How To Throw A Sip and See Party For Your Newborn Baby

How to Throw a Sip and See Party for Your Newborn Baby

Are you considering the best way to introduce your bundle of joy to friends and family? Do you find yourself looking for ways to share and express the ecstasy of becoming a new parent? Then, a sip and see party is the one-stop solution for you. If the idea seems new to you and you don’t know where to start, do not worry! Here is everything you need to know about planning the baby-celebrating soiree.

What Is a Sip and See Party?

First and foremost, what is a sip-and-see party? A sip-and-see baby party, also known as an after-baby shower or welcoming-the-new-baby party, is an informal gathering of close friends, acquaintances, and families to fawn over the newborn and congratulate the new parents. For all those who want to make the little one a part of the celebration, this party is ideal. The idea is more casual and gives breathing space to parents who have newly assumed the role and are finding their ways and means through parenthood. It is generally the new parents or close family members who organize the party. It is also a small and short event rather than an all-day celebration. So be prepared for small meetings, meaningful conversations, photo sessions, and a whole lot of “Aww” moments over drinks and refreshments.

History of the Sip and See Party

The whole culture of sip and see originated in Southern parts of the United States, where Southern belles invited people to see the baby and the new mother. The party gets its name from the idea of sipping a drink and seeing the baby. Though it bore similarities to the traditional baby shower initially, it is gaining popularity nowadays due to the fun and frolic it brings. Games, food, gifts, and a closely-knit group of people bonding and sharing the joy of the new arrival are the essence of this catch-up.

Baby Shower vs. Sip and See

Are you confused as to how the baby shower differs from the sip and see? Well, while the celebration seems the same, the purpose is entirely different. The baby shower is a pre-facto celebration packed with delicious food, a heap of gifts, and much more action. On the contrary, the sip and see is a much mellow affair that involves light drinks, refreshments, cute décor, and breezy music to uplift everyone’s mood. Furthermore, while people organize baby showers in anticipation of the new baby, a sip and see celebrates the new baby’s arrival. The inclusion of games and other fun activities depends solely on the organizers. Time or situation may not favor a baby shower, especially if the mom feels dizzy or sick. With checkups in line, things to take care of upon the baby’s arrival, mood swings of the new mother, a fussy baby, and the pandemic, it has become almost impossible to host a baby shower. However, a sip and see gives the much-needed space for parents to settle down and figure out plans to introduce their little love to the outside world. It is more of a break for both the parents and the baby. The airy feeling it emanates drives most parents to opt for the sip and see instead of baby showers.

When to Organize a Sip and See Party

It can be hosted anytime from a few weeks to a few months after the baby is welcome home. It is clearly the parents’ discretion to host a sip and see. There is no rush to pin down a date which implies the baby gets to rest before its debut. Most of them host one after the baby’s birth and when the mother has adjusted into her new role well. It is best to wait until the new mom-baby duo is stable and healthy. It is commonly held in light hours of the day, such as noon or early evening, not to disturb the baby’s schedule.

Why Do New Parents Organize a Sip And See Party?

New parents prefer a sip-and-see party mainly because of the following reasons:-

  • Unexpected visits can be overwhelming in general, but not with a new arrival at home. With schedules upended and life a hassle, it is always best to avoid meetings at random timings. A sip and see party does just that. By deciding on a date, it consolidates all the visits in a single go.
  • It gives a chance to tidy up the home and also to make yourselves presentable to guests.
  • With visitors popping in now and then, a baby’s immunity is under threat. With a sip-and-see party, you can also reduce the chances of infection.
  • The guests can avoid the embarrassment of disturbing the parents and the baby at an odd time.

How Can You Host a Sip And See Party?

Instead of trying to juggle between the busy routine of a parent and event organizer, get help from your closest friends or family members to plan a party. Elaborate decorations are a big no-no, and simplicity is the need of the hour. A few things to consider include invitations, subtle decorations, drinks such as champagne, lemonade, or cocktail, and snacks like finger foods, cookies, sandwiches, or chips, whichever suits you best.

Sip and See Invitation Ideas

No party begins without an actual invite, and this post-baby shower is no different. An online invite or a printed one does the job. Keeping it casual and creative is the key. A cute picture of the little one and a clever tagline will make the sip-and-see invitations winning.

1. Photo cards that interest all 

Choose picture cards that get all the invitees excited to meet your latest family addition.

2. Theme or no theme 

You are entirely in charge of deciding whether you want a theme or not.

3. Crisp and clear

Do not include long wordings and descriptions for a party invite. Just the place, date, and timing (end time specified in particular; else, it might mess up with your schedule), along with a smiling picture of your bundle of joy, are sure to make all go “aww!”

Sip and See Theme Ideas

Themes are in plenty, and choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. A few must-explore sip and see ideas are:

1. Welcome to the world

Welcome to the world 

Source: Pinterest

All the celebration is in honor of the baby. Therefore it will be beneficial to choose cards titled ‘it is a boy’ or ‘it is a girl.’ Keeping in mind the possibilities your sunshine has, you can choose to include a “welcome to the world” theme in the cake, decorations, and even on the menu.

