Childbirth Details not to Share with Family and Friends

Funny Not! Spare your Family These Childbirth Details

After you have delivered your baby, you take time to recover from being overwhelmed about how you are now a mom! You may want to regale your dear ones about the experience, but there are certain childbirth details not to share with family and friends.

There are many cool things about childbirth, but there are also those that are better left in the delivery room! They’re not exactly pleasant to the ears and may even gross out a few of your dear ones. So, while you may get asked questions about your delivery, don’t get too honest. Know the hush-hush things to keep to yourself.

Childbirth Details Not to Share with Family and Friends at Any Cost!

1. An episiotomy:

It’s the unkindest cut and one of the most painful! An episiotomy, which is a surgical cut in the vagina to make way for a baby, brings with it a horrible mental image that your family definitely wouldn’t want to hear about at all. Keep it to yourself!

2. Sharing your epidural experience is not a wonderful thought:

An epidural may ease contractions, but the moment you get it injected into your spine, you know what torture feels like! Though not as personal as discussing an episiotomy,

why subject your family to a cringe fest?

3. You can cut out placenta details!

Just when you think getting your baby out is over, the doctor will casually say “One more push”. That’s for you to deliver the placenta. As natural as the process may be, for everyone’s sake, avoid the description of your placenta!

4. Were you a pooper? No one needs to know!

You’re likely to go number two in front of the doc and the nurses, which is, again, very natural. That’s because your uterus presses down on your nether regions to force your baby to come out. But, why share the experience with your family? There’s such a thing as too much information!

5. The return of your menses:

Everyone knows that childbirth involves a lot of blood, not just during delivery but even after that. Yet it doesn’t need to be so public. If you haven’t had your period for nine months and your body’s begun to compensate, leave it at that. It’s a private matter that shouldn’t be shared.

6. The agony of a c-section:

With a c-section, there’s a lot of cutting and stitching involved. But as commonplace as it now is, you don’t have to tell everyone how much you hated the sounds of the scissors and knives and how your imagination ran wild.

7. The pain when pooping or peeing:

It’s common knowledge that answering nature’s calls is tough and painful post-delivery. The burning sensation, even the constipation, only adds to your misery. Just keep these details to yourself and ride out the storm!

There are many such childbirth surprises that you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) want to share whether they’re just too icky for words or you’re trying to forget. Either way, consider them personal and part of your private life. If you want to share and your husband’s willing to lend an ear, let that be the end of it!
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