Is It Safe To Drink Kombucha For Children?

Is Kombucha Drink Safe for Kids?

Is Kombucha safe for kids? It is one of the main questions most parents ask before introducing kombucha drinks to their kids. It is important to understand not every healthy drink suits every individual. Similarly, the ingredients that the drink is made up of can affect different people differently. However, owing to the widely-recognized benefits, many kids have Kombucha as a health supplement nowadays. Consult a pediatrician before starting the drink for your kid.

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a health drink that is also popularly called Mushroom tea. It is a fermented drink and comes with many health benefits. The drink might have gotten popular in the past few years, but its origin dates back almost 2000 years and is supposedly first brewed in China. It consists mainly of Yeast, sugar, and Black tea. It uses a similar process as milk fermented into yogurt. The fermentation takes place and forms bacteria, acids, and a tiny amount of alcohol.

Is It Safe to Give Kombucha to Children?

Is Kombucha good for kids? With excellent and positive effects, it also has some side effects. It requires safety tips to be followed religiously for the drink to work effectively in the kids without causing any side effects.

Health Benefits of Kombucha for Children

No wonder Kombucha has been known to be a healthy drink, but parents get skeptical about giving it to their kids most of the time. Here are some of the health benefits that Kombucha drink has for kids:

1. Provides Antioxidants

Kombucha drinks are an excellent source of antioxidants to the body. For kids, they act equally promising as that in the body of an adult. However, you can discuss the quantity with the doctor before you start the drink for the kids.

2. Provides a Strong Connection Between Gut and Brain

Many disorders and illnesses begin, especially in the kids’ bodies, because of the weak relationship between heart and brain. Not only does it decrease anxiety levels in kids, but it eventually leads to a happy gut.

3. Eases Many Childhood Problems

One of the main problems that most parents have to come across is the problem of Colic in kids. Kombucha drink provides a stronger digestive system to the kids and takes care of many such common problems.

4. It Is a Delicious Probiotic

Probiotics have been known to be very useful for the health of kids. But most of the time, kids tend to ignore them because they are not so good in taste. But, Kombucha has not only probiotic properties but also tastes delicious, which kids love to drink.

5. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

The majority believe that heart diseases affect only the elderly. They are valid to some extent, but kids’ lifestyles and eating habits often call out for heart diseases. Prevention is always better than cure. Kombucha and children seem to have a perfect connection both physically and mentally.

6. Anti Cancerous Properties

Cancer is one of those deadly disorders that does not differentiate between young and old, healthy or weak, male or female. Kombucha drinks come with excellent properties to combat the cancerous cells from growing inside the kids’ bodies.

7. Manage Diabetes

Juvenile diabetes is one of those scary disorders that tend to make room in the bodies of teenage kids. Kombucha drink is also very useful in controlling diabetes and maintaining sugar levels in kids.

8. Kills Unwanted Bacteria

Kids are most susceptible to the attack of bacteria. Regular use of Kombucha drink for kids makes sure that any such unwanted attacks of the bacteria on their bodies are very well taken care of without complications.

Side Effects of Kombucha on Children

Side Effects of Kombucha on Children

Like every good thing has some ill effects, the same can be stated in the case of Kombucha. Along with the good impacts of the drink on kids, some potential risks of Kombucha also exist:

1. Bloating and Complaints of Diarrhea

As discussed in the earlier part of the article, the advisable consumable quantity of kombucha for your children depends on many factors. It is better to discuss the doctor before giving it to the kids. An inappropriate amount can cause bloating and Diarrhoea in kids.

2. Changed Behaviors in the Appetite

It has been seen that kids who regularly drink Kombucha show a changed behavior in their appetite. While some eat more than usual, others seem to lose appetite to some extent.

3. Affects Immunity

Wild yeast and pathogens present in Kombucha drinks have been known to affect the immune system of an individual, especially a kid. Hence, it is advisable not to rely entirely on Kombucha drink as a healthcare alternative and always talk to the doctor before taking any such steps.

4. Increased Number of Colds and Flu in a Year

If your child has been consuming Kombucha drinks regularly, you can expect them to catch a cold and flu more frequently than before.

5. Depletes Calcium

Kombucha drinks also tend to lower down the calcium levels in the kid’s bodies. This is because they tend to bind themselves with minerals in the body. Increase the intake of products rich in calcium if you are planning a diet inclusive of Kombucha for babies. The amount of calcium in the body, being a significant mineral required for bone and teeth health in kids, might also get affected.

Store-bought Kombucha or Home-brewed Kombucha – Which Is Safer for Children?

While most of the time, we think that homemade things are much safer than those bought from the stores, it is the opposite for Kombucha drinks. Store-bought Kombucha is always a good idea rather than attempting to prepare it at home. This is mainly because the store-bought Kombucha is ready in a well-maintained and well-controlled environment and assured that each ingredient is used in perfect quantity. The risk of Kombucha can be much more than its benefits if not prepared appropriately. It is also made sure in the store-bought drink that the amount of fermentation required for making it perfect is also done in a controlled environment.

Is the Caffeine, Sugar, and Alcohol Content In Kombucha Okay for Children?

There is no denying that Kombucha, a healthy drink for your kids, also contains caffeine, sugar, and even alcohol. Though these are not such suitable ingredients to be given to the kids, one can also rest assured that the quantity on which they are supposed to be present in a perfect cup of Kombucha drink does not cause any effects on the health of your young ones.

How Can You Keep Kombucha Alcohol Content Low for Children?

The presence of alcohol in the drink is the primary reason for concern for the parents. Here are some tips that you can use if you are fermenting the drink at home for your kids:

  • It is always a good idea to minimize the second fermentation time of the drink. This is mainly because most of the alcohol content in the drink is because of the fermentation process. If this time is kept minimal, you can ensure that the alcohol level is within the required limits.
  • You can also reduce the amount of sugar that is otherwise added during the second fermentation process. This would also limit the amount of alcohol in the drink.
  • If you can, it is always the best idea to skip the second fermentation altogether. No second fermentation would mean an almost negligible amount of alcohol in the drink.

Kombucha Alternatives for Children

If the presence of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol content in Kombucha drinks still bothers you can also try some other alternatives to the Kombucha drink, including fermented beverages like Kombucha. Still, the ingredients that are used in such drinks are grains instead of caffeine. Many such drinks prove to be a good alternative for Kombucha.

Safety Tips When Giving Kombucha to Children?

It is essential to follow some safety tips while you give Kombucha drinks to your kids. These includes:

  • Keeping a close check on the alcohol levels in the Kombucha drink
  • Make sure you give the appropriate quantity of drink to your kids. The dose for sure depends on age, gender, weight, and many other factors. You can always check with the pediatrician about the suitable amount that you can give to your kids.
  • Keeping a check on the caffeine and sugar intake is also as crucial as an alcohol level check. Limited information on both ingredients is delicate, but if it increases above the required value, it might cause serious health issues.

So, if you have been wondering, “can kids drink Kombucha?” you have your answer. Kombucha is an excellent drink for kids and adults as long as the ingredients are adequately managed. The extent of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol needs to be addressed to a great time. Buying it from stores or brewing it at home – both are equally good options for the parents. With so many benefits, it is indeed an excellent drink for your little ones.

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