Intake of Ginger Tea during Pregnancy

Intake of Ginger Tea during Pregnancy

A lot of changes when you are pregnant, your body is suddenly facing a much weaker immune system due to the hormonal imbalance, this means you get sick by the smallest of issues and what was once considered healthy requires re-evaluation. One of the key parts of your life to reconsider when pregnant is your diet. What you eat and drink is extremely important; this is why we are going to learn all about ginger tea during pregnancy, it’s benefits and side effects.

Is It Safe to Drink Ginger Tea during Pregnancy?

To understand the benefits of ginger-tea for pregnant ladies, we must first examine if it is safe and under what conditions is it safe. In moderation, ginger tea is considered extremely healthy and helpful for women who are pregnant, especially during the first trimester, where it acts as a natural remedy for morning sickness. It is recommended that you do not consume more than 1gm of ginger per day during your pregnancy and in general, it is recommended that you do not exceed 1.2gm per day. In extremely rare cases, some pregnant women may become allergic to ginger during pregnancy, this is the only time apart from an overdose of ginger that the tea can be considered unsafe.

Benefits of Ginger Tea for Pregnant Women

There are numerous benefits of ginger and ginger tea during pregnancy; here are a few:

1. Helps Morning Sickness

Ginger is considered a natural fortifier of the digestive tract and the respiratory tract. Additionally, it has soothing effects on the throat and has been known to aid in preventing vomiting. In essence, there are a lot of doctors who recommend ginger tea for pregnancy nausea. Drinking the tea at night and right after waking up can help you keep the morning sickness under control.

2. Helps Digestion

Like for morning sickness, most doctors recommend ginger during pregnancy due to the positive impact that it has on digestion. Your immune system will make digestion much harder, consuming a glass of ginger tea can help you improve and fortify your body’s digestive functions.

3. Improves Immunity

Ginger is packed with properties that are known to fortify your immunity. It is considered a great ingredient to add to food or tea when you are pregnant as it constantly combats numerous diseases and prevents illnesses.

4. Soothes the Throat

It is common knowledge that ginger is used to alleviate sore throats and help throat infections, this is due to the soothing properties that ginger possesses.

5. Helps Anxiety

Ginger has properties that relax the brain and is known to help manage anxiety. In limited doses, ginger tea can help you unwind.

6. Manages Blood Sugar

Ginger is a root vegetable rich in minerals that can help manage your blood sugar when taken in moderation.

7. Keeps Cholesterol in Check

Like with blood sugar, these minerals also control your body’s cholesterol levels; it is recommended that you consume ginger in limited amounts along with a heart-healthy diet to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

8. Prevents Cancer

Ginger has minerals that prevent oxidative stress, this, in turn, helps combat and prevent ovarian cancer.

9. Helps Muscles Recuperate

The soothing nature of ginger also helps your body recover from muscle fatigue, drinking a cup of ginger tea during pregnancy can help your joints, bones and body relax and recover from extreme fatigue.

Benefits of Ginger Tea for Pregnant Women

10. Improves Nutrient Absorption

Ginger is rich in vitamins and minerals that are critical for your body, a good balance of these vitamins helps your body absorb nutrients much better. Ginger tea can help maintain a balance of vitamins, and in turn, it greatly improves nutrient absorption.

How Much Ginger Tea You can Consume when Pregnant

In moderation, ginger is a superfood, but if taken in excessive amounts, it can harm you more than help you. Most medical experts recommend a pregnant woman consume no more than a gram of ginger per day in any form. This means to limit the addition of ginger in your tea to a gram per day and add other healthy ingredients to the tea to maximise the nutritional value of ginger tea.

Side Effect of Ginger Tea if Consumed in Excess Amount

If consumed in excess on a regular basis, ginger tea can have some major side effects, here are a few:

1. Pregnancy Weight Loss

When consumed in excess, ginger can play a negative role in weight management; this includes a harmful amount of weight loss during pregnancy that could create a nutritional imbalance for your baby and you.

2. Interaction with Anaesthesia and Excessive Blood Loss

Ginger has blood-thinning properties; this can impact the clotting of blood and cause excessive blood loss, additionally, ginger, if consumed in extreme excess can interact badly with anaesthesia making it dangerous to consume before surgeries.

3. Risk of Birth Defects

As mentioned above, ginger helps nutrition absorption, but in excess, this can be a bad thing. If your body consumes too much of the nutrition present in food, it can leave the foetus with less nutrition.

4. Miscarriage

In extremely rare cases, over-consumption of ginger can lead to a miscarriage or still-birth.

5. Premature Labour

Due to the blood-thinning and muscle relaxing properties of ginger, overuse can lead to premature labour.

6. Low Birth Weight

As with the point on birth defects, ginger can cause your body to absorb nutrients at a higher rate when consumed in excess; ginger can leave your baby with less nutrition, this, in turn, causes your baby’s birth weight to be lower than expected.

Best Ginger Tea Recipes for Pregnant Women

Here are some of the best recipes for ginger tea:

1. Lemon Ginger Tea

Brew regular black tea on a low flame, grate a teaspoon of ginger and add it, squeeze half a lemon and add at-spoon of honey. Garnish with mint leaves.


2. Ginger Clove Tea

Add a teaspoon of grated ginger and 3 or 4 pieces of clove to boiling water on a low flame for 5 minutes, add some tea leaves and continue to boil for an additional 3 minutes, serve with a teaspoon of honey.

3. Ginger Green Tea

Add a teaspoon of grated ginger to water, boil on a low flame for 8 minutes, pour the ginger-infused water into a glass, add 2 dip bags of green tea, let it stew for 3 minutes, remove the dip bags and consume.

4. Chamomile Ginger Tea

Add a teaspoon of ginger to water in a vessel, bring it to a boil on a low flame, pour into a glass with a teaspoon of honey and a dip bag of chamomile tea.

5. Tulsi Ginger Tea

Add ginger and tulsi to the tea in a vessel and bring them to boil. Strain in a serving cup add honey and squeeze lemon juice and stir it.

If you feel uneasy or sick after consuming ginger tea, talk to your doctor. Do not consume excessive amounts of ginger in your diet and talk to your nutritionist for more information

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