Back to School Supplies Checklist for Kids & 8 Tips for Shopping

Back to School Supplies Checklist for Your Child

The old days of getting the textbooks and notebooks, covering them up, and getting your uniform were pretty much the simplest preparations for a new school year. For the current generation, the expansion of activities, syllabus and a complete overhaul of the teaching structure, has made it necessary to keep a track of multiple items that ought to be ready for your child before he heads for the first day of his class. Chalking out a back to school shopping list can help you put all things in one place and get them quickly.

Back to School Essentials – Kindergarten/Preschool

When your child is on his way to kindergarten, here are a few things you can make sure he has with him.

1. Art Related Items

Most kindergarten activities revolve around the expression of thoughts using sounds and colours, as well as simply craft activities. This makes it necessary for you to make sure that your kid has everything that he needs for the creative lessons in the class and not fall short. Most of the basic ones that are essentials are:-

  1. Box of crayons
  2. Washable markers
  3. Coloured pencils
  4. Safety scissors
  5. Oversized shirt
  6. Glue sticks
  7. Erasers or dry markers

2. Writing Related Items

Towards preschool, the basics of alphabets and writing successfully begin to be taught as well. This would need all the tools that will be used ahead later in life for all the classes. These primarily are:-

  1. A ruled notebook
  2. Easy grip pencils
  3. Erasers
  4. Loose paper sheets
  5. Folders
  6. Pencil sharpener

3. Bags and Carrying Boxes

All of the items that are required for various activities need to be carried to the school in an appropriate way. Your kid should be able to find the right item quickly as well as have space for other items. Those are:-

  1. A comfortably sized backpack
  2. A utility box to hold all items
  3. A snack box
  4. A decently sized water bottle

4. Miscellaneous Items

Apart from all the elements required to lead the school day properly, there are a few items that a kid should carry with at all times for his and the school’s benefit. It could be to keep him clean, protection from an ongoing disease, or anything else, such as:-

  1. A box of tissues or wet wipes
  2. A small bottle of sanitizer
  3. A small mat or a blanket to rest
  4. A spare shirt and pant to change if needed


Back to School Essentials – Elementary School (Grades 1 – 4)

Once your little one progresses to the elementary school, not only does he grow up with age, but so does his bag and the items he will need to carry along with him for the numerous activities.

1. Stationery Items

A lot of time will be primarily spent noting down what has been taught in class across different subjects. That needs to be written in separate sections and organized properly for easy reference. Your child might need:-

  1. Loose ruled papers
  2. Loose blank papers
  3. Ruled notebooks
  4. A calendar or an agenda
  5. A folder to organize all notes

2. Writing Items

Although writing is usually ramped up gradually, most of the noting down that your kid will do will utilize pencils for now, instead of pens. There should be enough of these so as to not be interrupted in the learning process, which are:-

  1. A pack of good pencils
  2. A couple of erasers
  3. A 15 cm ruler
  4. A pencil sharpener

3. Creative Activity Items

Beyond science, art, and language, there will be artistic activities as well as craft related classes that your kid will be expected to learn from. These require a completely different set of paraphernalia like:-

  1. Crayon box
  2. Coloured pencils
  3. Easy write markers
  4. Glue stick
  5. A tube of Fevicol
  6. Safety scissors

4. Miscellaneous Items

Apart from studying, your child will require some other objects while he spends the day at school. These are:-

  1. A lunch box with multiple compartments
  2. A bag to carry lunch
  3. Small snacks
  4. Wet wipes
  5. A good sized backpack
  6. Pencil box
  7. Plastic box

Quick Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

Keeping a few tips in your mind can help you refer to them quickly and avoid any surprises.

1. Inventory Preparation

Make a list of what you currently have and what needs to be purchased so that you are in the clear.

2. Try Out Old Clothes

Unless the school has changed the uniform design, the last year’s uniform might still fit your kid if he hasn’t grown up much.


3. Look for Better Prices and Deals

Make price comparisons, talk to other parents, and look for alternatives that can get you the items you need at a cheaper price.

4. Talk to the School

Certain items might be provided by the school on an as-needed basis and may not require a purchase. Check with the school authorities and get clarity on it.

5. Prefer Buying Safety Backpacks

Fancy coloured backpacks might attract your kid but make sure the one you buy is comfortable for your child and provides enough back support.

6. Opt for a Rolling Bag for Special Kids

If your child has an injury or has an issue with postures, you can use a backpack that has rolling wheels to prevent load on the child.

7. Smartphones Can be Quite Helpful

Today’s phones come with QR code scanners that can help you scan certain objects and see if there are better alternatives or a discount offer on them.

8. Durability Over Visual Attraction

Any product you buy should adhere to this principle. Shell a little more money if needed to make sure the products you buy can last as long as possible.

Returning to school is a wonderful time for all kids. As parents, you would be quite relieved to see your child be engaged for a better part of the day. Making a proper checklist and purchasing back to school stationery can get your child in the mood of a new academic year and have a wonderful first day back at school.

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