List Of Christmas Words That Start With A

List Of Christmas Words That Start With A

Ah, the festive season of Christmas! As the jingle bells start ringing and snowflakes begin to fall, children everywhere begin to anticipate the magic of the season. Especially for preschoolers and kids, Christmas is a time of wonder. The twinkling lights, the delightful aromas, the gifts, and most importantly, the words! That’s right, words can play a huge role in stirring up the Christmas spirit. This is why we’ve curated an enchanting list of xmas words beginning with A for preschoolers and kids. Dive into this delightful kids’ vocabulary, and let’s explore words that start with A for Christmas together. Engage in a festive wordplay, and who knows, you might find a few to add to your holiday traditions.

Popular Christmas Words Beginning With A and Their Meanings

Christmas is not just a season; it’s an emotion expressed with words and sentiments. To bring the festive spirit alive, let’s dive into some xmas words beginning with A. Whether you’re writing a Christmas card or just engaging in a festive wordplay, this list of ‘A’ letter Christmas words will surely add a sprinkle of magic to your holiday.

1. Angel

Meaning: Celestial beings are often associated with the birth of Jesus. They are believed to bring messages from God and are commonly seen on top of Christmas trees.

Example: “The angel ornament on our tree has been passed down through generations.”

2. Advent

Meaning: The period leading up to Christmas, starting on the fourth Sunday before December 25th.

Example: “We always have an Advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas.”

3. Aglow

Meaning: Shining brightly, especially with a warm light.

Example: “The streets were aglow with festive lights.”

4. Antler

Meaning: The branching horns of a deer are often associated with Santa’s reindeer.

Example: “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had very shiny antlers.”

5. Almond

Meaning: A type of nut often used in Christmas treats and recipes.

Example: “My grandmother’s almond cookies are a Christmas tradition in our family.”

6. Amaryllis

Meaning: A flowering plant that blooms during the Christmas season, often gifted during the holidays.

Example: “The beautiful amaryllis on the window sill brightened up the entire room.”

7. Apple cider

Meaning: A warm drink made from apple juice, often spiced, and enjoyed during Christmas.

Example: “Nothing beats a cold winter evening like a mug of hot apple cider.”

8. Awe

Meaning: A feeling of reverential respect mixed with wonder.

Example: “The beauty of the Christmas decorations left everyone in awe.”

9. Aroma

Meaning: A pleasant scent, often linked with Christmas foods, trees, or candles.

Example: “The aroma of cinnamon and pine filled the air.”

10. Acorn

Meaning: The acorn is the nut of an oak tree, sometimes used as ornaments or in crafts during the festive season.

Example: “The kids made cute acorn ornaments for the Christmas tree.”

11. Attend

Meaning: To be present at an event, like a Christmas party or service.

Example: “We plan to attend the midnight mass on Christmas Eve.”

12. Artificial tree

Meaning: A man-made Christmas tree, often reusable for many years.

Example: “Our artificial tree looks so realistic that visitors often think it’s real.”

13. Assembly

Meaning: A gathering of people, often for a Christmas play or performance.

Example: “The school assembly for the Christmas play was thoroughly enjoyable.”

14. Apricot

Meaning: A sweet fruit, often used in jams or treats during Christmas.

Example: “Mom made apricot tarts for dessert.”

15. Appreciation

Meaning: A feeling of thankfulness, often felt during the season of giving.

Example: “We shared our appreciation for the lovely gifts we received.”

16. Aureole

Meaning: A halo or ring of light around a figure, often seen in religious art depicting angels or saints.

Example: “The aureole around the angel in the painting shimmered brilliantly.”

17. Anise

Meaning: A spice with a flavor similar to licorice, used in some festive recipes.

Example: “The anise-flavored cookies were a hit at the Christmas party.”

18. Adoration

Meaning: Deep love and respect, often used in religious contexts during Christmas.

Example: “The adoration for the newborn king was evident in the shepherds’ eyes.”

19. Astonishment

Meaning: A feeling of great surprise or wonder, often experienced during magical Christmas moments.

Example: “His face was a picture of astonishment when he saw the giant Christmas tree.”

20. Affection

Meaning: A gentle feeling of fondness or liking, especially felt during the season of love and giving.

Example: “Christmas is a time to show affection towards our loved ones.”

21. Allegory

Meaning: A story or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, often used in Christmas tales.

Example: “The allegory of the Christmas Star leads many to the deeper meaning of the season.”

22. Artisanal

Meaning: Handcrafted with care, often referring to unique Christmas gifts or decorations.

Example: “I bought an artisanal ornament from the Christmas market.”

23. Auburn

Meaning: A reddish-brown color, often seen in Christmas decor or autumn leaves leading up to the holiday season.

Example: “The auburn hues of the wreath complemented the fireplace beautifully.”

24. Azure

Meaning: A bright blue color, reminiscent of the winter sky or some Christmas decorations.

Example: “The azure baubles on the tree reminded her of a clear winter’s day.”

25. Assist

Meaning: To help or lend a hand, especially prevalent during the season of giving.

Example: “Can you assist me with wrapping these Christmas gifts?”

26. Awaken

Meaning: To emerge or cause to emerge from sleep, much like kids waking up excitedly on Christmas morning.

Example: “She was awakened by the sounds of carolers singing festive tunes.”

27. Ambiance

Meaning: The character and atmosphere of a place, especially the cozy and festive feel during Christmas.

Example: “The ambiance of the room, with its soft lighting and carol music, was perfect for the Christmas gathering.”

28. Allure

Meaning: The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive, just like the allure of Christmas magic.

Example: “The allure of the Christmas market drew visitors from all over town.”

