15 Important Guidelines for Choosing Safe Toys for Babies

How to Buy Safe Toys for Babies – Toy Safety Guidelines for Parents

Toys are an important part of childhood. Not only do they keep the little ones entertained, but they are specially designed to help in childhood development. There is still a need for parents and friends to be careful about the toys that you buy for your baby or as a gift.

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Why is Toy Safety Important?

A baby  tend to be curious about everything, and almost everything goes into her mouth. As vigilant as you are as a parent, there may be times when accidents can happen. This is why it is really important to ensure toy safety while deciding on what toys your child can play with.

Tips To Help You Choose Safe and Appropriate Toys for Your Child

Here are some essential toy safety tips for infants and toddlers that you should keep in mind while picking toys for your child:

1. Opt for Age Appropriate Toys

Toys are made for every age group, so do not get tempted to pick just any colourful toy that has been displayed. By selecting something appropriate for the age of your child, you are making sure that your child has fun, is safe and will have something that helps them in their current stage of development.

2. Toy Size

Avoid toys that are too small for your child. with the small sized toys there are high chances that your child might get choked easily. Toys that are too large may be too difficult for your child to play with.

3. Chewing Resistant

A baby has an uncanny tendency to put almost anything he finds interesting into his mouth. This is their way of exploring the object, and it can be hazardous for them if a part of their toy gives in to the chewing and they end up swallowing it.

4. Avoid Loud Toys

It isn’t just a physical danger that you need to watch out for when thinking about what makes a toy safe for your baby. Even toys that are too loud are dangerous to them as it can damage their hearing. Avoid anything with loud noises like sirens, songs or recordings.

5. Avoid Small And Loose Parts

Some toys come with removable parts that are too small to be safe for your child. They could very easily choke on these in their enthusiasm while playing.

6. Washable Toys

Germs get on everything, including toys. Since your little one is highly likely to put things in his mouth, it is always a good idea to wash the toys regularly to prevent your baby from falling ill from playing with them. Whether the toys are plastic or stuffed, it should be washable.

7. No Strings or Wires

If you have a toy with long strings, ribbons and wires, ensure you take out the dangerous parts as your baby may unintentionally strangle himself with it. If it manages to wrap itself around your baby too tightly and you happen to catch this on time, it may still cause problems as it has restricted the blood flow for some time.

8. Sturdy Toys

A happy baby loves to chew on his toys, also banging them about and pulling them is another way a baby plays with them. It’s just something they like to do, so make sure the toys do not break easily,and if they do, it will surely injure your child either in the process or if he decides to chew on a broken piece.

9. Avoid Sharp Edges

If  broken, a toy can injure your child, imagine a toy with sharp edges. Your baby’s skin is very delicate and can very easily get injured. So when your child is playing, you do not want to give them anything that could cut them or scrape their skin. Ensure to feel the toy and make sure that everything is smooth and there are no parts that protrude.

10. Avoid Electric Toys

This one should be easy enough to understand why. Any toy that runs on electricity will definitely pose a serious risk to your child. Remember that children love to throw their toys, bang them around, chew on them and even sleep with their favourite ones. If there is any damage to the toy in the process of all the playing, and your child tries to put it in his mouth and it short circuits, it will be fatal or cause very serious damage to your little one.

toy truck with battery

11. Avoid Toxic Toys

Toys that have rubber, paint or weak plastic is dangerous and toxic to your child. This is because there is a very strong chance that they contain phthalates or lead and some are even flammable. Make sure that the toys you pick do not have any of these characteristics before you allow your baby to play with them.

12. Avoid Second Hand Toys

Second-hand toys are cheap, but because they have been used before, they could have certain things that pose a threat to your baby. There could be batteries, ribbons, wires, beads, buttons, eyes, or plastic parts that come off easily and can be dangerous for your child. These toys are not safe toys for infants as they come with many dangers as even if they pass the loose parts inspection, they could still carry many germs with them.

13. Avoid Toys That Shoot Objects

We have all seen fancy toys that shoot things, but these are not safe for toddlers and infants as they can shoot something straight into their eyes or mouths by mistake.

Toys that shoot objects

14. Avoid Balloons

Balloons are fun and children love to look at them float around. Unfortunately, they are very easy to burst, especially in your child’s hands, and the rubber is very easy for them to choke on.

15. Avoid Heavy Toys

Some toys can be very heavy for your child. You need to consider if the toy could injure your child if it fell on him. Toys that could hurt your child are not worth getting.

When you buy a new toy for your child, always throw away the plastic covering. This is something else that can be dangerous to your little one if it gets into his mouth. Though bubble wrap is fun to play with, it should not be anywhere near your little one. Take a look at your baby’s toys now and then and make sure that you keep an eye out for wear and tear, loose parts, and anything that could be dangerous to your baby. Wash and disinfect your baby’s toys as often as you can.

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