Is it Safe to Eat Starfruit in Pregnancy?

Is It Safe to Eat Star Fruit in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy gives you weird cravings. If all of a sudden you are craving star fruit during pregnancy, then don’t gulp it down immediately. First, find out if you can consume it during pregnancy or not.
You will be happy to know that ‘star fruit’ can be consumed during pregnancy. Star fruit, which is popularly known as Carambola, aids in a healthy pregnancy. It is a rich source of vitamins A, C, and E. It also contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, folic acid, sodium, magnesium, and fibre etc. This fruit provides relief from headaches, fever, cough, and hypertension. However, it is still recommended that you consult a doctor first before eating it.

What is a Starfruit

Starfruit is the fruit of a species of a tree found in Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and India. The fruit has some distinctive ridges on the sides. It resembles a star when cut in cross-section. The whole fruit is edible. It can be cooked and preserved and can be consumed in the form of juice too.

Is Eating Starfruit Good during Pregnancy

Starfruit is consumed for its medicinal properties and is used as a natural cure for several diseases. It has a slightly acidic flavour which is more like the taste of plums, pineapples, or lemons. It has a hint of pungent flavour and is usually sweet in taste. It is full of nutritional benefits and is even good for the health. However, people who have kidney disease should avoid eating star fruit as it can be extremely harmful and can cause serious illness.

Nutritional Value of Starfruit

Nutrient Amount (per 100 grams)
Carbohydrates 6.7 grams
Protein 1.04 grams
Dietary Fibre 2.08 grams
Vitamin C 34.4 mg
Vitamin E 0.15 mg
Calcium 3 mg


Starfruit juice

Health Benefits of Eating Starfruit for Pregnant Women

In the pregnant woman’s cravings list, star fruit is one of them. This sweet and sour taste of star fruit known as carambola makes it tempting. Let’s see the health benefits of the exotic fruit:

1. Raises the Immunity Level

Starfruit increases immunity and endurance level. It prepares the immune system to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses and thus prevents the production of free radicals in the body.

2. Good for Eye Health

As an excellent source of vitamin A, star fruit maintains good eye health. It also nourishes your eyes, and your eyes are protected from infections and disorders. Eating star fruit while pregnant can also cure sore eyes.

3. Treats digestive disorders

Constipation is a common problem that most pregnant women complain of. Eating star fruit can cure constipation and other digestive disorders. This nutritious fruit can also treat diarrhoea. But before you consume star fruit for treating digestive problems, it is recommended that you consult a doctor first.

4. Reduces high blood pressure

Starfruit has high potassium content which helps in lowering the high blood pressure during pregnancy. It also reduces hypertension which is the main cause of heart strokes.

5. Ensures smooth flow of urine

Starfruit, from ancient times, has acted as a diuretic, ensuring smooth functioning of the urinary tract. During pregnancy, it will even be better if you drink star fruit juice with a dash of honey.

6. Prevents cancer

Starfruit is rich in antioxidants and thus helps prevent the development of cancer cells during pregnancy.

7. Lowers high cholesterol levels

If star fruit is consumed regularly, it minimizes the levels of bad cholesterol. It also prevents health issues caused due to the presence of high cholesterol in the body.

8. Reduces oral infections

Drinking fresh starfruit juice can cure viral infections, influenza, and mouth infections. Consuming star fruit can also boost stamina and energy.

9. Regulates hormones and controls stress

Starfruit helps prevent cramps in pregnant women. It even helps in regulating the hormones and provides relief from pregnancy stress.

10. Promotes healthy growth of the baby

Starfruit is a rich source of vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. All these nutrients promote the healthy growth of the baby in pregnancy.

For the umpteen benefits it offers, starfruit is a good choice during pregnancy. It has a slightly tangy flavour, some find it as a mix of lemon and pineapple. So, if you don’t like its tangy flavour, you can mix it with other drinks and dishes, and then consume. But do consult a doctor before you include it in your pregnancy diet.

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