29. Aplenty

Meaning: In abundance; in ample quantities, often referring to festive treats or gifts.

Example: “There were cookies and sweets aplenty at the Christmas feast.”

30. Amidst

Meaning: Surrounded by; in the middle of, particularly in the context of being amidst Christmas celebrations.

Example: “Amidst the laughter and joy, they exchanged gifts and stories.”

31. Aglitter

Meaning: Shining with a sparkling light, like decorations or snow.

Example: “The park was aglitter with thousands of fairy lights.”

32. Accolade

Meaning: An award or privilege granted as a special honor, often given during festive events or parties.

Example: “She received an accolade for her outstanding Christmas cookie recipe.”

33. Aloft

Meaning: Up in the air; overhead; often used to describe something elevated, like stars or decorations.

Example: “The star sat aloft on the very top of the Christmas tree, shimmering brightly.”

34. Amble

Meaning: To walk at a slow, relaxed pace, just like families often amble around town to see Christmas lights.

Example: “After dinner, they decided to amble through the snow-covered streets.”

35. Acclaim

Meaning: Praise or enthusiastic approval, especially for a performance like a Christmas concert.

Example: “The school choir received great acclaim for their rendition of ‘Silent Night’.”

36. Ardent

Meaning: Having an intense or passionate feeling, which can relate to one’s love for the Christmas season.

Example: “Her ardent love for Christmas was evident in every corner of her decorated home.”

37. Array

Meaning: An ordered arrangement or display, often of festive lights or decorations.

Example: “An array of colorful lights adorned the front of their house.”

38. Astral

Meaning: Related to the stars, often connecting to the Christmas star or festive lights.

Example: “The astral glow from the star atop the tree lit up the room.”

39. Atlas

Meaning: A book of maps or charts. During Christmas, it can be used to plan holiday travels or to teach kids about worldwide Christmas celebrations.

Example: “They opened the atlas to show their children how Christmas is celebrated around the globe.”

40. Atonement

Meaning: Making amends for a wrong or injury, and during Christmas, it symbolizes forgiveness and fresh beginnings.

Example: “Christmas offers a time for atonement, forgiveness, and renewed relationships.”

41. Applique

Meaning: A decorative design made of one material sewn over another, often seen in Christmas crafts or festive attire.

Example: “Her Christmas sweater had a beautiful applique of a snowman on it.”

42. Aegis

Meaning: The protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization. During Christmas, it can symbolize the protective and caring nature of the festive spirit.

Example: “Under the aegis of festive goodwill, the community came together to support the less fortunate.”

43. Alight

Meaning: Descend from the air and settle, like snowflakes gently alighting on the ground.

Example: “As the carolers sang, snow began to alight softly on their hats and shoulders.”

44. Announce

Meaning: To make a public or formal declaration, like announcing the arrival of Christmas or a festive event.

Example: “They announced their Christmas engagement to the joy of all their friends and family.”

45. Abound

Meaning: Exist in large numbers or amounts, often referring to the countless blessings and festivities of the season.

Example: “Gifts and laughter abound during the Christmas season.”

46. Adorn

Meaning: Decorate or add beauty to, as in adorning homes with lights or ornaments during Christmas.

Example: “She took her time to adorn the Christmas tree with vintage ornaments.”

47. Affirmation

Meaning: The act of confirming something to be true, often through positive statements or actions. Christmas is a season filled with affirmations of love, hope, and gratitude.

Example: “The gift was a heartfelt affirmation of their long-standing friendship.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter A

The festive season isn’t just about celebrations; it’s also an ideal time for learning. Integrating the magic of Christmas with educational activities can make the learning process both enjoyable and memorable for children. With Christmas words starting with the letter A in focus, here are some activities that will help your child become more familiar with this holiday vocabulary.

1. “A” Christmas Word Hunt

Encourage your child to go through festive books or magazines and hunt for Christmas words that begin with the letter A. This activity not only increases their vocabulary but also sharpens their observational skills.

2. Christmas “A” Word Flashcards

Create a set of flashcards, each adorned with a Christmas illustration and a word starting with A. Go through these flashcards with your child daily. Over time, they’ll begin to associate the visuals with the words, enhancing memory retention.

3. Festive “A” Word Storytelling

Prompt your child to weave a short Christmas story using as many words starting with the letter A as possible. This activity boosts their creative thinking and helps reinforce the usage of new vocabulary in context.

4. “A” Word Christmas Carol Composition

Music is a wonderful learning tool. Challenge your child to come up with a short Christmas carol or jingle using words that begin with the letter A. This not only ingrains the words but also nurtures their musical and creative talents.

5. Christmas “A” Word Art Gallery

Provide your child with art supplies and ask them to draw or craft something inspired by a Christmas word starting with A. Later, display these artworks in a home gallery. This method employs visual learning and can be a fun way to decorate for the season, too!


1. How can I make sure my child retains the Christmas words starting with the letter A?

To ensure retention, frequently revisit the words through interactive activities, storytelling, and discussions. Repetition, combined with fun activities, will embed the words in their memory.

2. Why focus on Christmas words starting with just the letter A?

Focusing on one letter at a time allows for depth in learning and reduces overwhelm. The letter “A” offers a rich variety of Christmas-related words, making it a great starting point.

3. Can these Christmas words be incorporated into daily conversations during the festive season?

Absolutely! Incorporating these words into daily conversations not only reinforces their meaning but also brings the festive spirit to life in your everyday interactions.

The magic of Christmas is beautifully encapsulated in the words we use to describe it, especially when we delve deep into specific letters like “A.” By introducing these words to the young minds in our lives, we gift them with a richer understanding of the festive season. As you celebrate and teach, may these words add depth, joy, and countless cherished memories to your holiday season.

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