Here's a Beautiful Way to Relax Your Senses During Pregnancy

Here’s a Beautiful Way to Relax Your Senses During Pregnancy

There are two stages in your life when you will be stressed like never before: pregnancy and early motherhood. Worse, you cannot rely on a good night’s sleep, a spontaneous outing, or a day at the spa to help you destress. Being a woman, you are expected to take care of not just your baby, but everyone else in your family. And you have no qualms about it – not only is it one of your strengths, it is also something you voluntarily love to do! However, in the midst of all this, you forget to take care of yourself, and eventually get burned out and frustrated.

Fret not; you don’t have to accept the stress and worry as an unavoidable part of your life. For there’s a quick fix right at your home: aromatherapy. What’s more, it is one of the few stress relief techniques suitable for every mom in every stage of motherhood. That said, the benefits of aromatherapy for pregnant and new moms are the most far-reaching.

What is Aromatherapy?

Do you breathe in deeply when you smell a natural fragrance like jasmine or rose? Doesn’t it soothe you and make you feel better instantly? Without knowing it, you are indulging in aromatherapy!

Contrary to popular belief, aromatherapy is not modern therapy. It is an ancient tradition seen in cultures around the world – even in our very own India. Vaidyas or ayurvedic physicians were known to treat royalty with aromatic oil massages. Even back then, they certainly knew the importance of being relaxed to have a healthy state of mind! Traditionally, fragrant essential oils such as lavender, rose and jasmine were used for dealing with the three doshas or forces of nature – the vata (space and air), pitta (fire and water), and kapha (earth and water) respectively. According to Ayurveda, every person has each of these three forces within them, and the various combinations determine your nature, well-being, and your skin type.

A woman with a primarily Vata constitution has qualities of space and air. This is the reason why Vata types are generally slim, move fast, think on their feet, and have dry skin. Lavender helps calm them down like nothing does, and also works wonders for dry skin by alleviating itching and providing sufficient moisture. A person with a primarily Pitta constitution has qualities of fire and water. Pitta types tend to be fiery, focused, easily stressed, and have sensitive skin. Rose helps cool down their agitation and stress and provides tender soothing care to their ‘difficult to handle’ skin. Lastly, a person with a primarily Kapha constitution has qualities of earth and water. So Kapha types are typically calm, dependable, and occasionally lazy and have oily skin that tends to breakout.

Aromatherapy for Moms and Moms-to-be
Of all the ways in which aromatherapy is used, for you we recommend a nice, soothing massage. There is nothing more effective than a massage to get your blood circulating better. However, as an expecting or new mommy, you hardly have the time or will to go out of the way to get a massage. Wouldn’t it be nice if something that you use daily works just as well as a massage oil? Something which you can apply by yourself, without having to pay a bomb for it? Something that you could use without having to worry about it being safe for your baby? Well, the good folks at Himalaya were certainly reading your mind when they came up with this body butter with aroma benefits just for you!

Of all the ways in which aromatherapy is used, for you we recommend a nice, soothing massage. There is nothing more effective than a massage to get your blood circulating better.

Himalaya FOR MOMS’ soothing body butter is ideal for a relaxing, grease-free massage. Available in lavender, rose and jasmine, there’s something for every doshapersonality. Being thicker and smoother than a regular moisturizer, it is easy to massage onto skin. And the result is a relaxed, energized you with silky smooth and youthful skin. For best results, it is recommended to slightly warm the butter by rubbing your hands before application. While picking a maternity body butter, ensure that the formulation is natural, free from harmful chemicals and doesn’t have any side effects for you or your baby.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of this ancient medicinal therapy, make sure you get the most out of it. While you can massage the body butter onto the skin on your own, why not get your spouse to do it for you? It’s great both for the skin as well as for your bonding with your husband. Beautiful skin, energy and relaxation – with these amazing benefits in one powerful therapy, what’s not to love?
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