Safest Way for Toddlers to Go Down Stairs without Assistance

Downstairs Climbing in Toddlers

Needless to say, going down the stairs takes more time and effort compared to climbing up. Follow these easy stairs climbing down techniques for toddlers and help your child gain confidence while climbing down steps. Here’s to an injury-free stair-climbing journey!

Tips for a 22-month-old Going Down the Stairs

1. Reverse Crawling Down the Stairs

Before your little one starts experimenting on her own, introduce her to certain down-climbing lessons. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is for toddlers to climb down stairs without assistance. Help your tot reach the milestone by encouraging her to go downstairs with the support of her tummy. She can do this while placing her knee on the lower step like reverse crawling. However, check that in doing so, she doesn’t slide down.

2. Scooting Down the Stairs

After your baby has mastered the art of reverse crawling down the stairs, you can teach her to scoot down. Encourage her to imitate you. Make her sit a few steps above you and use your hands to help her scoot to the next step. Continue doing this a few times. She’ll absolutely enjoy it!

3. Go Slow and Steady

After your baby confidently moves down the stairs in sitting positions, it’s time to teach her to walk down. One of the safest ways for toddlers to go down the stairs is by starting with the bottom three steps. Hold her hand and help her in getting down the last three. Once she gets a little comfortable, let her practice on her own but be alert.

4. Clap-clap-clap

Has your baby started climbing up the stairs? Learn the safest way for toddlers to go down the stairs too and avoid getting hurt.Place your child two steps above you and stand facing her. Hold her hands and help her come down one step at a time. She’ll initially put her feet on a single step. Slowly, she’ll learn to alternate her steps while climbing down. Every time she climbs down one step, appreciate her efforts by clapping.

5. Importance of Banister Support

By now, your child should be climbing up the stairs easily. To make sure she climbs down without losing her balance, stay close to her and prompt her repeatedly to hold on to the banister. Show her a few steps down and once she holds on to the hand rail automatically, you can allow her to climb down the stairs on her own.

These 5 down-climbing techniques are effective in giving your baby enough confidence to try the stairs on her own. However, don’t rush through the process. Take it one step at a time and keep motivating your little one. Has your tot started to try down-climbing? How have you helped her?

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