Fun Learning Ideas for Kids Using Sand and Water

Fun Learning Ideas for Kids Using Sand and Water

Young children are fascinated with water and like to play with it for endless hours at a time. For them, water is exciting and is a new discovery in the new world. Similarly sand is also something that attracts children. A combination of sand and water is, of course, a beach. However, it is always not possible to go to a beach. Also, in some areas there are no beaches nearby.

This exposure to sand and water can be a great learning experience for children. You can teach them earth elements through this activity. It is extremely relaxing and refreshing for children to play with sand and water. While parents are eager to walk their children through this activity, it is also of utmost importance to take care of their safety. One of the greatest safety measures that can be taken by a parent is to supervise the child and be watchful at all times.
Now, it’s time to introduce some fun activities which you can use to play with children:

1. Treasure Hunt

This is a very simple yet effective activity. On a sheet of plastic or in a big tub, keep a few plastic animals. Then, pour 2 buckets of sand on top of them. The task for the child is to hunt for the animals. During this activity, your child will dig in the sand, which will not only improve his arm muscles, but will also ensure that he starts thinking of ways to find the animals. This further improves the thinking skills and neurological development of the child.

2. Who Floats

In this activity, you need to place two buckets of water. In one bucket, keep a few plastic balls, which will float. In the other bucket, put some stones and pebbles. Teach the child which things float and which ones do not float and also let him know why. Also, allow the child to play and try putting different things in the water. You can also place some other items on the ground like handkerchief, matchsticks, etc. and the child can try putting things in water to check if it they float or not. And while the child is doing so, you can share the logic of the same.

3. Explore Water

In this activity, you can place your child in a tub full of water. Also place some water toys in the tub and let your child play with them. You can also teach properties of water by asking fun questions like, “Can you hold the water with one hand? How about two hands?” Splashing hands in water is super fun activity and helps build your kid’s arm muscles. Thus, it is a good activity to improve his motor skills.

The days when children are super enthusiastic about water will go by very soon. It is a good idea to maintain a memory album – either a hard copy or a soft copy, so that these beautiful days can be relived with your child when he/she grows up!

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