7 Healthy Ways to Keep Karva Chauth Fast When Pregnant

Ways to Keep Karva Chauth Fast When Pregnant

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Fasting holds special importance in Indian culture, and it is widely practised in many religions across India. Karva Chauth fast is mostly celebrated by north Indian women for the long life of their husbands. Where in most fasts eating fruits, nuts and drinking fluids is usually allowed, Karva Chauth fast is an exception because in this fast a woman is not allowed to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. If you are a pregnant woman, you could be wondering whether keeping Karva Chauth fast may cause harm to you and your baby. Where some religious believers exempt a pregnant woman from observing such kind of religious practices, other may offer certain leverages. In this post, we shall be acquainting you with some healthy ways of keeping Karva Chauth fast in pregnancy.

Tips Pregnant Woman Should Follow during Karva Chauth

We suggest you follow some of the below-mentioned tips while observing Karva Chauth in pregnancy first trimester, the second trimester or even while keeping Karva Chauth in the third trimester of pregnancy. Here are the tips that may ensure yours and your unborn baby’s safety and well-being:

1. Seek Your Doctor’s Permission

Your doctor knows what is best for you and your unborn baby. This is because every pregnancy is different. Your doctor knows about your health conditions and may be able to guide you whether or not your body is strong enough to sail through the fasting day without food and water. Also, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor may advise you from against keeping such fasts.

2. Listen To Your Body

In spite of eating fruits, drinking liquids, eating nuts etc., sometimes you may feel nauseous, giddy, dizzy or you may face other such health complications. It may not be wise to ignore any such symptoms, and you must act promptly and seek medical advice.

3. Keep Yourself Well-hydrated

Dehydration may lead to complications in pregnancy, and you must exercise great caution to abstain from getting dehydrated. If you decide against consuming water, then you must include other fluids such as milk, fruit juices or fruits with higher water content (watermelon, melon, etc.) to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Eat Nutritious Meal Before Sunrise

‘Sargi’ or before sunrise meal holds a lot of importance in this fast. However, you must make healthier eating choices in pregnancy while observing this fast to cope better. Make sure you include fresh fruits, coconut water, and whole grain food items to keep your energy levels high. Refrain from consuming high-calorie food items, sweets or caffeinated beverages.

5. Keep Yourself Distracted

Most of the times it is not the food, but the thought of eating food may make you crave for it. Try to distract yourself by being in the company of family and friends. You may go on a movie date with friends or have a house party at home to kill some time. Keeping yourself engrossed may help you forget about your hunger pangs.

6. Keep Yourself Relaxed and Calm

When you are pregnant, your body works more than usual. And while fasting when your body may not be fuelled sufficiently, you must save your energy. Do not indulge in strenuous activity or become overactive. Stay relaxed and mildly active and preserve your energy, which may help you last through the day. You may listen to some music, read a book or do any such activity where you may not be required to exert or strain yourself physically.

7. Be Ready for the Changes

Sometimes things may not turn up the way you planned them, and it is absolutely fine if that happens. The same principle applies here, even after your doctor gives you a head up to go ahead with the fast and you feel that you may not be able to sustain through the day without food and water. You must listen to your body and go ahead and do what your body wants you to do. If you wish to eat, make sure you do. Eat ample fruits, nuts, milk, juices etc. and keep your energy levels high.

It is essential to understand that you must not follow the religious practices blindly and without paying heed to your health. Pregnancy is a crucial time, and your baby holds utmost priority. Therefore, if you feel that your health allows and you have the will-power to observe Karva Chauth fast, you may do so after getting consent from your gynaecologist.

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