How to Draw a Horse - A Step By Step Guide With Pictures

How to Draw a Horse for Kids

As parents or teachers, you could find yourself looking for easy drawings that your kids can enjoy coloring. Animals can be fun to color, but drawing them can be challenging. Horses, in particular, are tricky because they have so many curves, and you have to get the proportions of their body, head, and legs just right. Capturing their elegance, strength, and grace has been made easy, so if you are looking for a quick guide, keep reading to learn how to draw a horse step by step.

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What You Will Need to Draw a Horse

Drawing a horse is going to be easy and quick. The materials you will need to sketch a horse are easily available at your house:

  • Drawing paper
  • Black pen or marker
  • Crayons or color pens (optional)

Horse Drawing for Kids in 9 Simple Steps

If you are not the best artist or have difficulty drawing objects, here is a simplified tutorial to draw a cartoon horse. It is beginner-level and easy to follow. Here are 9 steps to draw a horse:

1. Start with the face.

First, you draw the horse’s face. Make a U shape if you want to make it quick and simple. You could also make it a bit more realistic by adding a curve on the lower side of the face.

how to draw a horse

2. Draw the face, neck and chest.

Draw the different facial components of the horse, i.e., the nostrils, mouth, and eyes. Draw the nostril a little bit above the mouth. From the ear, draw a slightly curved line that will form the neck. For the chest, draw a mild ‘S’ downwards from the chin.

how to draw a horse for kids

3. Draw the mane and the back.

Draw the back at the tip of the horse’s neck. For the mane, you can make a zig-zag starting at the ear and going all the way down the neck, and ending at the back. You can even add a tiny bit of mane in between the ears.

how to draw a horse

4. Draw the first front leg.

Now you can start drawing the legs. First, draw the front leg, beginning from the end of the neck and chest line. Draw two almost parallel line downwards, then to the left. Draw a hoof at the end of the leg.

how to draw a horse for kids

5. Draw the second front leg.

Similarly, draw the other front leg, such that it looks like it’s slightly behind the first front leg.

how to draw a horse

6. Draw the first hind leg.

For the hind leg, you can follow the same steps, or you can make it more realistic by making the calve more defined and angled.

how to draw a horse

7. Draw the second hind leg and the belly.

You can then add the last leg of the horse. Do it in the same manner as the other three but then draw behind the first ones. If you want to make the horse look like it’s galloping or walking, you can change the angle at which you draw the legs. Draw a connecting line from the first leg to the fourth leg. This will form the horse’s belly.

how to draw a horse

8. Draw the tail.

Now it’s time to make the tail of the horse at the end of the body. Start by making a backward S and connect it back, such that it looks like a leaf.

how to draw a horse

9. Colour the horse.

Grab some crayons and get to work or give them to your kids so they can color it.

how to draw a horse

If your little ones like horses, ponies, or unicorns, this easy tutorial is perfect for you to draw one for them so they can be creative and color or decorate it. You can try this easy step-by-step tutorial with materials already at home!

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