5 Easy Tricks and Tips To Teach Your Preschoolers To Write Capital Letters

5 Easy Tricks and Tips To Teach Your Preschoolers To Write Capital Letters

Are you planning to teach your preschooler to write alphabets in capital letters? Are you looking for creative and easy ways to help your preschoolers learn to write uppercase letters efficiently? If you nodded along in agreement, then that’s a great idea! Capital letters are easier for kids to identify and write than lowercase letters, as their visual discrimination skills and motor skills are still developing. Have a look at 5 easy ways in which you can help your preschooler learn to write capital letters efficiently.

Here we list some helpful tips and creative tricks to help your preschooler write capital letters.

1. Start from Easy To Difficult

Start teaching capital letters following the order of easy to difficulty. Begin teaching writing with straight letters, then move to curvy alphabets, and finally teach letters with diagonals. Follow the order below to make it easier for your preschooler to learn how to write capital alphabets.
Start With: I, F, T, L, E, H
Then Move To: B, C, G, D, J, P, O, Q, U, S
Finally Teach: A, K, N, M, W, V, R, X, Y, Z

2. Teach Tricks To Remember Letters

26 Capital letters are too much for your preschooler’s little head to remember and put them down on paper. So, teach your preschoolers some easy, creative tricks to recollect uppercase letters. Tricks include:

  • Capital Letter D : A vertical line with one big belly
  • Capital Letter B : A line with double bubble, one below other
  • Capital Letter E : A vertical line with three horizontal arms, one below other
  • Capital Letter I : A vertical line with two small horizontal lines at the top and bottom, or a person standing with hat and shoes.
  • Capital Letter T : A vertical line with one small horizontal line at the top, or a person standing with hat.
  • Capital Letter H : Two parallel vertical roads joined by a horizontal bridge
  • Capital Letter Q : Draw a giant wheel having a kickstand
  • Capital Letter Y: Shape of a necktie

3. Give Your Preschoolers Worksheets Of Capital Letters

Provide your toddler worksheets of capital letters and tell them to practice writing uppercase letters following the worksheets. Such a sheet already has a capital letter of every alphabet written on it. So, first guide your little one to hold pencil and rewrite the printed letter on the printed letter itself. Practice this repeatedly and then write the same capital letter on the clear space on the worksheet. Likewise, practice writing all 26 capital alphabets.

4. Make Letter With Fingers In Rice Spread In a Big Tray

Another fun trick to teach your preschooler to write capital letters is by using finger and a powdered layer in a tray. Spread rice, sand, or any thick powder evenly on a big tray. Guide your kid to use his finger to create the letter in the rice/sand spread on the tray. Your kid will love this fun activity and will learn to quickly write capital letters.

5. Join The Dots

Give your preschooler a dotted structure of a capital letter with the original, clear capital letter written next to the dotted structure. Guide your kid to join the dots using a pencil to create the capital letter. Follow this technique for all 26 uppercase letters. Your preschooler will find this activity fun, and will enjoy writing capital letters in this creative way.

How did you teach your preschooler to write capital letters? Which creative easy tips and tricks did you use while teaching your kid to write uppercase letters? Share your experience and tricks with other moms by leaving a comment below.

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