Eating Jackfruit during Pregnancy – Is It Safe?


Fruits, vegetables and a lot of other nutritive food items are made mandatory for a woman when she’s pregnant. Keeping a balanced diet that can provide the right nutrition is quite challenging. Some women do tend to love Jackfruit a lot, but very few people recommend consuming it since there seem to be various views that prefer keeping the fruit out of a pregnant woman’s diet. Let’s understand if there is any truth behind that thought process.

Nutritional Value of Jackfruit


Jackfruit is known as a treasure trove of various nutritional constituents, all of which are present in it in the healthiest form possible. The energy, for example, is about 155 calories in a single cup of jackfruit. But barely 5 calories come from its fat, which makes it quite a healthy option.

The content of various saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium is extremely low in jackfruit, which is made even healthier by the substantial presence of folate, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and even Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Along with that, a number of minerals such as manganese copper, potassium, iron, and calcium are also present in it.

The fibre present in the fruit plays a vital role in stimulating digestion, and the absence of sugar makes it a great choice for women with gestational diabetes. Many more nutrients in it tend to have various anti-microbial, anti-cancer, and health-promoting qualities, which has made jackfruit an important part of Chinese medicine as well.

Is it Safe to Consume Jackfruit during Pregnancy?

Although most women are aware of the nutritional value of a jackfruit, they tend to wonder can we eat jackfruit during pregnancy safely. Many women, certain experts, and even a few doctors do tend to advise women to stay away from jackfruits, simply because there isn’t enough evidence to prove its utility. A myth that is rampant amongst women of all ages is that consumption of jackfruit tends to cause a miscarriage. But that is unfounded and doesn’t contain any risks when jackfruit is consumed in healthy quantities.

Benefits of Jackfruit during Pregnancy?

In fact, having jackfruit during pregnancy third trimester or even in other stages tends to bring a load of nutrients and benefits to the woman’s body that is essential at that stage.

1. Supports The Stomach

Consumption of jackfruit in the right quantity helps alleviate a lot of stomach problems, including ulcers present on the stomach lining as well as any extreme sensitivities.

2. The Benefit Of Various Minerals

The development of the foetus relies heavily on the presence of various minerals in the body, each of which is responsible for developing a core element of the child. With calcium, zinc, iron, beta-carotene and many others present in good quantities in jackfruit, this tends to be a beneficial food item all around.

3. Reduction In Blood Pressure

Any elevation in the blood pressure of a pregnant woman can deem hazardous for the foetus and result in various complications. Jackfruits help in keeping the blood pressure in check and maintain the safety of the child and the mother.

4. Source Of Energy

Pregnancy can induce some laziness and lethargy in the woman since it saps a lot of strength during the journey. Jackfruits can help bring back the zest due to it being a good energy source.

5. Stimulates Digestion

The fibre content in jackfruit is enough to complete nearly 10 percent of the daily fibre intake. This helps in streamlining bowel movement, relieving constipation, and optimize digestive processes.

6. Low Levels Of Sodium

The presence of saturated fats and sodium in fruits is one reason why they are not completely safe for consumption by pregnant women. Both of these are present in negligible amounts for the jackfruit, making it a healthy choice for all.

7. Development Of Foetus

Vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, iron, and many other compounds play a vital role in cultivating various necessary organs and body processes of the developing baby. All of these are provided in good quantities by consuming jackfruits.

8. Stress Reduction

The 9 months of pregnancy can easily get stressful for a woman, which is not good for the baby. The constituents of jackfruit have been observed to alleviate a lot of stress levels, making it great to be consumed in pregnancy.

9. Immunity Boost

Vitamin C is also necessary for strengthening the weak immune system of a budding mother. Jackfruit contains the vitamin in copious quantities helping bring the immunity back online.

10. Hormone Regulation

Hormones of a pregnant woman are in complete disarray leading to mood fluctuations, emotional breakdowns, and anxiety. Jackfruits help control the hormone levels and make lives easier.

Side Effects of Eating Jackfruit during Pregnancy

Just because there are so many benefits, it does not immediately make jackfruit fit for consumption. There are a few unwanted effects one needs to be aware of before moving ahead with buying one.

  1. Avoid eating jackfruit if tissue transplantation is a part of your pregnancy process.
  2. Although low in sugar, the glucose levels can fluctuate by eating jackfruits. So it should be avoided by diabetic women.
  3. Jackfruit is known to accelerate the coagulation of blood. Although this is beneficial for most people, if you are a woman who has a pre-existing blood-related health condition, eating jackfruit must be avoided for your own safety.
  4. Eating the jackfruit in absurd amounts can lead to diarrhoea and excretory problems since it tends to act as a natural laxative.
  5. Certain women do have a possibility of an allergy from jackfruit. It is best to be aware of it.

Different Ways to Include Jackfruit In your Pregnancy Diet

Jackfruit can be consumed in a variety of forms, including as a raw fruit or a ripe one, or by cooking a vegetable from it. The pulp of the fruit is quite delicious and can be easily palatable for many women. Having jackfruit chips during pregnancy is also possible although in limited quantities. Having grated coconut garnished over slices of jackfruit make for a tasty dish when pairing with bananas and honey.

How to Select and Store Jackfruit

Choose only those jackfruits that are yet to ripen, are fresh and heavy with dark green in colour and hard thorns. For eating right away, choose ripe ones with soft thorns. These can be stored longer when refrigerated.

The myth of jackfruit causing miscarriage has no evidence in real life. That being said, consuming jackfruit in extremely high quantities, while suffering from complications can  make matters worse. Keeping things in moderation is the best way of eating any food item.

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