Here's why you need to teach your Pre Schooler the Art of Beading

Here’s why you need to teach your Pre Schooler the Art of Beading

Beading is a colorful and fun way to build in diverse skills in your pre-schooler. Some parents feel that it is too early to start, however this is the best stage to start teaching beading to your child.

Let us understand the reasons for which beading needs to start at a nascent stage:

1. Builds Creativity

Beading is a good way to introduce your child to the infinite world of creativity. There are a variety of beads available in the market, with different colors, shapes and sizes. Also there are threads available of various colors and textures. While you are teaching the art of beading to your child, you and your child can also explore the creative side of your child. You will be surprised to know that pre-schoolers are very creative when it comes to beading activity. You can also give appropriate cues during this activity to enhance the creative skills of your child.

2. Enhances fine motor skills

Through beading a lot of fine motor skills of hands and especially fingers are enhanced. When your child tries to pick up the right color and then tries to take a grasp of the object – bead, holds it in a particular way so that the thread can be put through the beads. All this enhances the fine motor skills of your child i.e. the bones of fingers and wrists strength is improved

3. Improves Mathematical Skills

While doing the beading activity, your child is learning to count, learning different colors, making it easier to teach math – basic concepts like addition and subtraction can be introduced at this stage. Other cognitive skills like deciding how long a necklace should be or how much length a bracelet should be, are also sharpened.

4. Enhances Other Cognitive Skills

Other cognitive skills like planning are also improved through beading. While starting the beading process, the child will begin to develop his cognitive abilities like planning the item he wants to make – whether it is a necklace or an anklet or something else. If the child chooses to make an anklet, he will need to decide the length of the anklet and also the pattern of the anklet. He needs to make a decision on the colors to be used and the design, he will also need to think about the length of thread and also when to stop putting in beads inside.

5. Enhances Social Skills

When children learn to make something new and when they complete their mini project, they like to wear it and also show it off a little. Once your child has made enough bead items, you can host a bead party or a bead making session and invite all the children at home. Doing this will definitely improve the social skills of your child and also increases confidence with group interactions.

Beading is definitely a fun filled and creative activity and with all the above mentioned benefits, we encourage each parent to start this with their child at an early age itself. Just be careful to supervise the activity as beads can be easily ingested and serve as a choking hazard!
With a little extra supervision, beading can be the most fun activity. Have fun showing off your child’s creativity!

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