Tips for Dressing Your Baby in the Summer Season

How to Dress Up A Baby in Summer? – Easy Tips for Parents

Clothes for adults in summers are pretty standard. But figuring out what babies wear during summer can be a task since they have just been introduced to the world. Put on fewer clothes and the baby might shiver and put on too many could make him uncomfortably hot. Striking the right balance can be possible if you understand the summer precautions that must be taken into account.

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How to Know If A Baby is Overheated

When your baby starts feeling hotter than usual, there are very evident signs that would present themselves. They are as follows

  • A tired and exhausted baby who seems to get irritated more often
  • A flush on the baby’s face and the skin is warm to touch
  • Breathing has increased in pace and in rapid short bursts

What Type of Clothing Should You Choose for Your Baby in Hot Weather?

Choosing the appropriate clothes for a newborn in summer can feel quite subjective at first sight. But sticking to a few common tried and tested aspects can help you choose better for your little one.

  • Use yourself as a benchmark to figure out what your baby would be comfortable in. If the summers are quite hot and you find yourself wearing shorts and a loose shirt, pick something similar for your baby as well.
  • Going with dresses that have short sleeves will helps your baby’s body get the air circulation it needs. Do not forget to pair that up with a sunscreen on your baby’s limbs when heading out.
  • If your summer picnics include visiting a garden or a forested area, carry a baby-friendly insect repellent to be applied on the body. Else, choose a light hoody or full pajamas to cover the body completely.
  • Keeping an extra piece of clothing can come in handy. Avoid socks altogether and choose a single body suit of a light fabric for the baby’s nighttime.
  • Just as the clothes need to be light in colour and fabric, make sure any baby carrier or sling you use to hold the baby allows him to be comfortable as well.

Baby in Nappy

Tips to Dress Your Baby in Summer

When figuring out what should the baby wear to bed in summer or even on a daily basis, picking out the right clothes might seem to get overwhelming from the numerous choices available. Stick to a few common tips to ensure both, your baby’s safety and comfort to make a good decision quickly.

1. Going Ahead Just with A Nappy and Nothing Else

Be it summers or even as winters are approaching, the surrounding temperature might tend to shoot up quite a bit making things hot in general. The best way to keep your little one comfortable in those times is to literally remove every single cloth he is wearing, and let him roll around in his nappy. While putting him to sleep, you can cover him with an extremely light cloth just so that it makes him feel cosy. Being in a nappy isn’t going to be any problem and your little one can play around without worrying about the heat.

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2. Upgrading Your Pram into A Vehicle Fit for The Summers

When you think of taking your baby outdoors, it becomes even more important to protect him from the strong sunlight and heat waves. Using a pram requires you to take some extra steps such as removing any additional cushioning of the pram. While this is meant for the baby’s comfort, the cushioning itself can heat up pretty quickly in summers and make it discomforting for the little one. Let your child wear breathable clothes that cover the body fully.

3. Opt for Simple Cloth Based Nappies Instead of Commercial Diapers

We understand that commercial diapers do have the added advantage of holding a lot more urine and poop as compared to a cloth nappy. But the summers can cause such diapers to keep the area around the baby’s butt warmer than usual. Their snug fit also makes it difficult for air to flow around the area, keeping it sweatier than usual. A nappy can take of the basics as well as keep your baby comfy at all times.

4. Cut Down on Baby Powders and Lotions during Summers

Yes, powders and lotions help keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy at all times. But summers, in general, tend to make the skin a lot more sensitive than it usually is. In such a scenario, the powders and lotions can end up irritating the skin instead of making it better. Therefore, reducing the number of such products in summers is in your baby’s benefit.

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5. Choose The Right Type of Clothes for Your Baby to Wear

Having a large collection of baby clothes gives you the option of dressing him up in the manner of your choosing. Summers, however, demand a specific type of clothing that allows his body to breathe and absorb sweat better than anything else. Hence, stuff away all those synthetic and silk clothes for some other time and stock up on cotton clothing that is lightweight and comfortable. Avoid dark colours since they can easily absorb heat and make it hotter than it already is.

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How to Protect an Infant from Summer Sun

The summer sun can easily get too strong for adults. Its effect on babies and infants would be even stronger and lead to health issues if the right precautions are not undertaken. Here’s how you can be in the safe zone at all times.

  • Keep your baby hydrated at all times with water and feeding sessions.
  • Always find a spot with good thick shade to keep your baby at all times.
  • There are special sunglasses available for newborns that can protect them from UV rays.
  • Babies with sensitive skin can opt for special UV protective clothing as well.
  • A simple hat that covers the face and head properly can go a long way in keeping the baby protected from the strong sun.

Knowing how to dress a newborn in summer can help you not just plan his wardrobe accordingly but get a good idea of picking out the right dresses for any season around the year. A comfortable and safe child is always happier physically and emotionally.

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