Bubble Guppies Characters for Kids & What They Can Learn From Them

Know About The Popular Cartoon Characters From Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies is a popular cartoon series in the US which was telecast on TV from 2011 to 2016. The series was created by Robert Scull and Jonny Belt for Nickelodeon. Though the series telecast was stopped in 2016, it remained popular, and its reruns are still watched by kids. The show is based in Bubbletucky, a fictional underwater city, and the characters of the show are known as Guppies. The series revolves around an under-the-sea preschool which is attended by the Guppies.

This animation series focuses on preschoolers; hence most of the things shown on relatable for them, such as music, dinosaurs, recycling, etc. The show even has sing-alongs, which are mostly parodies of songs popular in kids. Along with entertainment for kids, the show prepares the little ones for the school life, daily school routine and also has lessons for young kids on math, science, arts, pre-reading and environment.

What Can Kids Learn From the Bubble Guppies Characters?

The Bubble Guppies cartoon series revolves around six students. Their names are – Gil, Deema, Molly, Nonna, Goby and Oona. Other Bubble Guppies cast include Mr Grouper, their teacher, Bubble Puppy (Gil’s pet), and the Little Fish. Children identify easily with one or more of Bubble Guppies’ characters as they all exhibit many social attributes from shy to outgoing.  They demonstrate a wide array of personalities and diverse characteristics displaying important social skills, such as inclusion and empathy.

Famous Bubble Guppies Characters for Children

These Bubble Guppies characters are extremely popular in children:

1. Gil

Gil, a boy with blue eyes and hair, and green camouflage tail is the co-host of the Bubble Guppies show. He is a curious and turbocharged boy who likes to interact with everything in his surroundings. Gil is silly, rambunctious, and with his insatiable curiosity is always getting into adventures, but is still scared easily. Kids love his innate curiosity and humour, and that makes him one of the most popular Bubble Guppies characters.

2. Deema

Deema is one of the main characters of Bubble Guppies with a larger-than-life personality and long, yellow curly hair matching her big personality. She loves to be the centre of attraction for everything and has an energetic, imaginative, zany and goofy nature. Deema, with her operatic voice, loves to tell jokes in a singsong manner. She loves to exaggerate things and can be often seen singing joyfully or weeping melodramatically. Kids love her outlandish imagination, dances, songs and even her over-the-top behaviour.

3. Molly

Molly, a natural leader, is a star of the school. She is a great singer, a smart student, and most importantly is a good friend. Molly cares deeply for her friends and is always there to care and support for them in any situation. She is also the co-host along with Gil, and due to her bubbly demeanour, she is immensely popular both in Bubbletucky and in the real world. This mermaid makes it a point to face the camera and talk to the audience, to create a connection with them.

4. Nonny

Nonny is the brainy and a very calm Guppy. He is polite and overly cautious in all situations. Although mature when compared to his age, he still gets anxious with many physical activities like playing basketball. Nonny, with his orange hair, and green eyes with glasses, is a cute Guppy who is a bit unsure of himself. So, his friends keep pushing him to try harder and eventually succeed in the end. Shy kids identify with him and find comfort in knowing that being shy is normal.

5. Goby

Goby is the most imaginative Guppy of the lot. With his vivid imagination and creative flair. He is always encouraging his friends to act out in his thought-out outdoor adventures. Goby loves to dress up and put on costumes while he tells imaginative stories in many silly voices. He is a master storyteller; he enthrals all his friends with his inventive adventure stories and then asks them to act out those stories. Kids love Goby for his imagination, his vivid stories, and his ability to bring his friends together to act out those stories.

6. Oona

Oona is the gentle, sincere, empathetic and sweet Guppy with purple hair, brown eyes, and a striped tail of pink and purple colour. She is always there for her friends and boosts their spirit whenever anyone of them is feeling ill or down. Kids love her limitless and infectious wonder at the things around. Her empathy and emotional intelligence are the most important social skills shown in the series. Kids, as they watch her with her friends and plants, learn to be empathic and caring.

7. Mr Grouper

Mr Grouper is a regular fish, a non-human, but super smart. He is the teacher of all the Guppies. Mr Grouper respects ideas, imagination and suggestions from his students and helps them to grow. He is considered the best preschool teacher of the world with a friendly attitude and funny nature. The Guppies love his classes as their school days always end with an awesome field trip and a celebration on the topic of the episode.

8. Little Fish

Little Fish are a shoal of fish serving as the Greek chorus for the preschool. They are always seen swimming to the school with the Guppies or escorting the home audience from one segment to another. Whenever a question is posed in the show, the Little Fish chime in the answer after the kids sitting at home had the chance to answer it. They have all the answers to all questions posed by Guppies.

9. Bubble Puppy

Bubble Puppy is Gil’s pet. He is playful and boisterous. He has a little fishtail and a smiling, little puppy face. The Guppies love him, and he is part of all activities of the, although his favourite activity is to pop bubbles.

Bubble Guppies is not just an entertainment show for kids. The show, with its characters, teaches young kids all about preschool life, environment, studies, routine, and social skills required by children. Young children learn many things as they see the Guppies’ happy friendship and humorous adventures!

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