How to Draw a Lion - A Step-by-Step Guide with Pictures

How to Draw a Lion for Kids

Does your little one enjoy arts and crafts? With a little nudge in the right direction, he could turn into the next little Picasso! Drawing and colouring reach a level of excellence when practised often, if not daily. If you’re looking to hone your little one’s artistic talent, a drawing a day is a step in the right direction.

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This step-by-step guide is a great way to get your child to learn a new drawing. This one is simple and turns out great! Ready to see how simple it is to draw a lion?

What You Will Need

  • 1 pencil
  • 1 eraser
  • An A4 size plain paper/ plain white sheet
  • Colours

Lion Drawing for Kids – 13 Easy & Simple Steps

Step 1: Draw a lion face.

Draw a circle with a diameter of 5 cm or more on a plain sheet. To draw a lion face, make a small circle inside this circle. The space between the two circles should be about 1 cm. The outer circle should be sketched lightly so that it can be erased later.

How to Draw a Lion Step 1

Step 2: Draw the mane of the lion.

Draw frill-like semi-circles on the circumference of the bigger circle to draw the mane of the lion. Then erase the outer circle.

How to Draw a Lion Step 2

Step 3: Draw an egg-shape.

Draw an oval or egg-like structure starting from 1 cm below the centre of the circle as shown in the illustration.

How to Draw a Lion Step 3

Step 4: Draw two small circles on the left and right sides of the oval shape.

Draw two small circles along the base of the oval shape. The two circles should be drawn on the left and right side of the oval shape respectively such that they intersect with the oval shape as shown in the image.

How to Draw a Lion Step 4

Step 5: Draw two arcs inside the oval shape.

Draw two arcs inside the oval shape on the left and right sides respectively, as shown in the image.

How to Draw a Lion Step 5

Step 6: Erase the top-half of the oval shape.

Erase the above half of the oval shape.

How to Draw a Lion Step 6

Step 7: You will get a U-shape.

You will get a U-shape, which will form the base or the body of the lion.

How to Draw a Lion Step 7

Step 8: Draw the lion’s feet.

To make the lion’s legs and feet, draw a ‘J’ on the left as shown in the image and an ‘L’ on the right. Draw two arcs on both the feet as illustrated.

How to Draw a Lion Step 8

Step 9: Draw the tail of the lion.

Now to make the tail of the lion, draw two parallel lines going upwards on the right. Draw a leaf-like shape on the end of the lines.

How to Draw a Lion Step 9

Step 10: Draw the facial features.

  • To make lion’s eyes, start with drawing two small circles inside the smaller circle drawn in step 1.
  • Draw an oval shape inside the above two circles respectively and colour them black.
  • To make the white part of the eyes, draw a little circle on the top left inside each oval shape.
  • To draw a nose, draw a wide ‘V’ under the eyes of the lion. Draw an arc to connect the ends of the ‘V’ shape.

How to Draw a Lion Step 10

Step 11: Draw the tongue of the lion.

Draw a small line from the centre of the lion’s nose and draw a half-circle curved upwards (towards the nose). Draw a small semi-circle underneath to make the tongue of the lion. Next, draw two whiskers on each side as shown in the image.

How to Draw a Lion Step 11

Step 12: Colour the nose and tongue of the lion.

Colour the tongue and the nose of the lion black.

How to Draw a Lion Step 12

Step 13: Colour the body of the lion.

Colour the body of the lion mustard yellow and his mane and tail brown.

How to Draw a Lion Step 13

In 13 simple steps, your kids will have learned how to draw a lion. With some practice (and patience), your kiddo will learn how to draw a lion and other animal figures. And once he gets the hang of it, he can teach his friends too!

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