List of 11 Best Educational Movies for Kids

11 Best Educational Movies for Kids

A child’s development does not depend on schooling and books alone, playtime and movies help in his development too. Fun educational movies can help in the overall development of the child as these movies render important life lessons that cannot be taught through books.

Educational Movies for Children to Enhance Their Mental and Social Development

There are tons of educational films for kids that can help them obtain new knowledge and information on a variety of subjects. Good movies can impart great moral lessons to children, and hence, you should not stop your child from watching movies altogether. Movies can also help children to be social and transform their behaviour in a good way. So, here are some awesome movies that your kid will love watching:

1. Finding Nemo

It did not take long for this movie to reach the hearts and homes of everyone when it released. The story of a father looking for his lost son took the world by storm and soon became one of the top family movies of all time.

Finding Nemo

What Your Child Will Learn

Finding Nemo is a great story that revolves around the concept of parenting. The initial scenes establish how important it is, to listen to your parents and be careful about the dangers that surround your lives. As the story progresses, it also teaches kids to be brave and courageous even in the face of adversity. Valuing those friends who help you when you are in trouble is also a valuable lesson this movie teaches.

Suitable Age

This movie is best for kids who are five-years-old and above.

2. Babe

While pigs may not be looked at, as cute domestic animals, this movie flips the table around and makes everyone fall in love with a wonderful pig who finds its way in life.

What Your Child Will Learn

Babe is a dilogy that demonstrates unique lessons. The first movie can teach the kids to believe in their abilities and be confident to try out new things without being afraid. The other movie shows how scary it is, to be in an unknown environment, but keeping calm and staying true to yourself, can help you find your own way.

Suitable Age

Your five-year-old toddler would love the film.

3. The Story of Mankind

An educational film, this movie takes the audience on a journey, right from the origin of the universe, through the development of civilizations, showing us how mankind evolved.

What Your Child Will Learn

The movie is extremely focused on providing great visuals, which makes it easier for kids to understand the concepts of old history, that might be too difficult to imagine. The origins can instill a sense of humility and can literally turn into a notebook for your kid’s history lessons. Most historical innovations are described in this movie, too.

Suitable Age

Kids that are at least eight-years-old would benefit from watching the film.

4. The Sound of Music

This movie has been considered to be one of the most important movies to have ever graced the 20th century. It released in India a few years later, but still managed to captivate people all around.

What Your Child Will Learn

The backdrop of the war and fleeing from Austria might not be relevant to most kids. But what the movie helps children understand is that a positive perspective towards life can help you wade your way out of trouble. Julie Andrews who plays Maria in the movie is an inspiring character. She is an amazing singer and she sings to drive away the sadness of life. She also teaches the kids to sing and soon they sing their own tunes too.

Suitable Age

Kids who are six-years-old and above will be able to grasp this movie well.

5. Toy Story 2

One of the greatest animated educational movies for kids, Toy Story 2 was a great follow-up to the original film, which came with better animation and a story that went beyond the homes and took the toys on a ride outside their comfort zones.

Toy Story 2

What Your Child Will Learn

While all three Toy Story movies are great, the second movie has its special place in the trilogy. It very smartly explains the concepts of loyalty and friendship, by expanding on the meaning of family. Kids will have a gala time in understanding why ‘Woody’ finds all the old toys to be his family, even when he belongs to a different set and could lead a better life with them. And the friendship that Buzz and Woody share also teaches the importance of friendship.

Suitable Age

Kids from five-years-old or even preschoolers can enjoy the film.

6. The Incredibles

Another winner from Pixar, The Incredibles was a film that adults ended up loving as much as children did, making it a summer blockbuster when it released. The recent sequel has the same charm as the original one.

What Your Child Will Learn

Since the entire film revolves around a family having superpowers, your kids will have an amazing time watching it. While watching the movie, they will learn how all members of the family work together in keeping themselves safe. At the same time, it teaches them the responsibility that comes with superpowers and how one can be a good person by using them for good deeds.

Suitable Age

Children who are around six-seven years will love the film.

7. Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Based on Roald Dahl’s popular book, the movie charmed audiences everywhere with its great portrayal of the characters, as well as creating a world that allowed the viewers to be immersed fully in it.

What Your Child Will Learn

The importance and spirit of honesty is the cornerstone of the movie. When Charlie wins the golden ticket to enter Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, he has every chance to leak the secrets of the factory and let go of his poverty. But he stays honest and true and wins the grand prize as a result of it. As kids grow up, teaching them the importance of honesty and the importance of truth can be quite difficult, but a movie like this will teach them everything.

Suitable Age

Your child needs to be at least 8-years-old to understand the film clearly.

8. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

One of the best educational movies for preschoolers, this movie truly brought to life a story heard by everyone in their childhood. The animated film presented by Walt Disney was an instant hit and made people eager to look forward to new films that they made.

What Your Child Will Learn

The story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs is introduced to kids early on in their lives. Seeing their characters come alive on screen would leave little toddlers extremely excited. It can help them understand the concepts of good and evil early on in life, and even the importance of the family that cares for you. The songs can even turn out to be great melodies for your toddlers.

Suitable Age

Even kids as young as four-years-old can watch the film.

9. Moana

This is one movie that can’t be left off the list! ‘Moana’ is filled to the brim with life lessons that go way beyond finding true love. Not to forget, that the cutest character ‘Maui’ is voiced by one of the most loved actors- Dwayne Johnson. What more can one ask for!

What Your Child Will Learn

Like Moana, kids will learn to always follow their heart, no matter what the situation demands. They will also learn to face their fears, and move onwards. If you watch closely, each and every character has a different and interesting lesson to teach.

Suitable Age

Kids from the age of eight to ten years are guaranteed to fall in love with this movie, its characters and the great music.

10. The BFG

The recent film by Steven Spielberg presents another story of Roald Dahl in a world that is beautifully imagined on-screen. It is a wonderful children’s film that is filled with adventure and comedy.

What Your Child Will Learn

Just like the story, the film teaches kids to not be prejudiced towards people based on how they look. The giants are shown to be lazy and ruthless, but BFG is sweet and friendly and is good to Sophie. Thus, this movie teaches the importance of friendship and giving people a chance. By watching this movie, kids will also realise how important family is and that dreams come true and they should never stop believing.

Suitable Age

Kids ought to be at least 5 years old to enjoy this.

11. The Lion King

There’s a reason why this film was worthy of an Academy Award. A wonderful story, powered by great animation, and inspiring music, make it a movie that can be watched numerous times.

The Lion King

What Your Child Will Learn

Simba is a character that kids can instantly fall in love with. They get to see him grow up, face troubles, and return back to claim what’s rightfully his. It can teach the importance of love and friendship and show that it has no boundaries. Finally, it also lets children get comfortable with facing their worst fears and win in the end.

Suitable Age

Although young kids will love the film, kids who are aged eight and above will understand it better.

Each movie brings forward a new life lesson for kids and having a family discussion about the movie after watching it can be a great idea, too. Another great way to spend time with your kids while helping them learn useful skills is by subscribing to Intellikit, a monthly subscription box for kids, filled with fun activities that promote all-round development. All you have to do is subscribe, enter your child’s age, and you’ll have a unique box delivered to your doorstep, each month!

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