12 Awesome Valentine's Day Classroom Ideas for Children

12 Amazing Classroom Valentine Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is such a special day. Kids can have a lot of fun on this day dedicated to love. Like Halloween, the main element that children enjoy about this holiday is the candies and chocolates. So, it is up to you to make sure that the kids don’t miss out on the Valentine’s Day fun.

When you need to make something for a group of children, it may seem like it is going to be pretty difficult to make something that can work for you. After all, buying little giveaways for so many kids can burn a deep hole in your pocket. However, there are many wonderful DIY classroom Valentines that will be feasible and easy to put together that the kids will love.

These are budget-friendly and the most you will spend on them is your time and effort. Kids are not very difficult to please, and their innocent little hearts will enjoy things that are colourful and different from what they are used to.

Creative Valentine Classroom Ideas for Children

If you need some cute class Valentine ideas for little children, here are some great ones to consider:

1. Fruit Tags

Fresh fruits are a wonderful gift to give instead of candy. They are so healthy and sweet and make the perfect snacks for young kids. Place the fruits inside a cellophane bag and prepare cute fruit tags to tie onto your wrapped fruits to give them a unique appearance and adorable valentine vibe. They can say things such as “You are the apple of my eye” or “orange you happy we are friends?”

Fruit Tags

Source: Pinterest

2. Blow Me a Kiss

This cute little gift bag is easy to put together and is something that your kids will love.

Things You Need

  • Hershey Kisses
  • Gumballs, 1″
  • Pretzel bags


  • Line up your gumballs in the pretzel bag.
  • Add in the Hershey’s kisses at the top. You can put one in or a few if you have enough.
  • Tie up the opening of the bag with a pretty ribbon and add your cute “Blow me a kiss” tag to it.

Blow me a kissSource: Pinterest

3. Loom Band Valentine

These cute little Valentine’s Day giveaways are exciting to share with classmates! A fun idea would be to make them in the colours of Valentine’s Day, like red or pink, or simply in the school’s colours. Add a tag with a lovely note to make it all the more perfect!

Valentine's day loom bandsSource: Pinterest

4. Sip Sip Hooray Silly Straw Valentine

These cute little Valentine’s cards are so easy to make, and they will brighten up the days of the little children that you are giving them to. All you need are silly straws and cards that say “Sip sip hooray!”. Just punch holes in the places that you want to weave the straws through and weave away.

Sip Sip Hooray Silly Straw Valentine

Source: Pinterest

5. Lollipop Valentines

This idea is very creative, and it is also very pocket friendly, making it the perfect option for those who want to give gifts on a budget. You will need to think ahead for this one, however, as you will need time to upload and edit the pictures of your children. You will need a bag of lollipops, a camera and scissors. You will need to take pictures of the kids with their hands held out, as if they are holding onto something. Next, just upload these pictures onto the computer, edit in some Valentine’s wishes and then print them out. With your scissors, make the appropriate holes at the top and bottom of each hand, and then weave the lollipop through that. Simple, creative and budget-friendly.

Lollipop Valentines

Source: Pinterest

6. Bugs and Kisses

This one is so simple, though it may be something more appealing to little boys and girls who are not afraid of bugs. You will just need a few cellophane bags, little plastic bugs and a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. Put the bugs and the kisses together in the plastic bags and staple them on a card that says “bugs and kisses”.

Bugs & Kisses

Source: Pinterest

7. Glow Stick Valentine

It is always a wonderful idea to get your kids something for Valentine’s Day that is fun but doesn’t have anything to do with sweets. You can either make your own or print out little banks that say “You make my heart glow” on coloured paper. Punch a hole on either side of the paper and weave a glow stick through it. Kids love glow sticks and they are sure to love these lovely little Valentine’s giveaways.

Glow Stick Valentine

Source: Pinterest

8. iPod Valentine

This cute iPod Valentine’s is a fun way to wrap up those delicious candies while showing off your creativity.

Things You Need

  • Coloured scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • Conversation Heart boxes
  • Hershey’s kisses
  • Bakers twine
  • Glue
  • Songs list printouts
  • Tape


  • Create the iPod playlist on the computer and then print them out.
  • Use songs such as “I want candy”, “You’ve got a friend”, “All you need is love”, “Sweet like chocolate”.
  • Cut these out into size to make it look like the screen on the iPod.
  • In a similar manner, create the scrolling bar and print it out.
  • Cut it out and keep it aside.
  • Cut out the scrapbook paper to match the size of the candy box.
  • Using tape, stick the paper around the box.
  • Stick the iPod screen and the scrolling bar that you have printed and cut into size.
  • Cut the bakers twine into the same size as earphone wires.
  • Stick one end of these onto the body of the iPod.
  • Stick a Hershey’s kiss onto each end of the two earphone strings to make the earpieces.
  • After this, you are done.
Ipod Valentines

Source: Pinterest

9. Paper Airplane

This cute idea is perfect for sending the kids a message on Valentine’s Day. You will need to print out papers that have airmail borders and fold them into aeroplanes. You can write down any Valentine’s message you want on them. The kids are sure to love and treasure these little love notes.

Paper Airplane

Source: Pinterest

10. Hot Wheels Valentines

This idea is such a cute one for little boys who love cars. You will need to purchase some hot wheels, some candy, cellophane bags and printouts with your message. Pop the hot wheel and candy into the bag, and staple on the card that has the message you want to send.

Hot Wheels Valentines

Source: Pinterest

11. Pokemon Bands and Valentine Card

Children have a colourful imagination, and somewhere in that imaginative corner live pokemon. Pokemon are a growing trend with today’s kids like it was in the late 90s. Surprise kids with Valentine’s Day cards and bands that have pokemon printed on them. Those cards can have different types of pokemon printed on them so that when children get them they can talk about which pokemon they like best.

pokemon gift for kids

Source: Pinterest

12. Olaf Valentine

Who doesn’t love Olaf? This funny and adorable character is every kids’ favourite. To make Olaf Valentine, you can use two different shaped marshmallows (mini and regular-sized), biscuit sticks, black MnMs for eyes, and corn candy for nose. Make pairs and seal in individual bags. Staple a Valentine’s Day greeting card along with your personalised message in it.

olaf gift for kids

Source: Pinterest

As you can see, most of these ideas are pretty simple. They don’t have any complicated steps, but since you are making them for a lot of children, they may take some time to finish. This is a small price to pay for making a whole bunch of children smile. These valentine’s day ideas for kids’ classes are great. It does not matter whether you are helping your child make them for the rest of the class, or whether you are a teacher who wants to put a smile on the faces of your precious students, they are going to be delightful to the little hearts that receive them.

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