2. Flower theme 

Flower theme

Source: Pinterest

Choose a suitable color and make floral decorations the central piece of attraction. Paper flowers, fabric lettering, dessert bar, and popcorn corner are a few of the ideas worth exploring.

3. Princess/Prince sip and see 

Princess/Prince sip and see

Source: Pinterest

Certain things never go out of trend, and one such is the princess/prince theme. Right from invitations to gifts, make it royal and elegant for your charming one.

4. Safari theme 

Safari theme 

Source: Pinterest

Kids love animals and the safari look; so, your party can have it too. You can use this exciting and fun-filled theme, alongside flowers and stuffed animals, to breathe life into the safari. Plan the food, decorations, cakes, and party favors according to the theme.

5. Something sweet has arrived 

Something sweet has arrived 

Source: Pinterest

Celebrate the arrival of your baby with this theme by setting everything sweet ranging from chocolates, cupcakes, candies, lollipops, and whatnot! A pastel hue along with compatible party favors, gifts, games, and food will set the right tone for enjoyment.

6. Cute as it can ‘bee’ 

Cute as it can ‘bee’ 

Source: Pinterest

To show your newly arrived bee to the world outside, buzz the news around with a bee-themed party. Incorporate flowers, honey-bee-shaped cupcakes, bears (Winnie, The Pooh!), and desserts in yellow and brown shades to complete the look.

7. A star is born 

A star is born 

Source: Pinterest

The baby is the apple of your eye and the brightest star in your universe. Reflect that in the theme and make it a glittery affair.

Sip and See Decoration Ideas

Minimalistic and modest décor ideas are more than enough for a sip-and-see.

1. Eye for detail yet not elaborated 

Eye for detail yet not elaborated

Source: Pinterest

Spelling out the baby’s name in oversized alphabets, choosing a brightly lit room (if indoors), and selecting the right color can help in brightening the occasion without going over the edge.

2. Blow it up 

Blow it up 

Source: Pinterest

Balloons are a great way to decorate a room. Differently shaped, sized, and colored balloons light up the mood instantly.

3. All hail glam and glitter 

All hail glam and glitter

Source: Pinterest

If you can’t resist simplicity, then brighten things up with a balloon arch and a cot set up that sets the perfect backdrop and viewing station.

Sip and See Food & Menu Ideas

A sip-and-see is a casual get-together that does not demand a full-fledged meal. Common food menu ideas are:

1. Keep it light

Organized in the mid-morning or early evening, a light menu is preferred. Snacks, drinks, and finger foods are a sure bet. A platter of fresh fruits or a spread from the nearby bakery can be the perfect entrees.

2. New mommy first

Menus are planned by considering the new mother’s preferences. You can choose to include bagels and lox, cheese, or charcuterie.

3. Sip, sip and sip

Self-serving stations, like a mimosa bar or coffee station, or zero-proof options, such as tea, lemonade, fresh fruit juice, and smoothies, works fine.

Sip and See Games Ideas

Games are not compulsory for a sip-and-see gathering because it is all about the baby and the still-weak new mother. However, some fun games are welcome!

1. Love and blessings in plenty 

Writing short notes about the baby and passing it around or jotting down embarrassing situations about you can crack a laugh amongst the group.

2. Lift, chin up and smile 

Clicking cute pictures with the baby in a Polaroid and making a scrapbook is a fun thing to do.

3. Who does the baby resemble 

Dig up childhood pics of you and your partner and find out who the baby resembles.

Sip and See Party Favors Ideas

Party favors, with minor customizations, create a much-needed impact on the guests’ minds and moods.

1. Scented candles 

Candles concordant to the color theme and a printed note saying ‘with love, from ‘baby’s name’ will be loved by all.

2. Keychains 

Keychains with the baby’s smiling face is the cutest gift to give your loved ones.


A customized note thanking their presence is something that they will cherish forever.

Sip and See Gift Ideas

Wondering what to gift at the sip and see you have to attend next week? A few gift ideas are:

  • Diapers
  • Children’s books
  • Baby cleansing kit
  • Baby sling
  • A gift card to the couple’s favorite restaurant or clothing store (after all, mom and dad deserve to unwind too!)

Sip and See Party Etiquette

There’s some basic sip-and-see etiquette for both you and your guests. Here are some things for you to consider:

1. Gift or no gift

Gifts are not usually expected at the sip and see. However, if you want to get the baby something, buy a thoughtful and helpful gift.

2. Is it ok if guests hold the baby?

A lot of the guests would want to hold your baby. But, if that makes you uncomfortable, set a docking station for the guests to adore your munchkin.

3. What to wear

Both parents and guests can wear clothes that will be comfortable against the baby’s skin and avoid strong odors.

4. Stay away if ill

Refraining from attending the soiree even with the slightest symptoms of sickness will be deeply appreciated by the mother.

Important Tips for Sip and See Party

  • Keep a hand sanitizer to prevent sip and see germs.
  • Be particular about the end time so that you and your little one can quickly slip back to routine.
  • Gently guide your guests on the attire to be worn.

With these tips and tricks for your sip-and-see party, you can show your adorable child to your loved ones and make a happy celebration out of it. You can also use these tips and tricks on behalf of a new mother and give her and her new child all the love and adoration they deserve. After all, these events are the best way of celebrating the child’s arrival before duties and new roles take over.

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