15 Things Every Husband Should Do for His Pregnant Wife

Husband’s Responsibilities During Pregnancy – Taking Care of Your Pregnant Wife

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Marriage brings two people together, who then take their life ahead as one. Every responsibility in a marriage should be shared by the husband and wife, and this goes for raising a child as well. Although the roles and responsibilities between parents can change according to the dynamics of each couple, both parents are equally responsible during a pregnancy.

Helping your wife have a smooth pregnancy, in fact, is a matter of fulfilling your responsibility as a loyal husband and father-to-be.

As a husband, you might wonder how you can help your wife sail through her pregnancy as smoothly as possible. Here we have a guide that will give you an idea of your duties as a husband during an important chapter in your life.

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15 Duties of a Father-to-Be During Pregnancy

Here are some essential points to remember when your wife is pregnant. By following these, you will be a helpful husband and a great father!

1. Educate Yourself

At times, just knowing and understanding what your wife is going through is a huge step, so educate yourself about the things that happen during pregnancy. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when your wife is pregnant, so read up on food habits, clothes, or more serious things such as supplement intake and morning sickness so you can support your wife.

2. Help If She Struggles With Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be a painful experience that can tire a woman out in no time. As a husband, you need to support your wife during this time. Encourage her, stand by her side, and make her feel comfortable. Set up a resting space for her so she can relax whenever the morning sickness hits.

A husband takes care of his wife

3. Be Sensitive

Things will definitely change in the next few months. There will be mood swings, emotional struggle, pain, etc. During this time, these shifts are natural, so learn to be patient when your wife goes through these changes. Be sensitive to her requests and always respond with kindness. This will make her feel gratitude towards you.

4. Encourage and Support Her

Your wife needs support and encouragement at this stage of her life. Pregnancy is a time of several ups and downs – on the one hand, she is happy and excited; on the other hand, there are physical changes, uncertainties, and fear. During the journey that is her pregnancy, it is important that you encourage her and remind her that you are with her and that she need not worry.

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5. Be Flexible

Your wife may need a lot more from you on some days – this can be tough for a working husband. There might be times when you may have to change your plans or even cancel them to be there for your wife, so consider that as a possibility during her pregnancy. Try scheduling your informal meetings with friends according to your wife’s needs, and do not hesitate to ask for flexible work hours every now and then so you can spend time with your wife. This way, you can be there for her when she needs you.

6. Cook With Her

A lot of things seem like Herculean tasks during pregnancy, and cooking is one of them. Get involved in the kitchen and make the things she would make. She will appreciate the gesture and it will lighten up her load too, thus making her well-rested and calmer. Do not hesitate to take up the duty fully either!

A husband cooking with his wife

7. Be Around for Her

Pregnant women are most often suggested to take ample rest and not strain themselves, because of which most of them end up going to their native place as it is a safe space. As important as that is, make sure that you remain in constant touch – if possible, be with her till the 8th month of her pregnancy and take up responsibilities together.

8. Plan With Her

Awaiting your child’s birth is exciting. As a responsible couple, it is important that you plan for the future so that you are ready once your baby arrives. Make plans with your wife and discuss all the things that are important – this will encourage her and remind her that you two are indeed in this together. This is also the time you can start thinking of names for your little one.

9. Take up Responsibilities

Taking up responsibilities around the house is an important way of showing support to your wife. Help her with the little things that she may need help with, but also take up some of the labour without her having to say it. By taking up some of her emotional labour, you will make her calm and happy.

10. Be a Good Listener

Pregnancy can be a frustrating experience as much as it is a magical one, so it is highly likely that your wife will have some grievances. In these times, it’s helpful to be a good listener – listen to your wife’s complaints about pain and discomfort, about cravings and milestones of her body changing. Lending her an ear will make her really happy as she will be able to express her frustration and go back to a calm state of mind.

11. Lend a Hand in Household Chores

This is the time to take responsibility for household chores. It will soon become harder for her to take care of the house, and it is your house as much as it is hers – it’s time to take care of it! Carrying a baby is not an easy task. Hence, it is important that the two of you share responsibilities at the least.

12. Visit the Doctor

Accompanying your wife to doctor visits is an important thing you should do during her pregnancy. Visiting the doctor can get stressful if there are complications, and you should not leave your wife to face it all alone. Whenever your wife schedules a doctor’s appointment, you must go with her.

A husband and pregnant wife at doctors

13. Prepare for the Delivery

Prepare with her for the big day. At times, preparing for the delivery and waiting for the baby can get extremely stressful for a woman, so make sure you have your resources ready as and when she needs them. Keep a maternity bag ready with all the things she will need at the hospital. Read up on diapering, how to swaddle a baby, how to make the baby spit-up, and other things that are essential for good parenting. Ensure your wife that you are capable of handling things while she rests and takes care of the baby. Always show your support.

14. Monitor Her Food and Water Intake

Being pregnant means always being sure that the woman is eating and drinking correctly – make it your responsibility to know what she needs to consume to keep herself and her baby healthy. What time does she have to take her supplements? Is she eating the right food at the right time? What is she averse to eating? What is she craving? What food is good for the baby, and what is not? Is she drinking enough water? Make sure you have answers to all these questions during your wife’s pregnancy, as her health is of utmost importance.

15. Make Her Feel Special

As the pregnancy progresses, your wife may feel low and a little out of place when it comes to her physical appearance because of her changing body. At this time, you may not understand how to convince her that she is perfect as she is. So, try to make her feel beautiful and special. You can try a maternity photoshoot to make her feel special. When a husband cares for her wife during pregnancy, it can make a stark difference in how she sees herself.

When a baby is born, both the parents take responsibility. In the same way, even when a woman is pregnant, both parents must take equal responsibility and work things out together. When a woman carries a baby, she takes all the responsibilities that come her way. As a father, it is important to support her through this process. At no time should you make her feel that the responsibility is only on her. The role of a husband during pregnancy is essential and it will definitely change the way your wife completes the 9 months. So, make sure that you do everything possible to enrich this journey of pregnancy.

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