How Toddlers Use Objects To Cope With Separation

how toddlers use objects to cope with separation

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Parents think that playing with educative toys is the only way to quicken child development. On the contrary, studies have proved that stuffed toys work better. Stuffed animals help toddlers to cope with separation and improve their social and communication skills. Find out how.

As a dutiful parent, you’re bound to have done your research well and lined your toddler’s nursery with the best educative toys that would help him in enhancing different skills. However, don’t forget to add in a stuffed animal or too. These toys aren’t just cuddly but prove beneficial in child development.

Stuffed Animals and Child Development- How this Works

1. Learning to be Independent

Your tot hardly leaves your side during the course ofthe day. However, in order for him to learn more about his surroundings, he needs to explore. But, leaving your side might be just unthinkable for the little one and even scary at times. A stuffed animal can actually help in overcoming this separation anxiety in toddlers. Start by presenting your child with a stuffed toy of his favourite animal or cartoon. Suggest him to name the toy and address it with that name. Now, encourage your tot to play with the toy for some time on his own. This will get the tot attached to the toy and think of it as a playmate, thus reducing his fear of venturing away from you.

2. Expressing Emotions

Toddlers often find it hard to express their emotions to their parents. However, a stuffed toy in tow not only acts as a playmate but also dons the role of a confidant. Your child is more likely to talk about his fear of leaving your side to his stuffed toy rather than to you. You might see your tot consoling his stuffed animal about it being okay. Keeping an eye on this will help you understand your child’s insecurities and fear of separation. Make sure that you teach your toddler how to help themselves to cope with separations.

3. Regulating Emotions

Regulating emotions doesn’t come easily and needs a lot of practice. This is especially true when it comes to fear of separation in toddlers. When your little one pretend plays with his stuffed animals, he actually learns the right way to manage his emotions and direct them the right way. These games also help him in coming up with solutions that can help him to cope with his fear of being separated from you for some time.

4. Gaining Confidence

One of the main reasons why 3-years-old love stuffed animals is because the company of the toy makes him feel safe and even confident. When it comes to playing with the toy, he dons the role of a protector to the doll, just as you do for him. He realises that fear can’t make its presence felt in such a situation and thus ventures around with confidence.

Playing with stuffed toys also enhances the sense of object permanence in your baby. Thus, he knows that even if he isn’t able to see you, you are still around. This, in turn, helps him to get over his separation anxiety.

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