How to Organize a Spectacular Spa Party for Children

How to Organize a Spectacular Spa Party for Kids

Who does not love an entire day of relaxation and fun with their closest friends? Grownups love spa treatments, and they do it for luxurious pampering, so why make kids an exception? Nothing would make them happier than a day at the spa with their friends. Nowadays, spa parties are very fashionable, and children would definitely love organising one for a special occasion, but with your help. In this article, we shall share tips to host a spa party for kids and try to include every aspect of it to make it enjoyable and safe for all the children you will be inviting.

Tips to Host a Spa Party for Kids

As for every party, you will have to make some prior arrangements for a spa party for kids too. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Invitations

Since it’s a party for kids, you could get your child (the host) to get creative with the invites and make them using glitter, paper, glue, or even use computer graphics. The invitations could also include the list of things or information the guests should remember or bring along.

Here are some DIY invitation ideas:

  • Flip Flop design.
  • Eye mask invitations.
  • Honeycomb design.
  • Flower and lantern design.

2. Food

For children’s spa parties, it is always best to skip petit fours and cucumber sandwiches. Here are some ideas you could use for the party:

  • Make little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and shape them using cookie cutters
  • Serve beautifully cut broccoli, carrots, celery, with some ranch dressing served as the dip in a fondue bowl.
  • You could also serve cut oranges, cherries, and strawberries with melted chocolate
  • Serve cupcakes with sprinkles for dessert.
  • Keep a refreshing punch as the beverage for the party.

3. Decoration and Theme

The atmosphere of the spa is very important when you are inviting little guests. And, the decorations can help you create the right atmosphere at the venue. Some decoration ideas for a spa-themed kids’ party are given below.

  • Lanterns and Honeycombs (a cute and inexpensive option for a spa theme).
  • Green or pink plants and flowers (add a nice touch with refreshing and pretty flowers).
  • Wooden/bamboo letters (spell SPA with wooden letters and hang it or place it on the table).
  • Candles (create a calming and beautiful feeling with real or fake candles).

Another option is to select a colour scheme and plan the decorations according to the chosen colour to create a calming atmosphere for the children.

Some amazing colour combinations you can go for are:

  • Tropical blue and energetic pink.
  • Refreshing white and green with a tiny splash of purple.
  • Gorgeous gold and teal.
  • Mint green and sweet peach.

You could either check online for supplies or visit the local store to purchase a few party items that are related to your theme.

3. Activities

There are many activities your kids can do during a wonderful spa day. A spa day is all about refreshment and soothing experience. One of the best activities that both little boys and girls can do is yoga. Bring out those yoga mats and let the kids have a wonderful time doing easy/basic yoga for little children. Manicures and pedicures are also fun activities for little children, and they will have a wonderful time doing hand treatments and nail art. Spa games are another great option for a spa party! Here are some you can try:

  • Nail polish games.
  • Pin the cucumber on the spa girl.
  • Decorating the flip flops.
  • DIY bath salts.
  • Spa scavenger hunt.
  • No-sew headbands.

These tips are sure to come in handy when you plan a spa party for your kid. However, you may want to consider the invitees and plan accordingly. In the rest of the article, we have categorised some useful spa ideas for girls, boys and co-eds to make planning easier for you.

Spa Ideas For Girls

1. Treat for Feet

Have the children place their little feet in a tub of warm water, pour a scoop of fizzing foot soak, and let the giggles begin. For creating the fizzing foot soak, mix 1 cup of cornstarch, 1 cup of baking soda, around 10 drops of their favourite essential oil, and 1 cup of citric acid. Store this dry mixture in a plastic bag (but not an air-tight container). Mix one scoop of powder per tub of warm water.

2. Facial Station

For every child, you could set out individual bowls with a nice blend of Honey Banana Mask and apply it with unused paintbrushes. This is a fun activity since everyone can paint each other’s faces. Once everybody has painted faces, put on some relaxing tunes and chill out on yoga mats.

Create a honey banana mask by blending 1 cup of yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 medium-sized banana, and 1 drop of blue food colouring. Avoid the eyes while applying the mask using a brush. Leave it on the face for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. Make it look professional by placing cool cucumber slices over the eyes for a soothing effect.

3. Musical Manicures

For another glamorous game, stock up as many nail polish shades as possible in various colours that are kid-friendly, and cover the station with a plastic cloth. The game includes each child selecting a colour they like and placing it on the table with everyone sitting in a circle. Start the music and let the guests pass the bottle of nail polish around the table. When the tune stops, the child should paint their nails with the colour she is holding. This game can be continued until every nail is coloured.

4. Makeovers

Older sisters, aunts, and moms can get some kid-friendly makeup and groom the girls one by one. Give each girl a new look and help them take “before” and “after” pictures.

5. Fashion Show

Go through everybody’s closet and fill a few boxes with fancy old clothes that the kids can mix and match to create different looks. Include some old costume jewellery, and footwear too. Then, let the children arrange a fashion show to flaunt their looks.

6. Decorate Flip Flops

Another simple activity for a kids’ spa birthday party is to decorate flip flops. Gather some rhinestones, flowers, ribbons, glitter, and other craft items and get the children to decorate their little flip flops. You can even include these personalised flip flops in the fashion show.

Spa Ideas for Boys

Though spa parties for boys are not as popular as a girl spa dayit is still possible with a splash of creativity. Here are some ideas you can choose from for an all-boys spa-themed party.

  • Have an uncle or a dad host a shaving demonstration for the boys in the bathroom.
  • Give them their own set of shaving cream and rubber or plastic razors and let the boys shave on their own.
  • Once they are done shaving for the first time, turn the second round into a competition, and the one who cleans the lather off first will win a small prize.
  • Applying temporary tattoos is also a nice activity for boys to do during kids’ spa birthday party.
  • The tattoo can include some of the kids’ favourites like dinosaurs, animals, trucks, cars, flames, or any other characters boys enjoy.

Coed Spa Ideas

Spa-themed games and activities that both boys and girls can enjoy is a great way to make your guests feel included. You could consider these games while hosting your next spa for little girls and boys.

1. Hair Style Race

Get some hair gel, funky clips, and wash-out dyes of various colours. Let the kids choose the products they want to use and create the coolest and cutest hairstyles in 15 minutes. The kids who aren’t participating can vote hairstyles and award the most deserving winner.

2. Truth or Dare

Let the children play a kid-friendly version of Truth or Dare. You could write a series of mild truth questions and dares, put them in separate bowls or jars, and let the kids choose between them.

3. Paper Robes/Eye Masks/Flip Flops

Give each child some construction paper and ask them to make spa robe, eye mask, and flip flop cutouts. Then let them go crazy with colours, sequins, beads, feathers, pompoms, glitter, etc. Hang all the cutouts and click pictures with them in the background.

Celebrate the next spa day with yummy treats, sweet-smelling lotions, and multicoloured manicures! Let your kids invite their friends over for a day of fun and pampering, complete with fabulous goodies and glamorous treatments.

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