What Essentials to Pack in Your Baby's Diaper Bag?

Diaper Bag Checklist – What Should Go in Your Baby’s Diaper Bag

Whenever you end up taking your baby outside or are travelling elsewhere with your little one, it isn’t as simple as taking your stuff and leaving right away. A baby might be a tiny little being, but the number of things you need to carry along with you to ensure that he is taken care of throughout the trip or the journey can easily get you overwhelmed. By knowing what to pack in the diaper bag of your child, you can memorize the list, put them all in a place where you can get them easily and resort to travelling with a comparatively less anxious mind and a much happier baby.

The Ultimate Diaper Bag Essentials List

In order to give you a headstart when packing up the diaper bag for your child, we have put together an effective list based on the child’s age that can help you to some degree.

0-6 Months

For a newborn, the diaper bag checklist usually contains a lot of nappies and feeding items since that is pretty much what newborn babies need most of the time. Here are a few more things to keep ready:

1. A Small Shawl

Your baby is going to sleep off at the most random times, and the place where you are might not have the right temperature to help him sleep peacefully. Using a light shawl that you can use to keep warm when it’s cold, the smell and texture will make him feel safe too.

2. Sanitizer

When travelling, you will have to keep taking care of your baby throughout. Maintaining hygiene is easy at home, but the availability of clean soap and water when you are out may not be guaranteed. It is best to carry a sanitizer so that you can clean your hands quickly and attend to your child.

3. Extra Shirt and Pads for Breasts

Yes, you do need to carry certain items for yourself as well. If your breasts end up leaking or your little one throws up a bit after a feed, you don’t want to walk around with those stains on your top. Keep a change of clothes and some extra pads to soak the leakage.

4. Clean Cloths

With repeating feeding cycles come the inevitable burps that will occasionally cause your little one to throw up a little milk. Instead of spoiling your clothes repetitively, make use of a clean cloth that can help catch any spit by your child.

5. Extra Baby Clothes

Messy surprises come unannounced, and your little one is adept at it. He could pee even while you are changing the diaper or spray milk all over himself, spoiling his clothes. Carry spare clothes for your baby to be prepared for these messy situations.

Baby Clothes

6. Disposable Bag

All those dirty diapers, unclean wipes, etc., need to be disposed properly and throwing them just anywhere is not the right way to do it. Use a disposable bag to keep them in and then dispose them at a dustbin when you spot one.

7. Cream for Diaper Rash

At times, it might not be easy to change a soiled diaper right away, and your baby might have to stay with one for a while. This could give rise to a diaper rash and irritate him. Carry a cream for the rash so that he can get some relief quickly when you change the diaper.

8. Compact Pad

While handling your baby, you need a firm surface to keep him or the other objects safe and within reach. There are collapsible compact pads you can use that fit in the bag easily and can be unfolded when they have to be used.

9. Baby Wipes

Wet wipes are highly recommended over any kind of cloth or cleaning material. Not only are they easy to carry and use as well as dispose away, but most of them are also medicated and that make things a million times better. You can even make your own disposable wet wipes at home.

10. Diapers

Well, it is called a diaper bag for a reason. Pooping is what will constitute the majority of your newborn baby’s life in the initial months. Don’t risk travelling with him without fresh diapers, as this can become a messy (and smelly) situation rather quickly. Change diapers the moment you get the chance.

6-12 Months

Apart from all the essentials mentioned for the newborn child, once your baby is more than 6 months old, there are a few more items you need to carry along as well.

1. A Book

Your baby might need some distraction while he is feeding or just lying around. Keep his favourite book along with you so that you can read it out to him and show him the colourful pictures as well.

2. A Toy

You might need to grab a nap as well, but your little one might be stark awake. Let him keep himself engaged by playing with his favourite toy. If you are travelling, carry a toy that doesn’t make noise so as to avoid disturbing other passengers.


3. Apron

Now that your child can make use of his limbs a lot, he could also be eating solids now. This results in a higher risk of spilling things. Having an apron around his neck can catch these food items that spill and keep him clean.

4. Water Sipper

Babies at this age do tend to drink enough water to keep hydrated since they are not always hungry for milk. Carry compact sippers that are unbreakable. You can have more than one to pair water with juices.

5. Small Snacks

Instead of always breastfeeding him while travelling, you can start giving your little one some small snacks to munch on if he gets hungry in the midst of the journey. This is convenient for you and keeps your baby happy, too.

Diaper Essentials For Toddlers (1 to 3 Years)

A toddler diaper bag checklist is quite different from that of a baby’s since the requirements are a tad unique. However, many items might still be common. Here is a list of things to keep ready for a toddler’s diaper bag:

1. Plastic Bags

These have to be carried without a doubt. Beyond diapers, a toddler might end up using a lot more baby wipes, or you might need to dispose of snack wrappers and other items as well.

2. Toy Bag

A single toy is never sufficient for a toddler since his mood might change rapidly. Keep a separate bag that has different options to keep your little one engaged.

3. Sanitizer

As much as useful this is for you, a sanitizer is required for your child as well, since he would be curiously touching numerous things around him, which may not always be clean.

4. Napkins

One for cleaning, one for catching food, one for his face, the count of napkins can go up before you know it. Keep enough of them with you.

5. Snacks

Your child can get moody without reason and refuse a nice meal. Rather than go hungry, give him a small snack of his liking and feed him the meal later.

Cut fruits - a snack for toddlers

6. Water Sipper

Even if your child can drink from a cup, use a sipper when you are travelling out of your home so that any untoward risks of a mess are avoided.

7. Clothes

With an overactive child come the chances of spoiling his clothes with excitement. Spare clothes are a must, no matter how old your baby is.

8. Compact Potty Seat

If your little one has started potty training, don’t let travel interrupt it by using a diaper. Compact seats can help him stay on track with it.

9. Wet Wipes

These are your friends for all times of your life. Not just for your kid, but wet wipes to help you clean your own hands and face and keep yourself refreshed.

10. Diapers

Whether potty training or not, it is best to keep spare diapers along with you if things don’t turn out to be the way you thought they would be.

Diaper Bag Extras

Along with the necessities, there are a few extras you can carry to make your travels with a little one easier:

Tips for Packing a Diaper Bag

When opting for a diaper bag or packing one, keep a few quick tips in mind.

  • Choose the one that works best for you.
  • Opt for waterproof ones that work in different weathers.
  • Pack liquids in a separate plastic pouch.
  • More compartments equal to better organization possibilities.

Once you know how to pack a diaper bag properly in the right way with the right items, travelling with your child won’t seem as much of a challenge. You will be able to enjoy the smallest moments with your loved one and click photos to treasure the memories.

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