board with colorful dreams in their mind. It inspires them, and they don’t let anything hold them back from achieving their dreams.

16. Positive Attitude

This colorful bulletin board enforces positivity in the students once they are back to school. Having a healthy and positive mindset helps the young generation achieve their dreams.

17. All You Have to Do Is Fly Bulletin Board

This is the sweetest and precious welcome back to the school bulletin board. All the children are by birth talented. Right assistance and proper encouragement can make them fly high and achieve all their dreams. This bulletin board can spread the message that – “Your wings already exist, so spread your wings, and all you have to do is fly high up in the sky.”

18. Hot Air Balloon Bulletin Board

The ‘hot air balloon’ welcome to the school bulletin board makes the students think high and fly to reach the sky just like in a hot air balloon ride. This bulletin board is designed with a rainbow pattern of a giant rising balloon.

19. Picture Yourself In Bulletin Board

The ‘picture yourself’ bulletin board allows the students to stick photos on their first day of school. This welcome board has open frames for photographs to be placed within each frame.

20. We All Fit Together Bulletin Board

The ‘We All Fit Together’ bulletin board reinforces showing kindness to every student and ensuring that all are equal and social adjustment is important once they are back in school.

These bulletin board ideas for back to school employ different decorative themes to be inspiringly informative. Creative and colorful back-to-school bulletin boards make the students excited about the new school year and enjoy the learning process. With these ideas, you can make a great and energetic start to a new year with your new students.

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