Are People with Tattoos Terrible Parents?

What your Kid Actually Thinks About the Tattoo you’ve been Hiding

Worried your inked nape, with a skull and arrow in red and black, will be judged by your kid? Why preconceive your kid’s judgement of your tattoo? What you think is crass, could be cool to your kid!

Tattoos are reflective of one’s inner voice and feelings. It’s unfortunate that society is quick to judge! If you are worried about what your kids think about your body art, fret not. Children’s thoughts on tattoos can actually be amusing, and probably didn’t hit you as parents with tattoos!

Children’s Thoughts on their Parents’ Tattoos

1. Ouch! Who Hurt You?

Small children always tend to run away with ideas. They are too young to understand the meaning of body art. Seeing the reds and blues and greens on your body can lead them to think that you’ve had an accident of some sort. Worse still, they’re probably thinking someone hurt you and the first person to come to mind will be their Daddy. Ouch! Now that really hurts.

2. Super Cool

You may not know it but in your children’s eyes you’re probably the next best thing to their favourite superhero character. Many children associate tattooed bodies to all things cool and funky. They will for sure think that of their friend’s parents who have tattoos. Seeing your tattoo will make them put you in the same league. Now wouldn’t that be a super cool thing?

3. What Happened to The Strict Disciplinarian?

If you’ve ruled with a heavy hand imposing strict discipline in your kid’s lives, you definitely want to hide that tattoo. There are many parents who oppose their children getting tattoos when they do quite the opposite. At best, they won’t see you as setting a very good example. At worst, you could become the laughing stock when they secretly discuss your inked body.

4. It’s Only Love

Tattoos convey a certain message. Most parents want their children’s names or other references of their love for them tattooed on their bodies. Children will see it as your love inked all over and there’s no greater honour than knowing they are truly loved.

5. A Glimpse into Your Old Life

Children notice everything more so when they are not supposed to. If you’ve got tattoos depicting certain events in your life, you can be sure they’ll piece it together. It’ll be like giving them a sneak peek into your life, without a verbal story. If they look curious, share the story of each tattoo with them.

Driven by what society thinks, many parents tend to hide their tattoos from their kid’s prying eyes. What they fail to realize is that children are not judgemental. You can have your entire body covered with ink and still be the best mom or dad they could possibly have. So just roll with it and let the question – are people with tattoos terrible parents – be a thing of the past.

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