10 Benefits of Laughing in Pregnancy for Mother & Baby

Laughing during Pregnancy – Benefits to Mom and Baby

Mothers tend to be highly sensitive during pregnancy. Therefore, there are always high chances of laughing in the first trimester of pregnancy and even later on. At times, you may end up in a laughing fit because of a joke or a funny incident. There’s no need to worry about it since laughter not just helps you stay happy, but works towards your baby’s development as well.

Benefits of Laughing during Pregnancy

Whether you are watching a comedy movie or reacting to a joke, laughing during pregnancy has a ton of benefits to you and the little one in your tummy. Not only does it help set your mood right, but it also has tangible physical effects on your body.

1. Reduces Chances of Pregnancy Depression

Pregnancy hormones can make a mother suddenly feel sad and depressed. Since medication is best avoided during pregnancy, lifting your spirits by listening to something funny and laughing heartily can help make your mood right and work gradually to reduce any symptoms of depression.

Reduces Chances of Pregnancy Depression

2. Enhances Development of the Baby

During your checkups, you will often undergo ultrasound scans to see how your baby is doing. Try to laugh out loud and see how he reacts. Babies tend to get more active and develop better when they find their mother happy and cheerful.

Enhanced Development of Baby

3. Cuts Down Risk of Premature Delivery

The immunity of a mother is at her lowest during pregnancy, which makes it easy for any external microbes and germs to enter the body and wreak havoc. At times, her body may react adversely and trigger premature birth. Laughter, on the other hand, helps the body stay strong and keeps the immunity high, too.

Cuts Down Risk of Premature Delivery

4. Develops the Baby’s Nervous System Optimally

While dietary choices and intake of certain food items help in better brain development, engaging in laughter can helps stimulate the same as well. It helps the child become emotionally intelligent and triggers the generation of brain cells in that area.

Develops Baby's Nervous System Optimally

5. Helps the Baby Feel Better Emotionally

A baby can understand if the mother is afraid or stressed and react accordingly to it. This is why it is necessary for a mom-to-be to take care of her mental health, just like her body. Staying happy and laughing frequently can help the child feel safe and cheerful, too.

Helps the Baby Feel Better Emotionally

6. Reduces Pregnancy Pain

Everything from morning sickness to cramps to painful swellings, headaches, and numerous other factors can make pregnancy a tough time. Laughter can take your mind off the pain and can even help release chemicals in the body that act as natural painkillers.

Reduces Pregnancy Pain

7. Improves Immunity in the Mom-to-Be

The connection of laughter with boosting immunity might seem weird. But laughter does take care of stress in your body, which causes other hormones and chemicals to function optimally and keeps your immune system healthy. This approach is always better than taking any supplements or medication to protect yourself from any illnesses.

Improves Immunity in Mom-to-Be

8. Reduces Blood Pressure to a Safe Level

High blood pressure is the most dangerous thing for a pregnant woman as it can quickly lead to preeclampsia and cause multiple complications. Premature delivery might occur or caesarean delivery might need to be conducted on an emergency basis. By staying happy and laughing regularly, your stress levels stay low which keeps your blood pressure in control and your body healthy.

Reduces Blood Pressure to a Safe Level

9. Helps in Calming Down the Mom-to-Be and Keeps Stress Low

Emotional exchange works in both directions. As the mother can feel the child, the baby can experience what the mother is feeling as well. Being continually in stress can open up your body to infections, as well as cause the child to develop in an improper manner. Laughter allows your body and brain to relax, which also cuts down the stress and keeps the mind calm.

Helps Calm Down and Keeps Stress Low

10. Keeps You Happy

Pregnancy is not an easy journey and you need every milligram of support through it. Your baby is highly dependent on you in every way. Therefore, keeping yourself positive and happy means happiness for the baby as well as a memorable journey for you.

Keeps You Happy

What Does Your Baby in the Womb Feel When You Laugh?

Curious to know what your little one experiences when you laugh out loud? Here are a few things that can provide you a sneak peek into it.

  • As your baby recognizes your voice, she understands that you are safe and happy, which calms her down.
  • The movement of your body and tummy when you laugh stimulates the baby to move as well, keeping her active.
  • A sad mood can make your baby sad as well. Indulge in some laughter and you will instantly experience how your baby reacts differently to it.

Does Laughing Too Hard Cause Harm to Your Unborn Baby?

Women wonder if it is safe to laugh hard during pregnancy. It absolutely is. Laughing releases hormones that counter stress, and help your body stay healthy. Just make sure you don’t fall off your chair or jump around as that might be harmful whether you are laughing or not.

Can Excessive Laughing Trigger Preterm Labor?

It is natural to feel pressure on your tummy or abdomen when you laugh for a long time. At times, your baby might get excited and kick around as well. However, the chances of triggering a premature birth due to laughter are negligible.

Ideas to Make Yourself Laugh When You Feel Stressed

It might be difficult to be happy or find things funny if you are stressed. In such a case, make use of these fun ideas that can help bring back the laughter in your life.

1. See Comical Pictures

Put together an album of funny pictures on your phone or print a few of them and hang them around. Reading quotes or watching a funny video can also make you laugh easily.

Comical Pictures

2. Binge on Comedy Shows

The Internet and television have a massive collection of comedy clips, sitcoms, and standup routines. Watch them diligently and have a rollicking time.

Binge on Comedy Shows

3. Hang Out With Friends

Bring together your friends who never fail to cheer you up. Spend a fun evening and laughter-filled evening.

Hang Out with Friends

4. Let Go of Inhibitions

Pregnancy can make you a little too self-aware. Let those inhibitions loose and allow yourself to laugh as weirdly and loudly as you want.

Let Go of Inhibitions

Laughing a lot during pregnancy is great for you and your baby. The stress of the journey is real, so it is always good to indulge in some happiness and laugh out loud.

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