How to Measure Shoe Size - Chart for Men & Women

How to Measure Your Shoe Size – Chart for Men & Women

Shoes are one of the most important aspects of dressing up, and if you usually struggle in finding a well-fitted shoe, there are chances that you may be picking up a wrong shoe size. If you are thinking of spending a bomb on an expensive pair of shoes but are sceptical which size to pick up, we will help you in putting an end to your struggle. Because in this article, we shall be discussing how you can measure your shoe size at home and buy the shoe that fits you perfectly!

How to Measure Shoe Size For Your Feet Accurately?

This is how to measure Indian shoe size or how you can measure your shoe size in cm or inches:

What You Need

  • Two sheets of white or plain paper
  • A measuring tape
  • A marker pen

How To Measure

  • Place your foot firmly on the paper.
  • Shift your weight forward to flatten your foot.
  • Draw the shape of your foot on the paper using the marker pen.
  • Do the same with other foot because sometimes there is a slight difference between both the feet.
  • Measure the distance between your longest finger (sometimes big toe may not be the longest) and the bottom of your heal.
  • Similarly, measure the width of the foot too.

How to Interpret the Results?

You can write down the width and length of your foot in inches and subtract both by 3/16th. The numbers thus obtained will help you in determining your exact shoe size. Also, if your size falls between two sizes, choose the size higher for better fit and comfort. The following tables will help you in finding the shoe size that fits you nicely:

Shoe Size Chart for Women

The following table measures shoe size for women:

UK US Euro Foot Length (inches and centimetre)
4 6 36/37 8.75 in/ 22.6 cm
4.5 6.5 37 9 in/ 23 cm
5 7 37/38 9.3 in/ 23.4 cm
5.5 7.5 38 9.4 in/ 23.9 cm
6 8 38/39 9.6 in/ 24.3 cm
6.5 8.5 39 9.8 in/ 24.7 cm
7 9 39/40 9.9 in/ 25.1 cm
7.5 9.5 40 10.1 in/ 25.5 cm
8 10 40/41 10.3 in/ 25.9 cm
8.5 10.5 41 10.5 in/26.3 cm
9 11 41/42 10.7 in/ 26.8 cm

Those as mentioned above are approximate measurements; different brands may have different measurements.

Shoe Size Chart for Men

The table below helps you in understanding men shoe sizes:

UK US Euro Foot Length (In inches and centimetres)
6 7 40 9.5 in/ 24.3 cm
6.5 7.5 40/41 9.7 in/ 24.7 cm
7 8 41 9.9 in/ 25.1 cm
7.5 8.5 41/42 10.2 in/ 25.6 cm
8 9 42 10.3 in/ 26 cm
8.5 9.5 42/43 10.5 in/ 26.4 cm
9 10 43 10.7 in/ 26.7cm
9.5 10.5 43/44 10.9 in/27 cm
10 11 44 11.1 in/ 27.3 cm
10.5 11.5 44/45 11.3 in/ 28.1 cm

The table above mentions the approximate measurements and various brands may have different measurements.


If you are having more questions regarding your shoe size, we suggest you take a look at this section as here we discuss some frequently asked questions regarding shoe sizes.

1. What are the Most Common Men and Women Shoe Size in India?

In India, the average shoe size for men can be 7 or 8, and for women, the average size can be 5 or 6.

2. Are Sandal Size and Shoes Size the Same?

There can be a slight variation in shoe size and sandal size. This is mainly because shoe companies are very particular about making a perfect fit as it may impact the experience or performance of the customer. At the same time, shoes do not have extra room for toes and thus need to provide the feet with the perfect fit. Therefore, until or unless you are buying a pair of shoes or sandals from a high-end brand, you may find variation in sizes.

3. Is there any Ratio of Shoe Size to Height?

Our feet are the base of our body, which means we stand on them and they need to support our body weight too. This means that the size of our feet is directly proportional to our height. However, this is not a rigid fact, and sometimes variations or exceptions are seen where taller people may have relatively smaller feet, and shorter people may have larger feet. As per one of the studies, approximately 6.6 inches of body height add one inch to your foot length.

4. Is UK size and Indian Size same

Yes, UK and Indian Shoe sizes are same. Therefore, whenever you are planning on buying a pair of shoes from an international brand, or you are shoe shopping outside India, you can look for UK shoe size to purchase shoes.

Wearing a right size shoe does much more than providing comfort to your feet. Just try to think of a day when you had to spend the entire day wearing that uncomfortable pair of shoes because of the wrong size. You may never want to relive those memories, and we hope this article helps you understand your shoe size better so that you can buy the right size shoe for yourself.

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